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Pete Carroll: A Coaching Paradigm Shift

Win or lose tomorrow, Pete Carroll will not have achieved his dream or his goal for our football team. Soak that in for a second. If the Seahawks win the Superbowl tomorrow, Carroll will...

Thinking of BB SB week

Brandon Browner should be a part of this week. Free BB.


Reap it Harbaugh...

Disclaimer: This IS a post about a down-on-their-Luck (thanks Andrew) 49er team reeling after a loss to Seattle at the Clink, followed by a whooping by Indy at Candlestick. I am venting due to my...

"How did Matt Flynn do?" "OK." "That'll do Flynn, that'll do"

I was wondering how Flynn did this morning since I missed the game.

49er blogger calling out Harbaugh

49er fanbase loving this article in the comments section.


Heath Hate Me

The Seahawks are Superbowl contenders, and damn it feels good to be a gangster! Hop on the bandwagon pundits everywhere! This team is not your Grandpa’s Seahawks. Actually, I have never met...


Where are they now and.... Oooohhhhhh Shiny!

Ever wonder who is still on a roster from the Pre-Carroll/Schneider Seahawks draft classes? Thanks to I compiled this list of Seahawks Draft picks that were still...

Tom Cable supports Breno, so should you?

Breaking down Breno Giacomini's 2012 season.


Your Robo Russell Wilson upgrade is almost here!

Carroll and Schneider industries would like to thank you for your purchase of the Robo Russell Wilson. Despite initial mixed feedback, we agree that this model of Robo Russell Wilson has exceeded...

Quinton Patton makes good impression

I hate the 49ers as much as I can everyday. I am surrounded by 49er fans at work. I throw up a little in my mouth whenever I see Jim Harbaugh on TV and get a mild allergic reaction if I happen to see Kaepernick kaepernicking. I like this Quinton Patton kid though.



I watched the google hangout with Aaron Schatz, Kenneth and Jacson and was inspired to create my own stat. Well honestly I stole the stat name and its really not much of a stat, but I loved the...

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