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Rick’s New Year’s Resolution


Stop becoming more and more like Avery. Let’s forget the crazy rotations for now. Is it so far fetched to say, that since the start of the season, Rick has the Mavs ever so gradually playing...

Devin Harris gets OWNED


Devin Harris gets OWNED

"Championship or Bust"


Tim is reporting live from camp on somethings he noticing... But Rick Carlisle's Mavs have the bar set high. There's still a championship-or-bust tone coming from Mark Cuban's employees at the...


Marbury to the Mavs?

Um... hell no. New York Daily seems to think differnt though... The Heat seems to have the most interest, although Dwyane Wade needs to dominate the ball as much as Marbury does. The Spurs...

Training Camp Roster


Pops needs to be in camp... I'm still confused as to why they let him go... The Mavericks added four players for training camp: 2007 pick Reyshawn Terry and rookie free agents Charles Rhodes, JaJuan Smith and Cheyne Gadson. Here's the roster: 11 - G Jose Juan Barea 32 - F Brandon Bass 25 - C Erick Dampier 7 - C DeSagana Diop 10 - G Cheyne Gadson 40 - G/F Devean George 8 - G Gerald Green 5 - G/F Josh Howard 6 - G/F Eddie Jones 2 - G Jason Kidd 20 - G Keith McLeod 41 - F Dirk Nowitzki 23 - F/C Charles Rhodes 33 - F James Singleton 1 - G JaJuan Smith 42 - G/F Jerry Stackhouse 31 - G Jason Terry 3 - F Reyshawn Terry 21 - G/F Antoine Wright

Josh is "Sorry"


Well, better late than never I guess, Josh comes out and says he is sorry for pretty much everything that has gone south with him over the past 7 months... I love this country and I appreciate...

Mark makes his point


via As much as I felt posting my "Thanks for the Advice on Josh Howard" post was the right thing to do, I have had an upset stomach all day because of it. I thought it was...

Ron's two cents


via sacbee... "I think josh howards comment is a reflection on education. I think the schools need to teach deeper in the history classes and make the students aware of racism but also teach...

OT: Stephan A. Smith sets us straight with Cowboys-Eagles


Because I know how many of you enjoy Stephan A. around these parts, I figure I would link this brilliant response to Mr. Stephan A by our good friend Dave Halprin over at

Defending Howard


I know most of us around here are pretty upset with what is arguably the last straw for Josh here in Dallas, but some have chosen to take at look at it from a different perspective.

New Josh Poll


Add your other suggestions in the comments below...

Cuban talks Howard


Apparently, the Mavs FO have been well aware of the incident for some time now... and they have already dealt with it some time ago.  According to the Dallas Morning News this morning... Owner...

Descending into turmoil?


Teams most likely to descend into turmoil. 1. Nuggets (5 votes) 2. Clippers (4 votes) 3. Suns and Knicks (3 votes each) 4. Rockets, Nets, and Mavs's Jemele Hill voted for the Dallas Mavericks, under new coach Rick Carlisle: I picked Dallas because they've gotten progressively worse since the 2006 Finals. The Mavs went from a team contending for the top seed to somewhere between a 6-8 seed. The next plateau for them is to not make the playoffs at all, which is at least a possibility with the competitive West and emerging teams like Portland and the Clippers. As we've seen, 50 wins is almost a starting point in the West. Add in the fact they have Jason Kidd, an underrated coach killer, an antsy Mark Cuban ... Carlisle has an awful reputation for his relationship with players. I was in Detroit when that thing went sour and I was not at all surprised the same thing happened at Indiana. Kidd doesn't like to be questioned. He basically likes to be the coach and Carlisle's an alpha male. Again, if they start middling, Carlisle will be an easy target. At this point, Cuban has made trades, he's replaced two coaches, the only move he has left is to do a drastic breakup of the team because they aren't getting anywhere. Interesting that the focus here is on Kidd and not Howard. I really dont see Kidd being the problem. I want to believe Rick was brought in with the understanding that he was to allow Kidd to do his thing, and as long as we dont see him trying to take that away from Kidd, I dont foresee any problems. Who knows though, this is another one of the many questions that will only be answered once the season starts.

