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I write sarcastically, cheer irrationally, and am rarely serious. Go Celtics.
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Preview: Round 1, Game 2 - Where The Celtics Must Protect This House

The Boston Celtics Game 2 Preview

Game 1, Round 1: Where This Is Gonna Be Fun


Boston Celtics 87, New York Knicks 85 Well, that was something. If the rest of the playoffs will be like this, I'm going to need a pacemaker, and one of those life alert necklaces. The first half...


Round 1, Game 1 Preview: Where Boston Looks To Set A Tone

New York Knicks (0-0) @ Boston Celtics (0-0)Round 1, Game 1Time: 7:00PM EST, Sunday, April 17th, 2011Venue: TD Garden, Boston MAOfficials: Not Announced YetTV: TNT, CSN-NE Radio: WEEIThe Line: The...


Game 82: Where We've Come, To The End Of The (Regular Season) Road

The Celtics and Knicks square off one more time while it doesn't matter anymore. Soon it will.

The Current Celtics Dilemma, In The Key Of Soprano


The Boston Celtics need to take a page out of Tony Soprano's playbook.

Game 81: Where The Celtics Lost, But It Was A Learning Experience


Washington Wizards 95, Boston Celtics 94 You have to see this loss in context, and maybe than it won't be so disturbing. First and foremost, the Wizards are a bad team, so that's a knock on...

Man after looking at this Boston heat score...when my dad comes home I'm going to stay my (butt)...


Man after looking at this Boston heat score...when my dad comes home I'm going to stay my (butt) upstairs! He might be a little grumpy! Lol


Game 80: Where Nobody Had A Broom...Or A Clue


Miami Heat 100, Boston Celtics 77 Ouch, our pride. The Celtics had an opportunity to sweep the Heat in the regular season and virtually guarantee home court advantage in the second round of the...


Preview Game 80: Where The Celtics Should Be All About Business

Boston plays Miami in game that will likely decide the 2nd seed in the East.


Preview Game 79: Where Boston Will Try To Pretend To Care..But So Will Washington

Washington Wizards (21-57, 3-36 away) @ Boston Celtics (54-24, 31-8 home)Time: 7:30 PM EST, April 8th, 2011Venue: TD Garden, BostonOfficals: Tom Washington, Josh Tiven, Leon Wood (full ref report)T...

NBA Playoffs: The Perfect Drug


I'm not going to sugar coat it. For me, last night, the regular season effectively ended. Would it be nice if we won the next 4 regular season games? Yeah, sure it would. I'll probably watch them....

Game 78: Where The Bulls Are Who Everyone Told Us They Were


Chicago: 'A Lot', Boston: 'Substantially Less' I'm not going to waste my time dissecting this game, because it wasn't about X's and O's. Sure, Derrick Rose absolutely dominated Rajon Rondo, and...

So What Happens If There's A Tie? Or Two Ties?


What happens to the Celtics' playoff picture in the event of a tie?

Game 76: Where It Turned Ugly In A Hurry For Philadelphia


Boston dominates second half in potential playoff matchup against Philadelphia.


Preview Game 76: Where Possible Playoff Futures Might Be Seen, And Wonders May Abound!...Or It Might Just Be Another Non-Playoff Game.

Boston Celtics take on Philadelphia 76ers in another one of those regular season things before the playoffs start.

Game 75: Where Boston Looked Opportunity In The Eye, And Politely Declined


Atlanta Hawks 88, Boston 83 The Celtics outscored the Hawks by 10 in the 2nd quarter. The Hawks outscored the Celtics by 11 in the 4th. The second one was the one that mattered. Tonight was a tale...


Preview: Boston Takes On Atlanta In A Game That Might Actually Mean More To Boston

Boston Celtics (52-22, 23-14 away) @ Atlanta Hawks (43-32, 23-15 home)Time: 8:00 PM ESP, Friday, April 1st, 2011Venue: Phillips Arena, Atlanta GAOfficials: Monty McCutchen, Tony Brown, Jason...

Game 74: Where We Maybe Got A Glimpse Of The Playoffs


Celtics beat the Spurs, showing they've still got some surprises left.

Game 73: Where Boston Lost, But At Least Rondo Looked Good


Celtics lose to potential playoff matchup Indiana Pacers to fall even with Miami for 2nd seed in East.


Preview Game 73: Where the Countdown Starts Against The Pacers

Celtics take on the Pacers in 10th remaining regular season game.

Game 72: Where The Celtics Got A Win, And That's All That Matters


Celtics take home an ugly game to retain 2nd seed in the East.


Celtics Look To Avoid Second Straight Loss To Team Named After Animal With Claws

Celtics look to bounce back against Bobcats.

Memphis Wins: Where Boston Couldn't Close


Boston loses a tight one with Memphis to fall a full game back on the Bulls.

Game 68: Where The Knicks Learned 'You Gotta Play For 48 Minutes..Not 47, Not 45, 48.'


Celtics Steal Victory From The Jaws Of Defeat Against The Knicks


The Boston Celtics And New York Knicks Try To Buck Recent Trends In Tonight's Game

Celtics and Knicks face off, both teams looking for change.

Its Confirmed: Rondo Is Hurt...But It Won't Keep Him Out


Confirmation that Rondo is in fact hurt, but maybe not as serious as some might have feared.


Celtics Head Down To Houston To Take On The Rockets, Man

Celtics and Rockets square off for final time this season, as the games start to really mean something.

Here's How I Know The Bulls Aren't Scared Anymore


Bulls to erect statue same night the Celtics come to town. Are they sending a message?

Celtics' Bench Regulates Against Pacers (RIP Nate Dogg)


Boston Celtics trounce Indiana.

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