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"...the Dallas Cowboys select...Jadeveon Clowney": A look at a world where the Freak dons the Star thanks to first-pick.com

Jerry Jones likes to make deals. He has stayed pat and taken the exact first round pick that was given to him just five times in the last twenty years, and only once in the past seven! To assume...


Trade Clowney For Picks? Let History Be Our Guide

"We are faced with the possibility of trading down out of #1. But is this a wise decision? Well, we have the will to find out, and, if you look hard enough on the Internet, there's always a way."


The Unofficial Official Round 1 Mock Draft from Kyle of Houston Diehards fame

Those who have been around the Texans awhile probably recall a wonderful site called Houston Diehards. Chris (I don't know his last name) ran a site that was chock ful of great info and analysis,...


Mock Draft Open Thread: Post/Discuss Your Work Here!

The point of this thread is simple. If you are like me and you have spent some time on the Interwebs trying to get a feel for what could happen to your Houston Texans this year in the draft,...

Bridgewater vs Clowney: What If? Comparisons

Thanks to the hard work of the folks at Football Outsiders and What If Sports, I have devised an imperfect method of comparing the Clowney ceiling with the Bridgewater floor to see which version of...

Draft Tek Mock Draft accidentally awesome


Draft Tek, a mock draft site that runs off of computer simulation, has been churning out mock drafts to account for free agent signings as they occur. In their latest, the 7-B Mock Draft, the Texans accidentally get an outstanding draft.

Each player is listed along with their Value Score, which is a simple math problem of how many spots below or above their spot on the Big Board were they selected. (Example: the 10th overall player being picked #15 gets a +5; if he was drafted #8, he'd be -2)

1.1 Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina OLB34 +0
2.1 Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M QB +26
3.1 Jordan Matthews, Vanderbilt WR +22
4.1 Kadeem Carey, Arizona RB +0
5.1 Marcel Jensen, Fresno St TE +9
6.1 Zack Kerr, Delaware NT(!) +2
7.1 Antone Exum, Virginia Tech CB -6

Sure, we're going in on faith that the injured linemen from last year can step in as redshirt rookies, but aside from that, this is an A+++++ draft. I don't care what you think about JFF, getting him AND Clowney is amazing, and that's coming from someone who is terminally "In Bed For Ted".

Nose Tackle Lust: So Right for the 3-4 that he's wrong for the 4-3


So I hear a few of you BRBers want you a nose tackle, and the idea of 2-gapper Romeo Crennel becoming the DC has you thinking this might be the year. But who? How about this guy? His draft stock is all over the place, but one thing is for sure: Daniel McCullers is a MF'n nose tackle.


Dueling Draft Simulations: 7-Round Mocks from Draft Tek and First-Pick.com

I love draft season. Nothing in sports more embodies hope and optimism than this moment when every player believes they are the next Hall of Fame player, and every franchise believes that the 5-15...


The Best QB vs The Best Defensive Player: A 15-Year Draft Analysis

It's official! Your Houston Texans will be drafting first overall in the 2014 Player Selection Meeting. The biggest discussion revolving around this draft has been about the two players likely...


If I were Rick Smith...and I didn't get fired (2013 Offseason plan)

So it happened. A team considered a fringe Super Bowl contender that was expected to win their division and host multiple closed-roof playoff games is likely to end up with a Top 2 pick, if not #1...

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