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2012 class and scholarship limits...UPDATED

Texas ended the year with 85 on scholarship (including Sherrod Harris) and will lose 14 Seniors plus Aaron Williams to the NFL Draft.  While some scholarships were awarded to Marquise Goodwin (had...

Only Versus increased college football ratings in 2010


Only ESPN held the same ratings while ESPN2, ABC, NBC, and CBS were down. Things are lookin up for the Mountain West. Update: SB Nation story here, beat 'em by an hour ;)


NFL Style Playoff for College Football

NFL Style Playoff for College Football

Utah St message board claims USU and UTEP to MWC


Take with with a grain of salt but the claim is that they are waiting until after the New Mexico Bowl to announce the move...


Why UTEP should join the Mountain West

Reader TowerPower has a nice write-up on why UTEP should consider the MWC.

Just in case you didn't know....ESPN


Just in case you didn't know....ESPN


Looking 'objectively' at the expansion candidates

Who will the 12th member of the Mountain West be? "The usual suspects of Utah State, SMU, UTEP and Houston will be brought up as the 12th team, so I guess stay tuned until January when that seems...

Montana not upgrading to FBS


They are fully committed to the Big Sky...for now. This make it more probable for North Dakota to move to the Summit league with the rest of the Dakota schools.

NBC Sports thinks that we will be bowl eligible...


From reading this they think we will lose to Okie St and beat FAU and A&M to get into the Dallas Football Classic now referred to as the Ticket City Bowl at the original Cotton Bowl stadium in Dallas.

More Conference Expansion News


After North Dakota joined the Big Sky Conference most assumed their border rival South Dakota would follow, however the Coyotes have declined the Big Sky's invitation. Like SDST and NDST, South Dakota will join the Missouri Valley Football Conference and elect to stay in the Summit League in all other sports. This move leaves the Big Sky with 11 all-sport members and 13 football members. The Summit League will remain stable with its 9 members, while the MVC will now be at 10. North Dakota may have a case of buyer's remorse after signing on with the Big Sky, and could be looking into joining the other 3 Dakotas in Summit league/MVC to reduce their travel costs and maintain its rivalries. The WAC's expansion plan seems to have settled on just adding UTSA, Texas St, and (non football school) Denver in order to hold open another spot in case Montana decides to upgrade. The only school left out of of this expansion shuffle for now is Seattle University, a non-football school, who may be targeted to join the WCC with the new addition of BYU or they could be invited to join Big Sky Conference as a 12th member in an attempt to even out the basketball schedule.

Can we try this play?


Can we try this play?

Kirk Herbstreit - Caption Contest FYI this advertisement is from the program of UT/Baylor...


Kirk Herbstreit - Caption Contest FYI this advertisement is from the program of UT/Baylor game, glad I could get some enjoyment from attending that night.

Kirk Herbstreit - Caption Contest


Kirk Herbstreit - Caption Contest

The Statues are GONE


"The University Co-op Legends Park at the University Co-op is intended to honor the history and achievements of 52 Texas Longhorn greats. The Co-op has decided to pursue a different avenue to honor these Legends. To our fans who have visited and enjoyed the park, thank you so much for your support. Since the year 2000, The University Co-op ...has donated over $30 million to the University of Texas." -The University Co-op

"Bojangles O'Blackface, seen here running from racist SWC cornerbacks, is just one of the more...


"Bojangles O'Blackface, seen here running from racist SWC cornerbacks, is just one of the more horrific selections from a generally terrifying collection of fiberglass phantasms making up the Legend's Walk, a former parking area now devoted to making children cry and giving something for really stoned students wandering the campus late at night to be terrified of in the dark." -EDSBS


New Longhorn Legends Walk

  via     Directly behind the UT Co-Op (around the giant Bevo) they have constructed at series of statues of UT's most legendary athletes.  As of now only the men's side has...

Awesome and funny


Awesome and funny

Mack and UT may be in trouble....


I can't find much info but many rumors are flying around Austin.

Quan's Rings...thought this was worth sharing


Quan's Rings...thought this was worth sharing

Barry Sander's Jr not coming to Texas


Okie St, FL St, Bama, and UCLA on his short list

Aaron Green's UT visit forthcoming....


Anyone have any new info on Green, Rasco, or any other of the final recruits to the 2011 class....

Texas v Arkansas in 2014????


Is this game going to happen or not? Anyone know anything about this???

2011 UCF game, moved to 2017


Just a simple report, no addition info that I can find, one would assume that Texas had to reschedule it to accomodate the new round robin scheduling the Big 12 is starting next year.

Scheduling Gaps


Assuming these future schedules are right, does it appear to anyone else that there is still a need for another big game in 2012 and 2014? Just wanted to get some opinions on this and see if I may have missed any news about these years. Or if Wikipedia is just terribly wrong, which wouldn't be a shocker)


Conference Expansion/Realignment

So I've been looking around at all the other SB nation sites about the Mountain West/WAC showdown and was wondering what everyone else around here thought about some of these subjects. The New MWC...

Jerry Jones Hates Us - Round 2


This keeps getting better and better....

2011, Running out of room?


I know we are all on top of this, and yes their will be room for a RB, but here's another opinion on the matter.

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