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Anti-theist who believes humanity is doomed. For some reason I still care about CFC and football. Who the hell knows why.

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The best tribute to Didier Drogba I have ever seen


I resent the fact that descriptions are mandatory, especially as my keyboard is acting up.

American woman screams insults at Ashley Cole outside a bar in Missouri. This is really weird.


What the hell was going on? Is this the way the world ends? Not with a bang, but with a whimper?

Jamie Carragher writes passionate article about Frank Lampard


He even says he's better than Scholes! The blasphemy!

John Terry being a boss


An informative interview with Geoff Shreeves in August.

My favourite Chelsea goal


"Ohhh, simply glorious!"

Oscar vs Inter Milan (Video)


I recommend subscribing to this guy's channel.

Nathanial Chalobah video diary; Day Two


Continuing the great work of Frankie, who uploaded the first. Although, this one isn't as exciting to be honest.


A tale of Chelsea

During my time here on WAGNH I've read atleast a couple of FanPosts written by fans who decided to share how they came to support the Mighty Blues, so I thought I'd do the same. Tell me if I...

It's time to announce Jeremy Boga to the world


The team I hope to see against Man United. That is all.


David Moyes could be our saviour

I can see it happening, unravelling before my very eyes. Chelsea FC is crumbling. To be honest with you, I don't put much effort in to these posts, but the points I make are good ones. I said...


Intriguing formations

I, like many others, have become tired of the 4-2-3-1. It has quickly become dull and predictable and our lack of versatility has been exploited time and time again this season. That's why we've...


A cheaper alternative to Falcao.

Short summary: Buy Lewandowski, Recall Lukaku and play them together. If Lewandowski can be persuaded to leave Dortmund and come to Chelsea in January or the summer, he and Lukaku could be a...


How Di Matteo's faith in Torres got him sacked.

A few bad decisions cost Roberto Di Matteo his job. The most costly mistake he made was playing Torres as the only striker and not foreseeing the consequences of doing so. We can almost blame it...


Sturridge is eager.

There is an upside to Torres being wrongly sent off on Sunday, a space in the squad has opened up, giving an opportunity for our own Daniel Sturridge to show us all what he is truly made of....

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