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2014 NBA Awards


LeBron is a given (ok, Durant has a shot - especially if they have a great season despite Westbrook injury. And if LeBron decides to quit the game and take up football and Durant struggles without his Robin - door is open for Curry!) But - here are Your Warriors Awards Possibilities! Defensive POY: Bogut (Iggy not an impossibility here) Most Improved: Bogut, Barnes if he blows up and plays all year with the aggressiveness he showed in the playoffs Sixth Man: Barnes again! Klay makes more sense to start, but in terms of minutes played I forsee Barnes getting close to starter minutes which would aid his chances of raking in Sixth man and/or Most improved. Also, if by some twist of fate Lee becomes our sixth man - that stat stuffer has a shot. Rookie of the Year: Ummmm. Actually, its kind of a nice change of pace to not be putting to much faith in our rooks for a change. COY: Mama, there goes that man! Only a few more days until opening night people! Go Dubs!


NBA Player Rankings

So, it may come as a surprise, but they have reached the 100 mark in the player rankings and while some of our bench players, and former fellas (Jack and Landry) are on the list. But, all of our...


Seattle will win the Superbowl!

Ok, now that I have your attention. Please respond accordingly. I keep seeing this predicted from the "experts" in the media. I see it and I (kinda) get it based on off season moves and how the...


Wait -stop the insanity? Could this really happen?

Multiple tweets and news reports suggest Dwight to Dubs an option, maybe even without losing our key guys!!! Looks like Howard wants a title, more than chicken fingers and TV shows and lower...

Rusty considers Warrior's Ceiling?


Interesting read on what some of the local sports writers think the Warriors ceiling is. Surprised that homer Fitz says having Bogut may not mean more wins - just more impressive ones. Huh? Assuming all stay healthy (big assumption), and Klay's shot is hitting and Barnes stays in aggressive mode, I think Western Conference Finals are the ceiling (assuming they face OKC). I cannot imagine OKC losing a 7 game series to the dubs - Durant is just too special. Putting aside that when dealing with probabilities, the championship can happen for any team that enters the playoffs, what do you see as the ceiling for our dubs? Also, where do you stand on season win total? I'm going on a limb with 55 wins - I base this on the fact that the toughest part of the season is behind us and Bogut will make us a better team by about 5 wins. 55 wins might be about a 4th or even 3rd seed. Your thoughts?


Looking for Inspiration from the SF Giants

First - huge congrats to the SF Giants winning the championship! They were simply amazing. Looking at this team's success and always hungry for any ray of hope - what might the Warriors take from...


The Enigma that is Harrison Barnes

I cannot recall a player we have drafted that has inspired such a wide range of expectations. It seems some expect a bust while some expect a superstar. The pedigree, the body, the shooting form,...

Warriors Getting Some Post Player Love?


Carl Landry and David Lee might be the best one-two offensive combo at the PF spot in the league next season. As a Lee fan, nice to see him get some national recognition. Given his desire to come back better each season, a mindset Klay clearly shares, I am pretty pumped for this season to start. As for Landry, I really think he, Bogut and Jack are going to provide the type of vocal leadership we've lacked since the We Believe days. Go Dubs!


1992 vs 2012: The Dream Teams Debate

So, since the world is abuzz with Kobe saying this year's squad would beat the 92 squad, followed by Jordan and Barkley trashing Kobe's assessment - where does GSOM fall in this debate?


Lotto Player comparisons.. digging in the crates

Rather than compare current players to this years draft crop I am curious to see who from the past might best compare to this years likely lottery picks. I've separated it by position, and to be...


Because we need a distraction until 5pm...

So, I know where all our thoughts are today, but in the interest of passing the time I have to ask this question: What do people think of the Spurs run of 20 straight wins? Really, 20 straight...


My WAAAAAY too early mock draft...

Assuming, incorrectly I am sure, that the lottery plays out such that all teams in lottery maintain standing... Charlotte - AD Washington - MKG Cleveland - Bradley Beal New Orleans- Drummond S...


Playoff run this year???

26 games left in the season. 14 of these are on the road. 16 of these games look like they could be winnable. Its possible we could end up the season 34-30. Currently, we are four games back from...


The Curry Dilemma

Mixed feelings about the trade. Love that we finally have a center - worried we gave up too much. Lots of people recognized that the big pay off may be a potential draft pick if we tank -...


You know you're a Warriors fan when...

The most exciting event during all star weekend is the celebrity game because it has three former Warriors - RUN TMC is reunited and it feeeels so good! Sigh. Go dubs. Mullin looks good - he is...


Please stop the Tank talk!

I love this site. I am huge Warriors fan. I really appreciate the insight of most of the regular commentators - even those I totally disagree with. I also think that this site is a testament to...

Deron wants Howard, how we can play too


Deron wants Dwight to come and play on the Nets or he is leaving town. Problem is, Nets have nothing to offer. Here is where we come in. Magic want to continue to sell tickets as they rebuild and have NO play makers based on what I saw in the game we played against them. Can we send them Monta and filler, they send us Hedo and Dwight goes to NJ. From NJ, we get the rookie SG who looked good against us, Marshon Brooks and their first round pick. Thoughts?


A whole lotta nada or potentially some drama?

Vernon Davis has been complaining to the press (again) about not getting touches.  I love Vernon but I am a bit concerned about a trend developing.  Vernon is asked to block more and be a decoy so...


KNBR VS. The Game (95.7)

FM vs. AM New School VS Old School Lots of guys I don't know yelling alot VS Radnich and the others sounding a bit out of touch Dan Dibley moves to the upstarts and trashes his old friends (ouch) E...


The morning after...

After watching Dallas beat the Heat (woooohooo!!) I am thinking about the Warriors and what they can take from this impressive accomplishment. 10 lessons the Finals taught me: 1. You need a guy...


What we love/hate about the NBA game...

Last night's game with the great Mavs comeback had me thinking about what I love this game, and then all the talk comparing Shaq today to Wilt got me thinking about what i hate about this game... P...


At the risk of enraging the GSOM faithful...

Given the landscape for centers out there - and the likelihood of landing one of the stars - would a better approach be for the brass to hire the coaching prospect who can get the most out of...

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