Touchdown.....LaMichael James!!!

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Refs and Defense look clueless in Denver.

Wow, what a game. First there was a fumble from Tolzien, that ended up being magically recovered by the 49ers, challenged by Denver, but was an unchallengeable play. The refs did the right thing...

Davis looks to get even better.....Smith not the only one to suffer with having 6 different coordinators.


Davis says he didn't start feeling comfortable til late in the season....for a guy that really needs to learn one position, fans don't realize that a QB that has to learn so many's just not that easy. I think the offense will be a top 10 this year.

Crabtree was a #1 in his last 11 games of 2011, the numbers don't lie.


This is interesting for the Crabtree naysayers. Crabs was hurt at Camp Alex during the off-season and took a while to become 100% It is fair to say that Crabs was 100% in his last 11 games or so. This was also in an offense that didn't throw the ball as much as other teams.....

LaMichael James better than Trent Richardson.....Jim Brown seems to think that Richardson is "Ordinary"


I bring this up, because a few weeks ago I said that James was the best RB in college, and I still stand by that. Some here LOL me and said "even better than Richardson? I don't think so" Based on what? What did Richardson do at Bama that others didn't? He did break any records! He is better than Ingram, but then again, I don't think Ingram was special at all. Besides, Richardson had one of the best offensive lines protecting him, James not so much. Nobody was raving at the line talent that Oregon had. Brown doesn't talk about LaMichael James but is very clear that he doesn't see Adrian Peterson when he sees Richardson (said in a different interview) In college, James was the better back, played with less talent and was more effective, and I won't even go into stats, because it isn't fair to Richardson......James had WAY more for his career.

Nick Fairley Arrested again.....DUI.....and how it affects the 49ers.


He will most likely be facing a suspension, if that suspension is longer than 1 game, he will not play against the 49ers as they play Detroit at home in week 2. Fairley had a seemingly quiet first year, but was poised to make a big splash this year......and make a splash he has, but in the wrong way.........

Jon Beason fires back at Alex Smith.....because Cam Newton doesn't have a leg to stand on.


If you look back, the most yards thrown by Newton in a win is 256, followed with 158, 208, 204, 149 and 171..... No 300 yard wins....just losses. Alex speaks the truth, Jon Beason can't handle the truth.....

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