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I don't want to say I'm old - but sometimes in the morning my first thought when I look in the mirror is "Damn, Dad came back from the Beyond!"

I don't remember LeBaron, but I do remember Dandy Don hitting Bullet Bob in full stride, and all the greats since then.

I was born in East Texas, I spent 20 years as an Air Force officer with bad eyes - which meant I didn't fly, but I had a good career. I came back to the pine woods in 1998.

I pride myself on being contradictory. I am a God fearing agnostic, I have never used illegal drugs (not counting alcohol consumed before turning 21) and believe marijuana should be legalized. I firmly believe in marriage, which is why I'm on my fourth one (but third wife). I believe in law and order, but think we have way too many laws.

I'm also an Aggie. Which brings up the question of why Aggies don't eat M&Ms.

Well, duh - they are too hard to peel.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Texas Rangers
  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
  • NCAAF Texas A&M Aggies
  • NCAAB Texas A&M Aggies
User Blog

Cowboys Losers In Free Agency Or Not?


As the Cowboys save their cap space and make only selected, economically shrewd moves in free agency, the rest of their division have been making some moves, often big and splashy ones. Is Dallas now hopelessly behind the power curve?

Cowboys Injuries: The Walking Wounded Issues


Dallas lost some key players to injury last year, several before the season even started. As it turns out, many other important members of the team were playing hurt for much of the season as well.

Cowboys 2013 Injuries, Statistically Speaking


A look at the impact of injuries on Dallas in 2013, and why statistical measures don't always tell the whole story.

Jason Garrett: Not Rattled At All


According to one view, Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett has been on the hot seat since the minute he became the interim head coach in 2010. So why does he appear to have things going exactly the way he wants as he enters the last year of his contact?

How Will 7th Round Picks Help Dallas?


The Cowboys go into the NFL with six picks in the seventh round. Here is a look at how the kinds of players Dallas may get have fared in the NFL as a whole.

The Value Of A Seventh-Round Pick


At the moment, Dallas has six picks in the seventh round of the NFL Draft, and will have at least three no matter what they try to do with the others. So what good is a pick in the last round of the draft?

Stephen Jones Explains Course For Cowboys


The club's executive vice president discussed several things concerning Dallas during the NFL meetings in Orlando.

Comp Draft Picks Awarded, Dallas Gets Three Extras


The NFL announced the compensatory picks for this year's draft at the annual Owners' Meeting. Teh Cowboys picked up three extras late in the draft.

Cowboys Offseason Is All About The Cap


Dallas is working on a complicated plan to rebuild the team and make the salary cap easier to deal with.

The Woman Who May Run The Cowboys


Stephen Jones' star is ascending with the Dallas Cowboys, but he is not the only child of Jerry Jones who has a major role to play in the team's future.

Jerry Jones Letting Go In Dallas?


The normally hands-on owner and general manager of the Cowboys seemed to have suddenly taken a big step back to let others handle a major move by the organization.

New NFL Rules Coming


A look at the changes proposed for 2014 by the NFL Competition Committee.

Dallas Now A Winner In Free Agency With Melton


To paraphrase Larry the Cable Guy, the Cowboys Got 'R Done. News on Henry Melton's deal plus other targets the Cowboys are pursuing.

Cowboys Sign Henry Melton


The defensive line situation just took a significant turn for the better.

Could Dallas Sign Anthony Spencer Back?


While all the attention is on Henry Melton, Jared Allen and recently signed Brandon Weeden, there is one free agent the Cowboys might be able to get that they already know very well.

Brandon Weeden Signs With Cowboys


Dallas has signed another free agent, but not the big one everyone is hoping for.

Brett Smith: Good Fit For Cowboys?


With rumors of Kyle Orton possibly retiring, and Tony Romo not getting any younger, Dallas may be looking for a developmental quarterback in the draft, possibly an undervalued one they can get late. Wyoming's Brett Smith may just fit the bill.

Who Is Mismanaging The NFL Salary Floor?


Step through the looking glass for a completely different definition of who has salary problems in the NFL.

Cowboys Fans Hoping For Too Much In Draft?


The expectations of Dallas fans for the NFL Draft are already showing signs that they need to be tempered.

Free Agency And The Future Of The Cowboys


The way free agency has gone for Dallas is a look into the future of the Cowboys.

Cowboys On Course In Free Agency


If you want to understand what the Dallas Cowboys have been doing in free agency, ignore Jerry Jones. His son Stephen has laid it all out.

Interest In Robert Ayers, Henry Melton


The latest news on the Cowboys big cuts and the free agents they are interested in.

Ware Cut Signals New Era For Cowboys


It hurts to see the Cowboys cut one of the all time greats to wear the Star. But if you ever complained about Dallas not having a real GM, well, this is how a real GM handles things.

Dallas Moves More Than Just Capology


There is logic and reason behind the latest Cowboys moves, despite how much many people would like to deny it.

Cowboys Release Costa, Clear More Cap Space


In an unsurprising move, Dallas released their backup center and gain $1.5 million in cap room. This officially puts them under the cap.

Are First Round Quarterbacks Sliding?


As the NFL Draft gets closer, the first round seems to just get harder to figure, particularly regarding quarterbacks.

Maybe Dallas Doesn't Need To Draft D Line


If you are waiting with very little patience for the NFL Draft so the Cowboys can finally do something to help fix the manifold issues on the defensive line, you might want to pay attention to what happens before then.

Worst Cowboys Stories - So Far


Some call this time of the year the silly season in the NFL. Judging from some of the insane things being bandied about, they have a point. Here are some of the more ludicrous recent stories about the Dallas Cowboys.

Cowboys Cut Four Players, Costa Reportedly Next


Dallas makes some minor moves, dropping some down roster names.

Building A First Round Board For Dallas


Time for some make believe, as we pretend to be Will McClay putting together the first-round board for the Cowboys.

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