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Sixers Rising

It's not all bad news for the Sixers. The argument can be made that if it takes 3 stars to make a good NBA team, the Sixers already have 1 of the 3. As the stats below indicate, MCW is a lock...


Three Way Deal Nets Sixers Two Picks

While it has been a couple of weeks that we've been hearing confirmation of the Bobcats interest in Evan Turner, no deal has been done. My best guess is that's because the Sixers want to take back...


Sixers U.S. Debut - Royce White Sighting

The Sixers kick off their U.S. preseason at 'The Bob' tomorrow night, the future home of the Sevens. Word is that Royce White will make an actually appearance in Sixers uniform. Plus, the...


Open Letter from an Angry Partial Season Ticket Holder

Yesterday, I finally heard the first inklings of Sixer fan discontent hit the airwaves of local sports radio. It was surprising it took so long. One thing that has become clear since the...


Does Ferry Hiring Open Up Trade Options for Philly?

Atlanta's cap situation does no one any favors, and Danny Ferry is in a tough spot. Josh Smith has announced he wants to leave Atlanta in free agency, and with a one year expiring contract he...


The Sixers choke on defense too!

Read this article for a statistics based assessment of the Sixers crunch time problems. They have a legitimate issue with late game, crunch time offense - and here are the stats to support it. ...


Christmas Present for Sixers Fans?

While I think a trade of Iggy will be tough to do and get value, here is how the Sixers should approach such talks - focusing on providing the extra value to help solve other teams' problems....


Igoudala to Clippers Deal Options

In following the Clippers blogs, there seems to be a strong feeling on their end Igoudala will be Clipper by tomorrow night.  The deal being rumored on that site shapes up to involve multiple...

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