Cuban's been outbid...

Cuban was reported to have bid 1.3 billion. We have been told Cuban’s actual bid was 1 bil. There was an offer to include 300 million in advertising to WGN, owned by the Tribune. That is how the 1.3 figure came about. Tom Ricketts is now far and away the "leader in the clubhouse". His bid is not only sufficient, but sources believe he is much more likely to be approved than a Cuban bid... "Cuban is not only out of it, he was never in it." Thoughts?

Got Josh Howard?


To help us through these slow times, I have decided to ho start up some previews of guys who will be playing significant minutes this year.  (If your interested in helping me out with some of...


Ingram's view on the SG spot

Via from Billy-boy, in response to Rick Carlise's suggestion in the DMNews article that commented on yesterday, that Stackhouse might start... While it might be overly optimistic...

Fox sports top 10 players most likely to improve in 2008-09


Harris makes the cut at number 2... should be interesting to follow this year... Devin Harris, PG, New Jersey Nets The key player for the Nets in the Jason Kidd trade with Dallas at midseason, he was hurt early and never really had time to play his complete game for the Nets. Now he will. He shot only .438 from the field for the Nets, while averaging 15.4 points and 6.5 assists, and expect all of those numbers to go up this season. The fifth overall pick of the 2004 draft from Wisconsin, nobody was happier that the 6-3 Harris was shipped to the Eastern Conference than the Spurs, who found Harris to be the toughest matchup for Tony Parker (other than Chris Paul). Harris has a chance to be an All-Star very quickly in the Eastern Conference as the Nets go through their rebuilding phase. The big question is how quickly he will grow into a leader for that team. He was the guy at Wisconsin, and tried to be at Dallas, but coach Avery Johnson wouldn't let him. Expect Lawrence Frank to give him free rein.

Thanks Kelly Dwyer


The following is from yahoo's, which has nominated MMB as one of the best Mavericks blogs around... Can you really count Mark Cuban's groundbreaking blog in this instance? Or how...

Blasco Blows


That is all for now from me. Read the following at your own risk... -----------------------------------------------------------------Erick Blasco from ranks the following... T...

Cuban working hard, to play hard


Great read, here is an excerpt about his involvement in the NBA... Even his well-publicized battles with the National Basketball Association (NBA), which has fined him millions of dollars for his outbursts, had a purpose. "They're coming over to me now," Cuban said. "A lot of these things, I was right, and now they'll make changes, and that's why I've been quieter because now they'll listen." He used to erupt before because "nobody was listening and the only way I could protect my investment was being loud about it."

Should the Mavs take advantage of this?


Yes. Guess who shares the same agent who we just made happy to deal with us again by giving George a contract he didn't deserve? Granger... Even though it didn’t seem like a possibility a little more than a month ago, there seems to be a slight chance that Tinsley will be on the roster come Sept. 29. As disappointing as that might sound, the idea that the Pacers won’t have Danny Granger locked up by the late-October deadline is even scarier. In addition to touching on the Tinsley saga, Wells also mentioned the progress between Granger, his agent Mark Bartelstein and the Pacers in his recent piece. Wells, who spoke with all involved parties recently, wrote that "there's been some communication with the Pacers, but the talks haven't been serious enough to give any indication that a deal is close to getting done." With almost two months left to get a deal done, the fact that the talks aren’t serious on Sept. 4 isn’t anything to lose sleep over. However, Bartelstein’s comments on the negotiations have left me a little uneasy.

Carlise on the Mavs


Big Ed over at DMNews interviews Rick Carlise.  Following the break are  some highlights of that interview with some of my thoughts about Rick's answers.  I also am interested to know what you...



This is quite possibly the worst time of the year if you're solely a NBA fan.  The Finals, draft and summer league are distant (disappointing perhaps?) memories, the Rangers are struggling, but if...

