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User Blog

"Redskins" Replacement Names


Tom breaks down the criteria for a good new nickname for the Redskins and evaluates several possible options, including an explanation of why "Warriors" doesn't make the grade.

Redskins Propose Several NFL Rule Changes


The docket for next week's league meeting includes a lot of possible rule changes, and the Redskins proposed more of them than any other team. Tom breaks down all the potential alterations to NFL...

Spoiler Alert: Redskins Predictions for 2014


Using his mysterious and unsettling supernatural powers, Tom lays out the next full year of Redskins football - on and off the field!

How We Got Here


With excitement building for the Gruden Era, Tom takes a look back at the pedigree and successes and failures (ok, mostly failures) of the recent series of Redskins head coaches.

Searching for a Savior (Again)


Tom talks about the Redskins' more-attractive-than-you-might-think coaching job, but wonders if Washington will ultimately get its man.

Ranking the 2013 Redskins' Losses


Tom bids a final farewell to a stinker of a Redskins season by ranking all thirteen (THIRTEEN!) losses from 2013.

Eyes on the (Consolation) Prize


Back-stabbing, anonymous sources? Coaches with sinister agendas? Organizational turmoil? Who wants to talk about THAT stuff? It's Dallas Week!

The Gathering Storm


Fear not, Redskins fans. Things are going to get better. We'll just have to sift through a substantial amount of garbage before that happens.

Are the Redskins the NFL's Worst Team?


With little else to discuss or debate at this late stage of a sad Redskins season, Tom examines the contenders for the title of "Worst Team in the NFL" as of this moment.

Enough Already


Tom, frustrated and "over" the 2013 Redskins season, talks about a bunch of hot topics that matter little at the quarterback position and wonders whether he should focus on writing about other...

The Ballad of Greg Cook


A thought-provoking tweet has Tom Garrett contemplating Robert Griffin III's career arc and wondering whether he might end up as a latter-day version of another storied rookie superstar.

Schrödinger's Season


The Redskins, despite themselves (and a 3-6 record), seem to be alive. But are they? Can we even tell anymore? Tom tries to make sense of a frustrating, vexing year.

Another Game, Another Crossroads for Redskins


It seems like every week presents another fork in the road for the Redskins' season. This time around, the Minnesota Vikings provide an opportunity for Washington to claw its way back into the NFC...

A (Sort-Of) Defense of Brandon Meriweather


It's easy to rail against Brandon Meriweather after his recent suspension and subsequent comments, but Tom says the controversial defensive back may have a point or two - even if they're flawed.

Irresistible Force?


With the showdown against Denver looming, Tom evaluates Washington's prospects this Sunday and provides some context for the Broncos' amazing offensive performance (mixing in a little Redskins...

It's Time for a Redskins Reality Check


With five games in the books, and coming off of a loss to Dallas, Tom talks about what a "successful" season might look like the rest of the way, as well as what the coaching staff probably needs...

The "Redskins" Nickname Debate, Part Infinity


With a relentless focus on the Washington nickname in the press and the NFL now seeming more open to considering a change, Tom discusses the media coverage of the story and a possible positive...

What Will It Take to Win the NFC East?


With a ragged start to the season and not a single team with a winning record, the NFC East remains up for grabs - and that's great news for Redskins fans. Tom breaks down each team's chances to...

Grasping at Straws


With time running out to salvage the season, Tom Garrett lists a few reasons not to give up on the Redskins quite yet.

It's Urgency Time, Not Panic


It's not time for full-on panic just yet, but a troubling performance against the Packers and an 0-2 start puts Washington at an early crossroads.

A Measured Response to Chip Kelly's debut


Chip Kelly's debut was a strong beginning, but, as longtime Redskins fans can attest, it was merely that: A beginning.

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