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NBA Finals Game 5 (and last?)

So with MFSFS too busy stocking up on booze for the victory celebrations in SA, I decided to make the game thread. What is there to say? The series seems to have changed real fast - from a fluky...


First-round playoff open thread

Let's talk playoffs.


A trade idea that involves yes, you know who

So I know this borders on taboo around here, but what do you guys think of a three-way trade that has Moose going to SA, Josh Smith to Minnesota, and Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Love coming to Detroit? ...


How the Josh Smith signing could work out

After the initial shock and disappointment from Josh Smith's signing, I am starting to feel a little more positive. Josh Smith, after all, is a good player and a worthy Bad Boy. The fit is far from...


A killer plan for a great great team (with possibly bad math)

So I've been kinda brewing over this free-agent-draft talk, and I think I may have a really good plan that would get the Pistons not only into the playoffs, but will allow them to compete for home...


How many games will the Pistons win? Depressing poll.

The Pistons' regular season ends on April 17, and there are 13 games left, starting against Miami on the 22nd. Detroit's ability to compete will be affected by the returns of Knight and especially...

Chad Ford talks potential Pistons draft targets

Snippets from a recent draft chat with Chad Ford with several mentions of the Pistons.


Filling up the backcourt for next year

Will the Pistons keep Jose Calderon this summer, or try to draft a point guard like Trey Burke or Michael Carter-Williams? Should they try to sign a veteran like O.J. Mayo, or roll with who they...

Darko Milicic leaves the NBA


Apparently our old buddy Darko has been waived by the Celtics (per his request) to go back to Serbia and spend time with his ill mother. So long Darko! We hardly knew ya...

DMC tries to emulate Monroe's success by dressing as Robocop


There's also some stuff about DMC's chances of improvement. My suggestion - come over and learn from the real Robocop.


Interesting international bigs at Nike Hoops Summit

The latest DraftExpress item on the Nike Hoops Summit mentions a couple of interesting bigs, Lucas Nogueira and Bismack Biyombo. Of the two, although Nogueira is a 7-footer and has great hair,...


Time to place your bets - will anything happen before the deadline?

So with just under two days left before the trade deadline, and various roomers surfacing that the team is maybe and maybe not just about to be sold, I figured this would be a good time to see what...

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