Single game tickets on sale

The Dallas Mavericks have announced the on-sale dates for single-game tickets for the preseason and regular season: • Preseason Single-Game Tickets will go on sale Monday, September 8 at 10 a.m. There will be four home preseason games with the first one tipping off on Tuesday, October 7 vs. Washington (7:30 p.m.). Tickets will be available at the American Airlines Center North Box Office, online at and via phone by calling 214.747.MAVS. • Regular Season Single-Game Tickets will go on sale Saturday, October 4 at 10 a.m. The 2008-09 season will include 41 regular season home games. The Mavs will open up regular season play on Thursday, October 30 vs. Houston (7 p.m.) while the regular season home finale is set for Wednesday, April 15 vs. Houston (7 p.m.). $2 Tickets: For the second season in a row, the Mavs will be offering over 500 $2 tickets for most home games this season. "We want everyone to be able to enjoy a Mavs game live," said Mavs owner Mark Cuban. RPL Nights: RPL Nights return again for the third year and will feature special discounted tickets for 10 pre-selected games. Tickets normally priced $9 will be $2, $19 will be $10, $35 will be $20 and $50 will be $32. Following is the list of games that are included in the RPL nights: Tues., Oct. 7 vs. Washington (preseason) Sat., Oct. 18 vs. Sacramento (preseason) Tues., Oct. 21 vs. Chicago (preseason) Thurs., Oct. 23 vs. Indiana (preseason) Fri., Nov. 21 vs. Memphis Tues., Nov. 25 vs. Indiana Thurs., Dec. 11 vs. Charlotte Mon., Dec. 15 vs. Denver Tues., Dec. 23 vs. Memphis Tues., Jan. 6 vs. L.A. Clippers On Saturday, there will be a four ticket per person limit for all regular season games, RPL nights and $2 tickets. Tickets will be available at the American Airlines Center North Box Office, online at and via phoneby calling 214.747.MAVS. A lottery system will be in place for those fans that choose to purchase their tickets at American Airlines Center. Beginning at 7 a.m., a lottery number will be given to each fan that arrives early. At approximately 9:30 a.m. or when all the lottery numbers have been given out (whichever comes first), there will be a drawing to determine the first person in line. All numbers sequentially following the drawn number will be the second, third,fourth, etc. in line. Tickets will be available through all channels simultaneously and lottery numbers (at American Airlines Center) do not guarantee anyone the right to purchase game tickets. Tickets will be sold upon availability. American Airlines Center policy prohibits camping out on the premises.

Tim MacMahon has this little nugget of Dirk's summer workouts posted over on his blog... thought I...


Tim MacMahon has this little nugget of Dirk's summer workouts posted over on his blog... thought I would share with everyone here as well.

It could be worse...


If you thought the re-signing of George was bad, just replace the C with an M in the word "Cavs" from this note at Hoopsworld, and Mavs fans around the world would have all simultaneously dropped dead. Cavs Getting Desperate? A report from the Cleveland Plain Dealer has linked the Cleveland Cavaliers to free agent forward Juwan Howard. They cite his numbers from Houston two years ago - 9.7 points and 5.9 rebounds in 27 minutes per game - and label him "productive." At 35, Howard is not exactly going to improve, and frankly he's one of the least productive players in the league regardless of what his numbers are. He doesn't defend, doesn't rebound well, and brings very little to the game beyond just what the box score says. There's a reason he sat at the very, very end of the Mavericks' bench last season.

Today we are all Hornets

Via Phoenix Stan over at Our thoughts and prayers are with those in New Orleans and surrounding cities who are preparing for Gustav.

Today we are all Hornets

Via Phoenix Stan over at All our thoughts and prayers are with you guys.

Labor day weekend links


Not too much going on right now with the Mavs.  Everyone though pretty much has their roster more or less set to start the season with, so the predictions and pre-season power rankings are starting...

USA Today Power Rankings

11. Dallas Mavericks : The window is closing for Nowitzki/Kidd
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