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Jerry Rice Foresees Breakout Year for Julio Jones


It's certainly nice to hear this from the greatest receiver of all time.

The Healthy Flip Side of Being a Sports Fan


Not a Falcons article, but an interesting read nonetheless. Are you at risk for cardiac arrest? Kidding - sort of!


Football is a Business?

So, I'm not the quality writer that our editors are, and I don't have the time to write out a well thought out piece about my topic. But I had to put something down, so here it goes. When I found...

Falcons Block Interview, Keep Robiskie


The Falcons have elected to block Jacksonville from attempting to acquire wide receivers coach Terry Robiskie, who the Jaguars were interested in hiring for the same position. Apparently, teams are allowed to block these transactions when the move is lateral, rather than a promotion. As much as I appreciate employers for respecting their employees career progress, I'm very happy to see us keep Robiskie who is well regarded around the league.

Lions Pick Up Ronnie Brown from the Eagles


Item of note regarding our next opponent. The Lions traded away Jerome Harrison (RB) and a 7th Round Pick in return for Ronnie Brown (RB) from the Eagles.

I find this to be way too funny. Sorry.


I find this to be way too funny.  Sorry.

Tony Gonzalez's Scarface Impression


Tony Gonzalez's Scarface Impression

Foxworth on Falcons: "Tough" and "Exciting"


Former Atlanta and current Baltimore cornerback Dominique Foxworth was the guest columnist for Peter King's MMQB. In his list of "Six Things I Think I Think", Foxworth gives the top spot in the list to the Falcons, predicting that the Falcons will be "tough" and "exciting" with Matt Ryan, Roddy White, Julio Jones, and Michael Turner. Definitely good to see some positive coverage on our offense from an outside source, especially when the outside source plays defense for a very respectable defensive team.

Madden 11 on iPhone


Madden 11 for iPhone is on sale for $0.99 right now. I was thinking about picking it up, but I wanted to see if anyone had any thought on the iPhone version of Madden. Is it any good? Waste of money?

Spoon executes "Top Kill" on Rashad Jennings. Credit Curtis Crompton, AJC.


Spoon executes "Top Kill" on Rashad Jennings. Credit Curtis Crompton, AJC.

Babineaux Receives One Game Suspension


Jonathan Babineaux has been suspended by the NFL for one game in response to his December arrest involving marijuana, speeding, overly tinted windows, and, likely, rap music. As a suspension was all but guaranteed, fans will likely be pleased that it is only a one game suspension to be served against the Pittsburgh Steelers who will be missing their starting quarterback.

Techno Stadium


Interesting article in the NY Times about the new Giants/Jets stadium. How do you get people to continue going to games when the view is so much better from the couch? Offer better video at the stadium! Particularly cool is the smartphone app which lets you watch replays throughout the game, and check out video from other games. Welcome to the future of NFL stadiums. I want one.

Careful, Spoon


I checked out the "Twitter" today and stumbled upon this gem by Spoon: "Ya boy is tired! Movie hopped with my fam #Inception and #Salt in the same night! Great to be with the fam even if we stole movie haha" I know this is pretty minor stuff, but...c'mon, man! Do you really want to tweet about how you stole a movie? I'll leave it at that. Am I overreacting?

Peria Jerry Recovery on Track


According to an anonymous team source, Jerry's recovery is coming along nicely, and he is expected to participate in upcoming practices from the beginning. He will, of course, be monitored, and perhaps rested more than most, but only as a precaution. It has been revealed that the injury was not a torn ACL, but the exact nature of the injury is unclear, though it apparently required surgery. This is obviously great news for the Falcons as we are counting on Jerry being a force in the middle this year. Let's hope he stays healthy and plays to his full potential!

Possible Complications for Roddy White


Background: Recently, Roddy White was in Virginia helping out at Michael Vick's youth football camp. After the camp, White attended a birthday party for Michael Vick at a club near Vick's hometown. During the party, there was a shooting which injured one of Vick's co defendants from his dogfighting trial. According to Vick's attorney, Vick had left the party well before the shooting occured. White apparently echoed this claim, saying he and Vick had left the party prior to the shooting. Apparently, there is video evidence which suggests that Vick did not leave until about three minutes prior to the shooting. This puts Vick's lawyer's statements in question, and unfortunately, White's statements as well. Likely, White will be interviewed by the NFL in regards to the shooting incident. It doesn't seem likely at this time that White will suffer any legal or league consequences. However, should this turn out poorly, it will not help his or the teams image. I hope that White is truthful in any interviews and re-evaluates his commitment to his friend, Michael Vick. While there may be no wrongdoing on either of their parts, White must be aware of any potentially damaging perceptions created by his behaviors and choices. As long as he is a professional athlete, he will be held to a higher standard. What are your thoughts on this situation?

