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It's like I told Banks,
'I'm a rider, if I gotta die, rather homocide. I ain't had 50 cent when my grand-momma died, now I'm going back to Cali where my Jacob born, see how time fly?"

Hate it or love it, the underdog's on top, and I'm gonna shine, homey, until my heart stop.

Go ahead, envy me, I'm rap's MVP, and I ain't goin' nowhere, so you can get to know me

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User Blog

OTTOTD for 4/29/11: A fun place to come hang out with your buds and discuss regicide

Dear Reasonable Doubt, This is Amercia. FIX YO TWITTER Love, TGN1, Patriot


OTTOTD for 4/26/11: *Loud Fart Noise*

via www.gifbin.com


Normal Thread With No Illicit References

Nobody get high, especially minors


OTTOTD for 4/18/11: The Meat Up was Great You Guys! Lets post our pics!

I'll start. Here's a shot of the gang enjoying Hellickson's xFIP in the 4th:  


OTTOTD for 4/13/11: How Oblammer and Car Accidents Are Ruining Our Future

I'm typing this from home because in 2011 we can't find a way for people to move their fucking cars to the shoulder after an accident. h...


OTTOTD for 4/7/11: Come on, you don't really want to talk about baseball.

Dear y'all, Brunt Love, TGN1 "Heavy beer drinkers who carry a gene mutation involved in the metabolism of alcohol may face a higher risk than others of developing stomach cancer, new European...


OTTOTD for 4/4/11: What I Miss??!?

While you were busy watching the Rays flail around like palsied children chasing a butterfly, here are some other things that went on in the world:   Terry Jones, Crazed Hillbilly and Pride of...


OTTOTD for 3/29/11: Anything but college basketball... and airports... and FashionChat(tm)... and wrestling...

Don't care about your brackets, your airports, your cardigans, your wrestlemen or whatever.   Good draft last night for the A league, except for Slowski.   Not gettin this to 150 works because...


OTTOTD for 3/23/11 Pt 2

Sorry, that last thread was getting a little long, I figured I'd start a new one


OTTOTD for 3/22/11: For all your non-shorts posting needs

There is already an excellent shorts thread for your shorts questions, so lets use this one as an "Off Topic" thread to discuss fun things, you know, whatever!


OTTOTD for 3/17/11: It's Gonna Take the Luck of the Irish if We're Gonna Hit 69,420

More quality! More quantity! POSTS POSTS POSTS


OTTOTD for 3/15/11: This is a No-Slurping-Zone

For this thread and this thread only, mentions of and slurps about TPR11 and/or Extra 2% are bannable.   Here is Snooki wrasslin 


OTTOTD for 3/11/11: Good News [Insert Poster Here]...

... your horrible deformity has a basis in science! "Men once had penile spines like those found on chimpanzees, monkeys and mice, according to a study. Losing the spines has allowed man to enjoy...


OTTOTD for 3/3/01: If we fight them over there, it's still better if we fight them over here too

Last week, Tennessee State Sen. Bill Ketron (R-Murfreesboro) and state Rep. Judd Matheny (R-Tullahoma) followed Oklahoma's lead in attempting to outlaw sharia.  Here's a bit of the proposed law,...


OTTOTD for 2/10/11: Basically a harmless ole' panty raid

During a St. Petersburg Times-Bay News 9 televised debate Tuesday night, the former Tampa mayor likened the city's 1960s race riots to lingerie-stealing pranks once popular on college campuses. P...


OTTOTD for 02/08/11: Not that it was ever in dispute, but here is further evidence that Gyros save lives

"It's pure luck I was hungry."—Knife crime victim James Hobbs survived his attack by stanching the flow of blood from his throat with a doner kebab (or what we on this side of the pond refer to as...


The battle for Florida game thread



OTTOTD for 02/03/11: Congrats on Your Albino Freak Baby

via cache.gawkerassets.com


OTTOTD 02/01/11: DJ Paul is a dog, one you do not trust...

... you leave your drink around me, believe your drink gon get drunk up.


OTTOTD 1/25/11: OSCAR POOL!!!!!!

Here are the nominations. As a helpful guide I've put in bold the ones I've seen. Also Oscar Pools are for women. Best PictureBlack SwanThe FighterInceptionThe Kids Are All RightThe King's...


OTTOTD for 1/12/11: The Period for Apology is Over

"There was a period of remorse and apology for banks. I think that period needs to be over."—Barclays president Bob Diamond, "expected to receive an £8million bonus this year," reckons that it's t...


OTTOTD for 1/10/11: Ok, Dobberteam was right.

TBO.com really is WAY better for comments than the SP Times Posted by (Jabarten) on 01/09/2011 at 03:08 pm. 1850's Bleeding Kansas....2010's Bleeding Arizona....I'm hoping I am wrong, but as a...


OTTOTD for 01/07/11: Look, they think they're humans

Two important animal stories in the news today.  First:  Germany's Nazi government was so angry about a dog trained to imitate Hitler that it started an obsessive campaign against its Finnish...


OTTOTD for 1/6/11: Holy cow! Look at those udders!

Snooki Snooki ya'll Ben was apparently trying to talk the girl into joining him [in the hot tub]. She kept shaking her head. What a cock tease. Why go home with a guy if she wasn't going to bang...


First OTTOTD of 2011: Can we all agree that footbaw is terrible now?

7-9 Playoff Team 7-9 Playoff Team 7-9 Playoff Team 7-9 Playoff Team 7-9 Playoff Team 7-9 Playoff Team 7-9 Playoff Team 7-9 Playoff Team


Probably the last OTTOTD of 2010: RIP Ryan Gilliss

Man dies after disturbance outside Clearwater strip club The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office is investigating a death outside a strip club early Thursday. Deputies received a disturbance call...


OTTOTD for The Winter Solstice

To Some Ladies by John Keats   WHAT though while the wonders of nature exploring,   I cannot your light, mazy footsteps attend; Nor listen to accents, that almost adoring,   Bless...


OTTOTD 11/29/10: You Post Like a (Expletive)!

The officiating in that game was horrible, against both teams. But this really is ridiculous: Talib used an expletive to describe the call, to which the unidentified member of referee Carl...

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