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I don't want to say I'm old - but sometimes in the morning my first thought when I look in the mirror is "Damn, Dad came back from the Beyond!"

I don't remember LeBaron, but I do remember Dandy Don hitting Bullet Bob in full stride, and all the greats since then.

I was born in East Texas, I spent 20 years as an Air Force officer with bad eyes - which meant I didn't fly, but I had a good career. I came back to the pine woods in 1998.

I pride myself on being contradictory. I am a God fearing agnostic, I have never used illegal drugs (not counting alcohol consumed before turning 21) and believe marijuana should be legalized. I firmly believe in marriage, which is why I'm on my fourth one (but third wife). I believe in law and order, but think we have way too many laws.

I'm also an Aggie. Which brings up the question of why Aggies don't eat M&Ms.

Well, duh - they are too hard to peel.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Texas Rangers
  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
  • NCAAF Texas A&M Aggies
  • NCAAB Texas A&M Aggies
User Blog

Cowboys Arrive In Oxnard


A look at the fanfare and activities surrounding the Dallas Cowboys when they get to training camp.

News: New Triplets In Dallas?


The Cowboys are in Oxnard. Training camp is finally here, and that means football is just around the corner.

Cowboys' Rolando McClain Has Trial This Week


The Cowboys have a minor setback as their newly signed linebacker will have to miss time at Oxnard to deal with his legal issues.

Disputing The Cowboys Conventional Wisdom


Some things get said over and over again. Now that training camp is here, we get to find out just how much truth there is to some of them.

Cowboys News: New Receiver Signed On Cusp Of Camp


The team leaves for Oxnard TODAY, folks! This is the real start of the football season for Cowboys fans!

Jason Witten Takes Charge


The Cowboys' veteran tight end decided he wanted to see a pretty significant change in how the team gets ready for training camp. And when he speaks, apparently everyone listens.

How Soon Could Anthony Spencer Return?


It is still very early, but after so much gloom surrounding the health of the Dallas Cowboys, there may be a ray of sunshine about the defensive end.

Will Dallas' D Line Be Better? Almost Certainly.


While most are focused on the two star players Dallas has to replace on the defensive line, they ignore how poorly the rest of the departed linemen performed.

The Two Who Will Make Or Break The Cowboys


From now on, Rod Marinelli and Scott Linehan will have more to say about how the Cowboys do this year than anyone else in the entire organization.

Cowboys News: Bye-Bye, Kyle Orton


Dallas gets one training camp distraction out of the way. We'll miss you, Cap'n Neckbeard. Not.

Cowboys News: Leary Dodges Suspension


It has to be getting closer to the NFL season, because there is a boatload of news to cover today.

Looking Forward To Jerry Jones' Season


When you are talking about the long term future of the Cowboys, it pays to remember that players come and go, and so do coaches. But the Jones family is in it for life.

Why The Cowboys Agree With Lovie Smith On The 4-3


Rod Marinelli's former head coach lays out why he is so committed to the 4-3, and sheds some light on why Dallas may have made the switch from the 3-4.

Looking Forward To Jason Garrett's Season


Since the end of the minicamp, we have covered the entire 90-man player roster, and shared sort-of-educated guess about how it all looks. But the players are not the entire story.

Cowboys News And Notes: Cleveland The New Dallas?


It is almost time for football to resume. A look at things very pertinent and somewhat random in the Cowboys universe.

A Look Ahead At The Dallas Roster: Wrapping Up


It is the final chapter of the complete roster review. We consider the often overlooked specialists, and then provide a look back at who the certain

Ask BTB: How Do The Cowboys Stay America's Team?


The Cowboys have been mired in mediocrity for almost two decades now, especially the last three years, yet they continue to be the most popular (and the most hated) team in the NFL. How exactly...

A Look Ahead At The Dallas Roster: Defensive Backs


Unlike for the rest of their defense, how the Cowboys secondary will shape up is less a question of "who" and more one of "how well".

BTB Interviews New Cowboys Guard Uche Nwaneri


Dallas' newest offensive lineman was kind enough to answer some questions for us about how he came to be a Cowboy.

A Look Ahead At The Cowboys Roster: Linebackers


My review of where the Cowboys' roster stands heading to Oxnard continues the descent into chaos with a look at the linebackers.

A Look Ahead At The Cowboys Roster: Defensive Line


Our stroll through the roster has been fairly orderly as we covered the offensive units. But now it is time to plunge into chaos and confusion with the defense, starting with the most disrupted...

A Look Ahead At The Cowboys Roster: Offensive Line


Today's thrilling episode in a review of where the Cowboys' various position groups stand after the minicamp continues with one that in recent years has gone from a huge problem to perhaps the most...

A Look At The Cowboys Roster: Wide Receivers


Return with us to those thrilling days of yesterweek, as we review the state of the Dallas roster coming out of minicamp. This exciting chapter: The wide receivers.

A Look Ahead At The Cowboys Roster: Tight Ends


Continuing my look at the current situation for the different position groups on the Dallas roster. This episode: The tight ends.

Cowboys Most Under- and Over-rated Players


Everybody has an opinion, or so the saying goes. Here is one take on which Dallas players take too much and not enough heat for their play.

Cowboys' Leary Not Likely To Be Suspended For DWI


Although the Cowboys offensive guard has a trial date set, reports are that the NFL will not force him to sit out any games.

A Look Ahead At The Cowboys Roster: Running Backs


With OTAs and minicamp over, what is the exact state of the Dallas roster? What do we know, and what are we hoping to find out in training camp?

A Look Ahead At Cowboys Roster: Quarterbacks


With OTAs and minicamp over, what is the exact state of the Dallas roster? What do we know, and what are we hoping to find out in training camp?

Cowboys News: Durant Looking To Prove Himself


Dez Bryant says he is not changing, but the team is going to be relocating. Plus some father-son moments.

The Plan Behind The Latest Cowboys Signing


How does the signing of a veteran offensive guard to bolster depth project into the current state of the team? We take a look and reveal the answer.

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