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Wolves at Rockets: An In-Person Report

Our own Tollysnipes was in attendance in Houston last night, and he files this report.

Jonny Flynn: Still Terrible


My least favorite player in the history of the NBA is continuing his illustrious decent to a bar league at which he will surely demand from people "Do you know who I am?. In this instance he is on the other end of a historic triple double plus for steals. Hilarious. Hoopshype also has a clip of the game running on the main page and you can watch JFail do his patented run out of his way to get screened. One must be thankful for the little things in life. And I am thankful that I will never have to watch that man in a Wolves uniform.

Prospect Watch: Adonis Thomas


Hello all. In line with the general discussion of prospects, I thought I'd start one about Adonis Thomas. Draft express has him going around where the Utah pick may end up being. He seems like a very similar prospect to what Malcom Lee was. A very good, tough defender with an improving offensive game. Though he is shooting it very nice so far, over 40% from 3. I like him because defense is what seems to be his priority. I always assume it is easier for young wings to improve their shot then it is for them to suddenly decide they want to start defending. I am a big fan of Malcolm Lee for that reason. What say you fandom?

Corey Brewer: Marksman


Check it out before it is too late: Corey Brewer leading the league in 3 point percentage. Way to go Corey!

Day 6 Practice: Adelman Not Pleased


Adelman is very frustrated in this video. One line "I have never seen a group of guys as good at turning the ball over as this one." He keeps harping on the wolves "casual" approach. I think this is about as damning point on Rambis as any. He also highlights that they need someone who can dribble other than the point guards. Crawford would have been nice for that. Also, he is probably going to restrict certain people's freedom in decision making. . .cough Darko . . cough Beasley.

Wolves a Final Team in Pursuit of Crawford


Apparently the Wolves are one of the four teams in final consideration for Crawford's services. They can offer more than NY. Pacers are getting Mayo, so will likely drop out. The Blazers are also after him. Aldridge says that it would likely be a one year deal so Crawford can hit the larger market next year. I would be very pleased with a one year rental of Crawford. Get a competent SG without having to pay for the inevitable regression(or at least more than one year)? Yes please.

J.J. Barea Interview About Wolves Signing


Here is an interview of Barea in Spanish. For those of you who don't habla the espanol, or prefer not to use google translate, I'll paraphrase the highlights: 1. He is satisfied with his decision to join the team. He had an offer from the knicks for $5 million for two years and another offer (i'm not sure which team) for three years for $9 million. He would have liked to play for the knicks with all their Puerta Rican fans, but he was never even close to signing with them because the money in 'sota was too good. Furthermore, the Wolves showed the most interest. "I'm going to give my heart and soul for them like I did for Dallas." 2. He says that this is a business and the offer was way higher from Minnesota then anywhere else so he had to take it. He understands that the lockout made it so the Mavs couldn't sign him and they would have otherwise (I'm not so sure about that). 3. He is excited to play with the young and very talented Wolves team. 4. The Wolves told him that they want him to bring his character both on and off the court, how he competes and how he always wants to win. 5. Key confirmation of what we have been thinking: He is also being brought in to serve as a mentor to Rubio, to help him with the adjustments on and off the court. Word for word: "Ricky speaks more Spanish than English, and my duty is to help him adjust, teach him that it is a difficult league. I have not even talked to him yet, but we are going to get along well"

Wolves Contemplating offer to Jordan


If the Los Angeles Clippers are content to have restricted free-agent center DeAndre Jordan(notes) bring them back an offer sheet to match, the line of suitors is long and serious, league executives said. The Toronto Raptors, New Orleans Hornets, Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors and Minnesota Timberwolves are teams with salary-cap space considering multiyear offers for Jordan. The Wolves are at least contemplating offers to the right people it seems

Rubio Practicing in LA


I can't remember if this was posted already, but it is a video of Rubio making about 14 of 15 three pointers in practice. I know it is only practice, but it is encouraging.

Free Agent List


Hey all. Let the debating begin. I doubt they get anyone of note. The only people I would be interested in would be Afflalo(unlikely), Chandler (not a chance), Marc Gasol (not happening), Deandre Jordan (not a chance), Battier (possible) and Pryzbilla (provided his tendon is healed).

Derrick Williams Getting Some Extra Cash


From Ray Richardson: Twolvesnow TwolvesNow T-Wolves rook Derrick Williams just inked a deal with Phiten. Could be some nice pocket change during lockout. 1 hour ago I thought that this was a deal to send him overseas. It is not. Best I can figure, Derick Williams is instead going to be the proud spokesman for titanium bracelets for basketball. I am confused.

Lazar a Breakout Candidate?


To which my response is . . . what now?

Rambis coming back?


I didn't see this posted. This could be the optimist in me, but if you were trying to bluff a guy into quitting, this might be a good effort. Not a chance it will actually work though. God I hope Rambis is not back.


Just for fun: Hypo on Draft/Rookie salary/ Salary cap.

Out of curiosity I was wondering what the Canishoopus brain trust thought of the following hypo(I'm not advocating it, just want to discuss):  What if the NBA eliminated the Draft format in which...

Two Drafts ago, the NBA restocked itself with a superb class of point guards, headed by Tyreke...


Two Drafts ago, the NBA restocked itself with a superb class of point guards, headed by Tyreke Evans, Stephen Curry and Brandon Jennings. Right behind them were the likes of Darren Collison, Jrue Holliday, Roddy Beaubois, Ty Lawson, Toney Douglas, Patty Mills, Eric Maynor and Jeff Teague. Last year's Draft didn't have the quantity at the position compared with 2009, but it had a clear-cut, NBA-ready stud in Kentucky's John Wall, who went No. 1 overall to Washington. I found it amusing and sad that now the PGs being listed that should have been taken over Flynn is up to 11. 11 functional starting to backup PGs. Good God. Sad thing is it is true.
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