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Breaking Down the First Team

From the FanPosts. -Joel Good afternoon Kan-sas City! I've gotta admit, I am pretty stoked about the team the Chiefs are going to field in 2012, as are many of you. I know I should temper my...

McKenzie to Hit Free Agency


And for some non-Manning related news... The Giants are going to let Kareem McKenzie loose into FA. Chiefs should pursue him, IMO.


The Case For Trent Richardson And The Kansas City Chiefs

First off, let me say: I don't honestly believe the Chiefs are absolutely sold on Cassel. Part gut instinct, part taking into account what has been said about the QB position over the last month... but I think they'll make an attempt to do something big. I think that might be RG3, but again, it's just a gut feeling.


An Open Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, I know you're busy, what with preparing to deliver toys all across the world to spoiled, entitled little ankle biters, err... I mean all the good little boys and girls... but I was...

Chiefs vs. Bears Sunday. Time to bust out the "Bear Dick Punch".


Chiefs vs. Bears Sunday. Time to bust out the "Bear Dick Punch".


Clearing the Orton Air

I'm seeing a lot of the same ideas pop up on AP right now surrounding the move by KC to claim QB Kyle Orton off waivers.  I'm going to save myself the trouble of repeating myself over and over...


Sad KC News

Just found this horrible piece of news a few minutes ago.  Really tugs at your heart.  Kansas City , MO (AP) -   A seven-year old boy was at the center of a Jackson County courtroom drama yesterday...


4 wins in a row is a new record for Haley

Haven't heard this mentioned yet, but I think it's worth pointing out. It's another aspect to the Chiefs and Haley that I think needs mentioned. Haley had the Chiefs go on 3 game streaks twice...


T29's Hypothetical: Trade for Manning?

Ok, so this morning I heard Danny Parkins on 610 ask a hypothetical question, and I'm curious as to what people think:  Based on what Oakland gave up for Palmer (a 1st and a 2nd round pick) would...


MNF Recap, Tambahawk and Defense!

Ugh.  I feel like someone took a jackhammer to my bones and a sledgehammer to my head.  I'm hungover, tired, and to make matters worse, I'm coming down with a cold or something.  And I didn't even...


Who's Taking Pics Tonight?

Sadly, I will not be going to the game tonight. However, it'd be cool if some of our AP brethren attending tonight can take lots of pics of the Arrowhead faithful in costume tonight and create a...

Close shave? Chiefs' Haley perseveres through rough start


Great article by Albert Breer on He interviewed Haley about the beard, and his coaching methods. Here's an interesting quote from it: "First, there was this: Haley made the simple point, after three weeks, that with a win in Week 4, and three wins in each of the three remaining quarters of the season, the Chiefs would be OK. Second, Kansas City lost the turnover battle 9-2 in the first two weeks. So Haley got the team's photographer and compiled hundreds of examples of poor technique in carrying the ball. And he identified a larger problem within that one -- players trying to do too much, as stars went down and the team fell behind"


Todd Haley, Cornhole and Limericks!

Alright my peeps.  I'm back.  My last post (Ribs, Jack Battle and Beards!) seemed to have been well received by the AP faithful, so I think I'll be trying to get one of these out each week.  But...


Ribs, Jack Battle, and Beards!

Oh yes!  The Chiefs are back baby!  En route to take the division back from the evil clutches of our unworthy rivals and show the NFL that Bowe, Cassel and the rest of this offense means business!...


Record Breaking?

As Joel just informed us this morning, the Colts are down to the bottom of their Left Tackle barrel.  So this got me thinking... what is Tamba Hali going to do this Sunday against a downtrodden and...

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