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2012 Celtics Stand Alone: High Noon or Butch Cassidy?


2012 Celtics Finale: A great story doesn't have to end in victory

Larry Brown wants to join Celtic staff


Seems like Larry Brown might be interested in the Celtics vacant Lead Assistant Position.

Celtics: Some Playoff Minded Thoughts


Celtics Strange Season. Can They Win it All?

Assessing the Celtic Trade


Danny Ainge has big ones. Ideas that is.

Doc Rivers:The Wizard of Oz...or not?


Doc Rivers: Wizard of Oz.....or not?

NBA Quick Hits


NBA Quick Hits- Shaq, Kobe, Artest, Bird, Pacers and how I learned to love the NBA

Western Conference Predictions 2010-11


On to the Western Conference. The Lakers remain the cream of the crop out west. Who could knock them off? Don't know that anyone can. But the Thunder have the best shot, in my opinion. Portland,...

Eastern Conference Predictions 2010-11


Crystal ball or broken mirror? NBA team predictions

Chris Bosh: ‘We were a bit reserved.’


Because Jeff, Greg and Jimmy do such a solid job of game breakdown and analysis, I know you don’t want me to tell you…yet again… how great Ray, Rondo and Paul were last night.

Semih Erden: Surprising Early


Semih Erden could be the second biggest surprise addition for the Celtics this off season. With Shaq getting all the ink and Jermaine expected to start, Erden was initially viewed as little more...

In It For A Minute With Von Wafer


Von Wafer: "I just love pressure. Under pressure…that’s when I’m at my best."

In It for a Minute With Avery Bradley


While the rest of the Celtics practice, scrimmage and play pre-season games, rookie 1st round draft pick Avery Bradley largely remains a spectator.

A Lot of Positives for Delonte West


A Lot of Positives for Delonte West

More Notes from the Nets Game


A few quick hits from the game last night. I went and will have something up later today.

Attacking the Celtics: Enemy Thoughts


Here are some thoughts on this year’s Celtics. They are enhanced by some observations by another NBA team’s (anonymous) official.

Glen Davis is Fooling Someone


Glen Davis is Fooling Someone. Let's hope it is his skeptics.

Celtics Offense: In Transition


The Boston Celtics have prided themselves on defense. But a funny thing happened on their way to a second NBA title in three years. Their offense let them down.

Boston's Big Three [v2] Era: Big Time Basketball


Reloaded –Part 2

Shaq is Signing With Boston


Shaq is Signing With Boston: The Big Leprechaun has landed.

Celtics In Negotiations For Rudy Fernandez


The Boston Celtics are currently in the ‘lead position’ in negotiations with the Portland Trailblazers for Rudy Fernandez, according to a source. They have been in serious discussions since yesterday.

The Pacing is Over


The Pacing is Over - All out. 48 minutes.

Where Does This Series Go From Here?


Boston and L.A. find themselves tied at 2-2 with game 5 today in Boston for the Celtics’ 3rd straight home game. Boston needs to win it… and they should.

Glen Davis Leads ‘B’ Cs to Victory


They were Plan B when there isn't always a Plan B. They were supposed to play only about a minute. Then a minute more, then a minute more according to Paul Pierce. With 2:51 left in the game, the...

Will Tom Thibodeau Be Leaving?


Celtics Associate Head Coach and now legendary defensive guru Tom Thibodeau is being strongly considered for the open New Orleans Hornets head coach position

Tony Allen: Identity Crisis is Over


Tony Allen now realizes that he is not Paul Pierce.

Dwight Howard Says They Are Going to Win the Series


Call it confidence. Call it false bravado. But Dwight is saying big things and trying to rally his troops against a 3-0 deficit that means certain elimination in the NBA.

Final Look: Eastern Conference Predictions


I know this is a bit late. I had a request to put it up anyway. It is my pre-season predictions (Eastern Conference) including the original comments – with the final won/loss records and brand new...

Jerry Stackhouse – Don’t Stick a Fork in Him Yet.


Jerry Stackhouse – Don’t Stick a Fork in Him Yet.

Scott Skiles: More Than a Tough Guy


Scott Skiles has always been one of the more intriguing NBA personalities to me. Some consider him among the very best coaches in the league.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do


Breaking Up is Hard to Do

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