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Mountain West opting for status quo, patience - ESPN

Apparently Boise St. will NOT be going to the Mountain West Conference. Is this an opportunity? Is this a chance for Dan Beebe to redeem himself and say," We will have a contingency plan in place that includes Boise St."? Or is this a first glimpse of sanity? Is this the triumph of the thought that expansion for the sake of expansion is maybe not the answer.


For Discussion: What all this "Realignment" Talk/Action really EXPOSES

It exposes the FRAUD that is the BCS Bowl System. Ive been saying it for years and said it (in a roundabout way) in a post last month. For Discussion: What Precipitated all this "Realignment"...

Commissioner 'comfortable' Big 12 to stay intact - ESPN

Why do I get the feeling Commissioner Beebe is the guy playing the Cello while the ship hits the iceberg?

Commissioner 'comfortable' Big 12 to stay intact - ESPN

Why do I get the feeling Beebe is the Cellist on the TItanic?

Graham Harrell Now Packers' Third String QB: Who Is He, and What Does This Mean? | Bleacher Report

Another GLOWING dissertation on Graham Harrell from a definitely "pro-tech" web site...NTTAWWT ;)

* - WWL - AM870 | FM105.3 | Brandon Carter Update

The Cajun Cannon's first rookie to watch is Brandon Carter. He is a guard from Texas Tech (6-6, 319). Carter started three seasons for the Red Raiders, opening 40 of the 49 games he played during his collegiate career. The native of Longview, Texas was selected first team All-Big XII as a senior in 2009, after receiving honorable mention all-conference honors in each of his sophomore and junior seasons.

Graham Harrell To Work Out With Packers | Total Packers

Seriously??? Graham can sew up the #2 without workin up a sweat!!! Matt Flynn and Chris Pizzotti ahead of him on the depth chart? Go Harrell Go!!!

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany denies latest expansion rumors - ESPN

Geez, what the hell is going on? The whole thing is obviously an attempt to shake the tree to see what falls out. I hope plenty of other Conferences (ie big12, sec) move ahead with some sort of preemptive strike and leave these boneheads in the lurch.


For Discussion: What Precipitated all this "Realignment" Talk/Action?

I think what needs to be addressed here is teams' motivation for doing all this realignment. I think the answer is two fold. The first answer is MONEY. Revenue sharing. The second answer is...

Just thought Id share a laugh with you guys


Just thought Id share a laugh with you guys


My Projected Receivers for 2010

This is my projected depth chart at the WR Position.   X (Split End) Lyle Eric Leong Ward Number: 19 18 Height: 6'1'' 5'11'' Weight: 165 190 Classification: Senior Sophomore Probable Role: S...

Parking in Style: New project caters to students and football fans | AVALANCHE-JOURNAL

New parking structure going up just north of the north end zone and across the highway. PS: I could help but wonder upon looking at the campus on Google Maps Satellite view...Isnt it time to tear down the Lubbock Municipal Colisseum?


Early Impressions of our South Plains Drifter

The more and more I think about this the more I think it bears repeating.  I have to speak out for Coach Tuberville and the job he seems to be doing.  He is accomplishing a lot.  Specifically,...


The Pirate Captain, The Riverboat Gambler, and the Correctable Loss

Ive taken the liberty of what, in MY mind, exactly what it is we expect from our new Coach. For years we've been grinding our teeth with our beloved Captain at the helm and bearing it because...

Our Pirate Captain remembered as Buffalo Bill???

Our Pirate Captain remembered as Buffalo Bill???


Heard on The Herd

heard that Captain Leach is in being considered as UCLA's Offensive Coordinator

All-Big 12 bowl team dotted by seven Cornhuskers - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

Four Red Raiders (Batch, Carter, Henley, & Wall) make the All Big XII Bowl Team

Guess who I met at The Republic of Texas, having some dinner


Guess who I met at The Republic of Texas, having some dinner


Tailgating at the Alamo Bowl

What does Tailgating "cost" in San Antonio? Ive heard there is a charge for tailgating. Is this due to the individual Parties that are thrown or does is cost $ just to enter the tailgate area?

Chris Level has this tweet

We'll be reporting on a surprising new starter for this weekend versus A&M on in a few minutes. I never saw it coming. I think I just pooped my pants a little... Its on the offensive line...apparently WHO would Matt Moore bring in to replace either McDaniel or Byrnes. Or who would start in a reshuffling scenario?

Who has the Link

Who has the link to the website that examines on a week to week basis all the games that are considered "playoff" game under the "every saturday is a playoff in college football" mantra?

My BCS Solution

Thanks for the heads up on this website, Seth. Ive been hanging on to this diatribe of mine for a while and BCS Evolution was a perfect place to post this. Thanks!

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