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I write sarcastically, cheer irrationally, and am rarely serious. Go Celtics.
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Kobe Bryant Has My Respect (As A Player)


First, let's get this out of the way; I'm not talking about Kobe Bryant, the man. That guy seems like a bit of a jerk, and I'm not interested in going down that rabbit hole anymore than I care how...

Rasheed Wallace to sign with Lakers (CSNNE)


Meanwhile, Celtics fans find out what laughing and throwing up at the same time feels like.



Boston Celtics (15-14) at Detroit Pistons (10-22)Sunday, February 196:00 PM ETRegular Season Game #30, Road Game #11TV: CSNNE, FSD, LP 751/752 (DTV)Radio: WEEI, 97.1 FM The TicketPalace of...


Game 28: Where We Call This Game 'An Ackbar Special'

Detroit Pistons (8-21) at Boston Celtics (15-12)Wednesday, February 157:30 PM ETRegular Season Game #28 – Home Game #19TV: CSNNE, FSD, NBA-LP 753/754 (DTV)Radio: WEEI, WDFN, 97.1 FM The TicketTD...


Game 27: Where The Celtics Look To Avoid Streaking. Bring Your Green Hat!

Chicago Bulls (23-6) at Boston Celtics (14-12)Time: 3:30 PM EST, Sunday, February 12, 2012Game #'s: Game #27, Home Game #18TV: ABC, TSN2 Radio: WEEI, WMVP, ESPNRVenue: TD Garden Officials: Greg...


Game #25: Where The Celtics 2012 Season Suddenly Matters..Again.

Los Angeles Lakers (14-11) at Boston Celtics (14-10)Time: 8:00PM EST, Thursday, February 9, 2012Game #: Regular Season Game #25, Home Game #17TV: TNT, TSN2 Radio: WEEI, KSPN, ESPNRVenue: TD...


Game 21: Celtics Look To Get Above Board, While The Raptors Look To..Who Knows What Dinosaurs Want? Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum? Newman?

Toronto Raptors (7-15) at Boston Celtics (10-10)Wednesday, February 17:30 PM ETRegular Season Game #21, Home Game #13TV: CSNNE, SNET1, NBA-LP 754Radio: CJCL, WEEITD Garden Game Thread | Chat...


Game 19: Where I Wonder If It Would Be 'Cavalier' To Call Tonight's Game A 'Must Win'?

Cleveland Cavaliers (7-11) at Boston Celtics (9-9) Time: 6:00 PM EST, Sunday, January 29th, 2012Venue: TD Garden, Boston MAGame #'s: Regular Season Game #19, Home Game #12TV: CSN-NE, FSO, NBA-LP...


Celtics Look To Use Same Magic On,... The Magic

Whatever you did on Monday, do the exact same thing tonight. I think the Celtics should request to wear their home whites and force the Magic to wear the same jerseys from the other night.


Game 14: Where You Put That Suns Pun Down! Sun Puns Are For Closers Only!

Phoenix Suns (5-9) at Boston Celtics (5-8)Time: 7:30 PM EST, Friday, January 20th, 2012Venue: TD Garden, Boston MAOfficials: Greg Willard, Brent Barnaky, James WilliamsGame #'s: Regular Season Game...

Will: Sam, we cant take it anymore. Can you share the trade rumors? Sam Amico: Also, the Lakers...


Will: Sam, we cant take it anymore. Can you share the trade rumors? Sam Amico: Also, the Lakers reportedly are trying to find a way to land Paul Pierce. Not sure yet, what they are willing to give up. But again, it won't be an easy deal to make. The Celtics love him, obviously.

During a chat with Sam Amico over at FS Ohio Click here if you don't know who Sam Amico is.

Game 12: Where Hopefully Perk Learns 'You Can't Go Home Again'

Oklahoma City Thunder (11-2) at Boston Celtics (4-7)Time: 8:00 PM EST. Monday, January 16, 2012Game #'s: Game 12, Home Game 7Venue: TD Garden, Boston, MAOfficials: Ron Garretson, Pat Fraher, Derek...

Being A Fan Can Be...Tricky


Rooting for a winner is easy. Rooting for an also-ran, not so much.


Game 11: Where The sub-.500 C's Face The Tied For 2nd Pacers. Wait, What?