Falcons Sign Peters


The Falcons have announced the signing of a 3rd Round Draft Pick, Defensive Tackle Corey Peters. Peters was signed to a four year contract worth $3.3M (according to the AJC). This is another signature early signing of the Dimitroff era in Atlanta, and seems to be a good move given the uncertainty of Babineaux's (potential suspension) and Jerry's (injury recovery) return. What do you think of the contract?

Peter King Ranks Falcons Below Panthers in Preseason Rankings


I was a bit shocked when I read this morning's MMQB by Peter King. He had the Panthers making the playoffs, with Atlanta on the bubble. Obviously, this is just speculation at this point, and it's always dangerous to underestimate our foes. However, with the major turnover at Carolina this year, I have a hard time imagining that they'll be as competitive as they were last year. King does admit that these rankings are pretty much garbage, as he cites his predictions last year that the Bears would go to the Super Bowl and the Saints were ranked 24th. Anyways, I thought that this was some especially questionable speculation.

William Moore Suffers Minor Injury


While it sounds minor, one can't help but sigh. Apparently, William Moore, just cleared to participate in mini camps last week, has injured a pectoral muscle while lifting weights. As a precautionary measure, he will be held out of the remainder of the mini camps. In addition, Jonathan Babineaux suffered what was called a minor shoulder injury and will also miss the mini camp practices.

Falcons Hire Mark Collins as Defensive Assistant


In a move that will surely separate you from your socks in an explosive fashion, the Falcons have just hired Mark Collins as Defensive Assistant. I am happy to see them continuing to address the defensive side of the ball after the troubles we experienced last year. Just wait until we get that new Assistant TO the Defensive Coordinator (a la Dwight Schrute). Prepare yourselves, fellow Falcoholics. Update: Falcons have confirmed that they will be winning the Superbowl this year due to Mark Collins' presence.

Falcons Work Out TCU Duo, Washington and Hughes


Credit D. Ledbetter for digging up this info. Smitty and Dimitroff flew to Texas to work out DE/OLB Jerry Hughes and LB Daryl Washington.

Crumpler Could be Headed to Patriots


I know this isn't really Falcons news, but I thought some of you might be interested to know that Alge Crumpler is likely going to the Patriots. Crumpler was a beloved Falcon in his days here and did a lot for our team. I still hold him in high regard and I'm always happy to see him achieve success. Good luck in New England, Alge.

Falcons Release CB Hill, Sign S Giordano


In a move that shouldn't surprise anyone, the Falcons have released reserve cornerback Tye Hill. Last September, the Falcons traded a 7th round pick to the St. Louis Rams for Hill, a former 1st round pick. The Falcons added Safety Matt Giordano who has spent time with both the Colts (2005 - 2008) and the Packers (2009). He was drafted in the 5th round of the 2005 draft.

It's Official: Houston Traded to Detroit


Like it or loath it, Chris Houston has been traded to the Detroit Lions for a sixth round pick. In addition, the Falcons swapped fifth round picks with the Lions, moving from the 18th selection to the 2nd. Good luck to Houston Atlanta Falcon.

Clabo, Koenen Receive Tenders


Tyson Clabo has been tagged with a first round tender, and Michael Koenen has been tagged with a second round tender, according to D. Ledbetter of the AJC.

Funny/Interesting Combine Interview


I stumbled across this combine story and thought it was both funny and interesting. Michican Punter Zoltan Mesko reported being interviewed by the Atlanta Falcons special teams coach (along with the Pittsburgh ST coaches). Their "questions" for him included "tell us a joke." He apparently failed... Funny, because that's a great interview question. Interesting, because the Falcons were interviewing a punter. We all know and love Koenan, but are his days numbered? Is he too expensive for his value? Am I reading into this too much? I know everyone has to do their due diligence, regardless of need.

Musgrave Promoted to Asst. Head Coach


The Falcons have announced that Quarterbacks Coach Bill Musgrave has been promoted to Assistant Head Coach. However, he will continue to serve as Quarterbacks Coach while serving in his new role. Click the link to learn more about Musgrave's resume. What kind of impact will this move have on our team?

Saints QB Drew Brees will likely start seeing more advertising deals come his way after being named...


Saints QB Drew Brees will likely start seeing more advertising deals come his way after being named MVP of the Super Bowl. Noticed this one on the net this morning. Thought it was funny that they covered up his birth mark with a shadow. Will we be seeing a lot of profile shots? :)


2010 Falcons Gaining Respect?

Colin Cowherd was recently discussing the latest odds on the next Superbowl champion, and he made a couple of points.  First, he said that the chances of the Saints repeating are not that likely...

Roddy White Added to Pro Bowl Roster


Congratulations to Roddy White, who has been added to the NFC Pro Bowl roster. White took the place of Vikings WR Sidney Rice, as Rice will be playing in the Superbowl. has withdrawn. White had another great year, passing the 1000 yard mark for the third consecutive season and hauling in 11 touchdown passes.

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