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Joe Crispin's diplomacy is rare in world of strident debate


Crispin is awesome. Sound reasoning. Unassailable logic. Too bad most people are too shallow to stop throwing out the labels: racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, etc. etc.

More Dooshyness from Dienhart


This guy actually cites the Freeh Report and pays homage to Freeh's bogus conclusions.

Hoops - PA all state selections


I found this interesting: Class 4A, Isaiah Washington 1st team, Shep Garner 2nd. team.

BOT Cancels Paterno Tribute


What I suspected all along and what is becoming more and more apparent is that when IT landed, the BOT "circled the wagons" around themselves only and their little clique and threw everyone else under the bus. Links to the pdf documents are to the right of JoePa's pic.

What Nebby just did; Penn State did it first


Excerpt: "Current Penn State students can’t remember this. But something very close to what happened this year in Lincoln happened 18 years ago in State College. Penn State opened a new arena. All eight home games in the place were sold out – that’s right, the Jordan Center was sold out and filled with 15,261 fans every game. Hard to believe? It happened. And the Nittany Lions didn’t merely finish 11-7 in the Big Ten and in fourth place like the Cornhuskers; they finished 12-6 in the Big Ten and tied for second."

Penn State is building another special program


Four letter network throwing a little love to PSU Hockey

Lawmakers attempt to reorganize the BOT


Hopefully this will get some traction. Unbelievable that someone has been on the board for 44 freaking years.

Rodino-Colocino ladies and gentlemen


This is too funny not to share: "So there's a professor at Penn State that has decided, evidence be damned, that James Franklin was part of a cover-up of an alleged rape at Vanderbilt."

Backtracking Signals the Demise of Emmert


One of the few articles I have read on the latest developments with some common sense perspective.

Groups Want Bad Image of Penn State to Go Away


I am sure this fellow is representative of most of the PSU faculty. They get it.

Mike McQueary's testimony puts another lens on Joe Paterno's evolving legacy, but probably not the last


They closed the comments at this article with zero comments made. I really wanted to say what a complete bag of dog doo Sally Jenkins is. She swallows hook line and sinker McQueary;s latest claim, which cannot be corroborated and could easily be a total fabrication, just because it "confirms" her beliefs. What a POS. That is all. Here's the article.

Penn State needs outside intervention


Draw your own conclusions. I said my peace in the comments below the article

What's Right and What's Wrong With Penn State in Aftermath of Sandusky Scandal


Oh Look. Someone took a survey. And guess what? It's probably what most of us expected.


Who Are The Real Deniers?

Paterno loyalists have been labeled "JoeBots", and "cultists" and "deniers" over the past year or so for their long held respect of the old coach and for simply refusing to accept the accusations...

The Case for Paterno


Good synopsis by Charles Thompson at Pennlive


Cleveland (OT)

The latest reports indicate that brothers Pedro and Onil Castro will not face any charges in relation to their brother Arial's hienous crimes, having kidnapped and imprisoned and sexually abused...

Recent Michael Mauti Workout Video


How's the knee ? Yeah, he's ready.

Film Session With LJ Sr.


Howard Griffith (BTN) discussing DL film with Larry Johnson Sr. Very interesting.

Incumbents Face Tough Road for Reelection on the Penn State Board of Trustees


In case you missed this: more on the trustee elections. I got 4 recs on my comment at least.

BoT members so torn over JoePa in lanny Davis' new book


This is just so precious. Poor BoT members. They believed every word of the presentment and just had to do what they did.

Lettermen Rip into trustees


Sounds to me like this fight is not gonna end until a lot of that old board is gone, which what they deserve. Love it !

The "Heroic" Louis Freeh


I am not real familiar with all his past "baggage", so I excuse myself from advocating either way, but at face value I found this read very interesting and at the same time very disturbing that the Board of Trustees would hitch their wagon to this guy.

Bob Costas Re-Thinks Freeh, Paterno


I give him credit for agreeing to be on Kevin Slaten's show. How many other (mind made up) talking heads would do that.

More Freeh Report Questions


The more we examine the Freeh Report, the more evident it becomes that either both he and the BOT are lazy and incompetent or a hatchet job was specified for the $6.5 millioin fee.

Administrators Question Penalties


It's about time other schools began worrying about how the NCAA meted out penalties upon Penn State.


A View From Under The Bus

Ever since IT reared its ugly head back in November of 2011, I have been puzzled and astonished by the attitude of the NCAA and the B1G conference. The Sandusky scandal is really none of their...


Critique of the Freeh Report By Spanier's Attorney

http://espn.go.com/photo/preview/!pdfs/120822/espn_pennst_critique_of_report.pdf This is some pretty damning stuff. I can only be suspicious that Freeh was really working for Corbett or anyone...


A Few New Thoughts to Share

Just a few thoughts I just had to journal to maintain some kind of hope in mankind. It's so frustrating that so many people in this country are so stupid, ignorant, shallow and lazy. The other...


A BOB Pep Talk to the Squad

Men, forty years from now, you’re going to be sitting with your grandchildren on your laps and telling them about this season. Nobody is going to remember anyone who was not a part of this football...


On perjury and the evolution of eyewitness accounts

I found this article very interesting: http://www.wgal.com/news/30326274/detail.html Just little game of telephone could explain some of the mess. Here's a relavent excerpt. "This is what...

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