Boston Celtics (4-6) at Indiana Pacers (8-2)Game #'s: Regular Season Game #11, Road Game #5Time: 7:00 PM EST, Saturday, January 14, 2012Venue: Conseco Field HouseOffiicals: Tom Washington, Derrick...


Game #9: 'Release The Pietrus!'

Dallas Mavericks (5-5) at Boston Celtics (4-4)Time: 8:00PM EST, Wednesday, January 11, 2012Venue: TD GardenGame #'s: Regular Season Game #9 – Home Game #5TV: ESPN, CSN-NE, FSSW-DAL, NBAC Radio:...


Game 6: Celtics-Wizards Part Deux, This Time, It Hits Home

Washington Wizards (0-4) at Boston Celtics (2-3) Game: #6, Home Game: #2Time: Monday, January 2. 7:30 PM ESTVenue: TD Garden, Boston MATV: CSN-NE, Comcast Sportsnet, NBA-LP 753/754 Radio: WEEI, ...


Fake-Season Game #2: Where We Save Our Dinosaur Puns For The Games That Matter

Toronto Raptors (0‐1) at Boston Celtics (1‐0)Preseason Game #: 2 of 2 Venue: TD Garden, BostonTime: 7:30 PM EST, Wednesday, December 21, 2011TV: CSNNE Radio: WEEIThe Line: Last of the pretend...

Shaq: At 39, I wasn’t mentally on the down slope. But I used to feel really terrible after scoring...


Shaq: At 39, I wasn’t mentally on the down slope. But I used to feel really terrible after scoring eight points. This ain’t me, the Diesel scoring eight points. My mind was on winning the whole thing, and we had a chance to get the second spot (in the Eastern Conference), and we ended up getting the fourth spot. I even told (Boston General Manager) Danny Ainge not to do the Kendrick Perkins deal with Oklahoma City. I told them I might not be ready, and I’m definitely not coming back. Those guys did what they’ve got to do. I wasn’t surprised; I’ve seen it before. They say all that blah, blah, but you know it’s always going to be something different.

Shaq speaks on his performance last year and...the Perkins trade. Via Iamagm.com

Gilbert Arenas Explains The Lockout In Simple, Yet Convoluted Terms


The league is heading for a lockout of biblical proportions. What do I mean by biblical? I mean real old testament, 'wrath of god' kinda stuff. Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! The dead rising from the grave, Gilbert Arenas making sense, dogs and cats, living together, MASS HYSTERIA!!!!!

Staff Exit Interviews, Edition 1: Tom Bellinger


We here at CelticsBlog decided it was a good time to look back on the season that was 2010-2011, in a time that is far enough removed from the Playoffs to reflect without too much bitterness, but far enough away from 2011-2012 to keep us focused on the year that was. These are the Staff Exit Interviews.

Game 3: Where The Celtics Got Back, Back To Where They Once Belonged


The Celtics win in dominating fashion to take the series to 2-1.


Preview Round 2, Game 3: Where It Won't Happen In Our Backyard!

Preview Heat-Celtics, Game 3

By The Numbers: Where I'm Tellin You There's A Chance.


By The Numbers: What kind of odds do the Celtics really have of passing the Heat?

Shaq Expected To Play Saturday (seriously!)


Shaquille O'Neal expected to play Saturday.


Preview Round 2 Game 2: Where Boston Needs To Get Physical, Physical

Preview Boston/Miami Game 2: Where Boston Needs To Bomb First

Orlando Sentinel: Dwight Howard Is A Greater Defensive Presence Than Bill Russell. Seriously, They Wrote it. Not Even Kidding.


Is Dwight Howard a better defensive player than Bill Russell? The Orlando Sentinel thinks so.

Round 1: Where The Celtics Did Some Spring Cleaning


Celtics sweep the Knicks.


Preview Round 1 Game 4: Where Boston Can Win, Or Go Home

Boston looks to sweep and the Knicks look to be spared the broom.

No New News On Shaq, But No Bad News Either


via Boston Herald, H/T our man Jay @ CelticsTown NEW YORK — Shaquille O’Neal was present and in workout gear for the Celtics’ morning shootaround at Madison Square Garden today. He was reticent...

Player X: "KG is a punk and a coward"


Apparently, Kevin Garnett is "a punk and a coward".

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