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Playing the 13-14 season in FHM 14


As part of an initiative over at OOTP, I recently completed the 2013-14 NHL season playing as the GM of the Islanders. The pre-season started with the actual opening night rosters, but in August I traded Moulson, MacDonald, Nilsson and a 2nd round pick to Buffalo for Vanek and Ryan Miller. Did I do a better job than Garth Snow? Is it a good thing I'm not a GM in real life? Does this stuff really bore you and you're looking to cure insomnia? Let me know.


NHL.com story on 2006 Draft

Featuring 3/4 Islanders content!

What, No DiPietro????


NHL.com takes a look at the best, and worst, Islanders draft picks of all time. Rick DiPietro doesn't make the cut.


Playoff Goaltending Part II - Game 3

Game 3 saw the Isles jump out to an early 2 goal lead, and Nabokov made a handful of saves as the Islanders dominated possession. That all chenged, though, with 2 very bad penalties.


Playoff Goaltending - Why the Islanders are down 2-1 (Games 1 and 2)

There has been plenty of heated discussion in the pre-game, game and post-game threads about the quality of goaltending the Islanders have received from Evgeny Nabokov in the first 3 games. His...


The 2013 NHL-XM 'Espo' Awards - Do the Isles get some media love?

For the past 7 years, Phil Espositio has handed out his own version of the NHL awards. Several Islanders are up this year. After the jump, the nominees and winners.

Islanders 2013: Tale of two seasons

It was the not-so-best of times, it was the best of times. At the conclusion of game #24 of their abbreviated NHL 2012-2013 schedule, the Islanders found themselves in 11th place in the East, with...

When the Isles last won a playoff series


When the Isles last won a playoff series, you needed all of the gadgets in the top photo to do what the gadget in the bottom photo does today.

Islander in NHL 14 trailer


Casey Cizikas blasts a Canadien into the bench at 28 seconds.

Draft Post: Tongue-twisters for Butch

This one isn't about drafting great players or prospects. This one is about drafting guys whose names would make Butchie's head explode and Peter Ruttgazer rend his tongue from his mouth.


8 Game Chunks #5 - The Playoff Push

Tracking games 33-40 for all 30 teams. This one went pretty well for the Isles. The hottest teams over these 8 games: Chicago, the Islanders, San Jose and Washington, all going 6-1-1 13....

Denis Potvin on the Isles


"Can I be honest?" Potvin said. "I was in denial for, like, 25 years and didn't want to look at [their situation] because it was so bad. Now I find myself getting very excited for them and I've really enjoyed following the team again."


The Flawed Psychology of 'Holding On'


This story, about holding a lead in pro soccer, translates almost perfectly to the hockey experience.

The NHL in 8-game Chunks, Part II

This report puts all teams at exactly 1/3 of the way into the season, with their records and stats beginning with their 9th game, to what they were at the conclusion of their 16th game.


In a perfect world, where every game counts the same

As of yesterday, 20 of the 106 games played (18.9%) in the Eastern Conference have resulted in a Bettman Welfare Point being awarded. Florida has claimed 4 of them, the Devils 3. Pittsburgh and...

The 1st 8 games: NHL team stats

A snapshot of where teams stand by various stats after one-sixth of the season.

If you're a stalker or just a geek


This is the Flight Aware tracking information for the charter service the Islanders user to fly to games. It is always the same call sign, Miami Air International 393.

An NHL tenant for Seattle?


Looks like a team that wears orange and blue and that is having a hard time replacing their decrepit arena may be interested in heading west.

Because I am a geek


and you guys need a GM to be a target for your barbs in the absence of real hockey, I am doing a simulated season featuring the Islanders and Sound Tigers using the Eastside Hockey Manager 2007 platform. And, as a desperate plea for help, I'm blogging it. I've got enough content now to roll out 2 updates a day to get up to the season opener, then I'll be doing a game or two each day.

Islanders moving from Long Island? Nevah!


At least according to Chicago Wolves owner Don Levin, who is considered the favorite to own a potential Seattle based NHL franchise: "I can tell you there are not teams for sale that are available to move," Levin told ESPN the Magazine on Wednesday. Not the Coyotes? Or maybe one day the Islanders? "My understanding is that the Phoenix deal, [Greg Jamison] has come up with the money," Levin said. "The answer to the Islanders moving is never. They're not moving out of that market. No chance that's going to happen."


If I Was in Charge: The NHL/CHL Agreement

Some 19-year-olds are too good for juniors, but not good enough for the NHL. Fans say they belong in the AHL, but that hurts junior teams. What's the solution?

NJ Outlaws move to PA, may play all games outside


This sucks, because I liked catching games on the cheap close to home. Will be interesting to see how they handle games in October when it really isn't too cold, and in January when they are freezing their asses off.

Feb 2013, trade deadline approaches. Isles (in my game) are in 5th for now, but a 4 game losing...


Feb 2013, trade deadline approaches. Isles (in my game) are in 5th for now, but a 4 game losing streak out of 10th. The team is inconsistent, posting a 7-2 win over Pittsburgh then blowing a 5-0 3rd period lead to a 14th place team. Sharks are in a similar situation in the west. San Jose has offered Marc-Edward Vlasic, their 2013 1st round and 4th round picks for Mark Streit. Streit is set to go UFA at the end of the season. Vlasic is RFA and will end up making about what Streit makes now. Vlasic is 10 years younger than Streit. Do you make this trade?

Me, from a video game league I'm in.

In which I spent the last week in Quebec

A few weeks ago, I asked Islanders GM Garth Snow about signing my son, Sebastien, recently named one of the top 25 prospects under 25 months old, to a lucrative free agent contract. Garth started...


LHH off-season fantasy league

I'm looking to see if there's any interest in running an off-season fantasy league using the Strat-o-matic platform. I'm looking for 10-12 players to start. I'd do all the admin work on my...

Because It's The Cup


Ken Morrow gets some lovin from the NHL.

World Championships Rosters


Several Isles from which to choose. Streit and Nino for the Swiss, Okposo for the US, Tavares for Canada, Frans for the Danes and more. There are a bunch of loaded rosters, and a bunch of rosters filled by a bunch of guys you've never heard of before.


The Middle Half - update 4 (almost done)

The first 20 games of this NHL season put the Isles in a deep, dark hole. Since then, though, how does this team stack up against the rest of the league?


10 Game Chunk #5: Playing Like a Playoff-Bound Team Would

Breaking down each NHL team's performance in 10-game segments throughout the season, the New York Islanders finally played at a playoff pace during segment #5.


Lighthouse Fantasy Dream Season, wrapup

Team Keith clinched victory for the season in game # 78. Below are the last 4 games of the season and the final, in depth stats.

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