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It's like I told Banks,
'I'm a rider, if I gotta die, rather homocide. I ain't had 50 cent when my grand-momma died, now I'm going back to Cali where my Jacob born, see how time fly?"

Hate it or love it, the underdog's on top, and I'm gonna shine, homey, until my heart stop.

Go ahead, envy me, I'm rap's MVP, and I ain't goin' nowhere, so you can get to know me

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User Blog

Gameday Thread for 6/2/11: PST is stupid

via images.allmoviephoto.com


OTTOTD for 6/2/12: I forgot to set my DVR for Franklin and Bash

...luckily Eric Freeman of TV's Free Darko was there to make up some plots in GQ: http://www.gq.com/blogs/the-q/2011/06/franklin-bash.html   Splish & Splash: It's time for the annual Fair Value...


Gameday Thread for 5/31/11: Various and sundry 'Cobb' puns.

via 1.bp.blogspot.com


Game Day Thread for 5/30/11: Remember this guy?

via highbridnation.com


Game Day Thread for 5/25/11: This is basically the Rays' FO 20 years ago

via content8.flixster.com


Gameday Thread for 5/23/11: Better Late Than Never

via 30.media.tumblr.com


OTTOTD for 5/23/11: To save money we moved DRB out of the high-rent district.

And when it's closed for the day we all live above it. via i52.twitgoo.com (R/A SRQ's GF) 


Game Day Thread for 5/21/11: This is the 21st century, why the hell are pitcher still batting?

via movies.mmgn.com Today's lineup vs Javier Vazquez: Fuld - CF Zobrist - RF Joyce - LF Longoria - 3B Kotchman - 1B Rodriguez - 2B Jaso - C Brignac - SS Price - P


Game Day Thread for 5/20/11: What the hell is a "Sun Life Stadium?"

via www.stardusttrailers.com


OTTOTD for 5/20/11: Happy Birthday Puppy-D, wish I could be there...

... but I have some legal issues to take care of . VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) — Single mothers, former drug addicts and other struggling young women who came to wealthy businessman Henry Allen...


Game Day Thread for 5/18/11: I hope everyone remembered their passport this time

via www.appetitefordeconstruction.com


Game Day Thread for 5/14/11: Oh, the Orioles again? So soon?

via www.brooklynvegan.com


GDT for 5/10/11: Rays vs High Points in Cleveland Culture

via jaymckinnon.com


GDT for 5/7/11: Adios Bodymore

via www.mrmeyer.com


GDT for 5/7/11: Live from Hampsterdam

via blogs.pioneerlocal.com


Rays v Orioles GDT 5/6/11

via cardsspeakpoker.com


OTTOTD for 05/06/11: Who are we voting for?

This is going to be a tough one fellas, the slate of candidates to dethrone the "Czar of Islam" is varied and deep. Who should we get behind? The picture didn't get any clearer after the debate...


OTTOTD for 05/03/11: Who better than America's best...

...to react to the Bin Laden news. "The internet has moved at a breathless pace since the world found out about Osama Bin Laden's death late last night, with experts from all fields being...

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