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My email to Bill Simmons I titled: LeBron Delusions

I know, I know LeBron would probably never pick rainy, hipster-mecca Portland as his new home to play, but please tell me I'm not crazy for thinking Portland should still give it a shot. I know...

De'Anthony Thomas will enter the NFL Draft


Well most of us figured (Especially after the injury) this was the case but now it's official. Even though his last two seasons didn't quite have the "WOW" his Freshman season did, he is still one of the most exciting players every to wear Green and Yellow (and black, and slate, and white, and pink) and will be missed! Good Luck DAT! And I hope you find a coach in the NFL that will know how to use your explosive talents effectively!

Sports Science: Dion Jordan


Dion showing off scientifically why he is going to be a top 10 pick. I can't wait to see him blasting NFL QB's!

My Fanpost on Welcome To Loud City


I entered a Fanpost on the Oklahoma City SB Nation site. After a lengthy introduction of myself as a Blazer fan and how jealous and annoyed I am of them and their team's success I go over the question of James Harden. I present them with the scenario that a trade is happening over othe options with Harden and present numerous possibilities on trades that could happen with a poll to see what they believe is most likely to happen. Hopefully this creates an interesting dialog between our fan bases. Check it out and drop a comment if you wish!


Trail Blazer fan hoping for cross dialog between our fan bases

First let me say I am born and raised in Portland and therefore born and raised a Blazers Fan. One of my earliest memories is going with my parents to games where I would watch Clyde Drexler, Terry...


I know I shouldn't do this, but...

There is a lot of football left to play, we can't overlook anybody, and Chip Kelly will punch me in the balls, but I can't help but be worried after the USC and Stanford losses. I'm worried if we...


Fanpost Contest - The Blazers Offseason via Facebook

So I posted this about a month ago in the Fanshots, but thought it would be fun to enter this in the contest as well. This is probably in the "other" category. So first let me give credit for the...

Bryan Bennett comtemplating a transfer


Our insurance policy might be leaving sooner then we would have thought and hoped. Rob Moseley has been tweeting from practice today some uncertainty surrounding Bennett who he thinks didn't practice with the team today and apparently was going to talk with Chip Kelly about his future with the team. I hope he stays at least for this year, I know he will be called upon at some point in the season.

Blazers 2012 Offseason chronicled in Facebook


First Off, I would like to give credit where credit is due, problem is I don't know where it is due. You may recall a couple years ago someone had a similar post highlighting the Blazers offseason in Facebook Status Updates, I just can't remember who that person was. Like some due when they are inspired, I completely stole the idea and tried my attempt at this off season (although it is not as good as the first one, how could I compete with an original version of "I'll Be Missing You" sung int he draft room?!) Feel free to give the credit deserved to the original in the comments, oh and offer any comments on this one as well:


3 Days with $3 Mil, who do we go after?

So after reading Dave's Post about our cap situation if we do offer the Max Deal to Hibbert, I began wondering, where does the team go during the 3 days wait, with this $3 Million in cap before we...


Can the Blazers make a bid on Billups?

I know Billups is doing his little baby fit right now, probably trying to get teams not to bid on him so he has complete control of his situation as a UFA. But my question is can the Blazers make...

Newest and most indepth interview with WIll Lyles, Officially paint me worried now


Here is an interview done by Yahoo with Will Lyles, posted about a half hour ago. I am now officially worried we have violated rules and could get some stiff consequences. I am also worried about Chip Kelly and his job security. I know Will Lyles is trying to play up a bit of a victim card here, but if everything he is saying and providing is accurate this could be something real we have to face and swallow the consequences for it.


I wish Nate would embrace the WEIRD

I have been kind of throwing this wish of mine around to some of my friends and now I am going to attempt to formulate this notion into a logical, persuasive essay.   My central thesis is I believe...

Love to get Most Improved Player


So it's official. The NBA is snubbing LaMarcus on another form of recognition for his great season and rise to stardom. I respect the numbers Love put up and the history he has made. But LaMarcus won Western Player of the week twice and Western Player of the month for February, His numbers are among the league elite, and he took a team on his back to the playoffs. Way to go again NBA (And I know I am preaching to the choir here)


The two types of Pac-10(12) Fans

The conversation about the Pac-12 Scheduling on the main page has me noticing the two main types of Pac fans. One type of fan is the fans that strive for the best football to be played on the Left...


Let the Harris/Parker speculation take off [Poll]

So with the CP3 speculation dying down (but not dead yet). It is time for two more names who have almost worn out their welcome on Blazers Edge to officially litter our screens. So who do you want D...

ESPN reports: Colorado already has Pac-10 invitation and the other five are on their way


Things are moving fast now that it is reported Nebraska is for sure moving to the Big Ten. I still think if ND choose to last minute join the Big Ten at the condition it stays at 12, they could ditch Nebraska and all this goes back into Limbo.


Sports Center just reported Oregon has offered the HC job to Tubby Smith

It had no details about the amount of the offer or if Tubby is considering or not, they then talked quickly about how it was reported we were going to offer to Izzo. However, I can't find any...

Satire: Rudy says Rumors are "flim-flam stories, and nothing but shams and lies"


This is definitely reassuring to see, also Rudy starts poking fun of Hedo for his pizza eating before games.

Portland's New All-Star


So Blazer fans your dreams have been answered! Here is Ruffin's most memorable play!


Jameer Nelson

With possibly Nelson out for the season, the Boys at PTI were speculating whether the Magic will try and keep its great season and potential possibility at reaching the conference finals (maybe...


Rubio's draft stock slipping, could he possibly become possible?

I was reading this draft stock article in ESPN where is has Ricky Rubio in the "bad" (or stock dropping) section mainly because of his lack of contribution in his league right now (mostly due to an...


One of the reasons I don't like all the "trade for Marbury" talk

So Stephon Marbury publicy lashes out at his coaches and teammates today. "When things got bad and then worse, guys like Quentin Richardson say, 'I don't consider him a teammate. He let his...


Things I wanted to see from the Ducks tonight, but did not...

PLAY-ER MOVE-MENT!!! Our offense looks so stagnant, no cutting, no slashing, no rotating, no picks, that's not the way to generate open shots consistently! It looked like we were just playing hot...


So What are the Ducks wearing in Corvallis?

I am curious now what the ducks will where for civil war. Is this the jersey they will wear for their remaining game and bowl game? I am wondering how the jersey will look in white, the one thing...


Point Guards, Point Guards, Point Guards (w/ Poll)

Now bare with me, there have been a few posts about this topic, but I want to put a twist on this for our conversation. Now this is the position I would like to see stepped up whether its by our...


This Excites Me

So Jason Quick just wrote this lovely piece about Oden looking very good in practice today. While reading it I was thinking to myself that this is one of the most positive things I have read about...


Is Rudy Starting Soon? (W/ Poll)

Om Rudy's player page on ESPN they are reporting the official Trail Blazer sight has quoted Nate has said he is thinking of inserting Rudy in the starting line up in the near future. However when I...


[UPDATED] Blackout at the UCLA game?

So I don't know if everyone has seen the  "Blackout Autzen at homecoming" group on facebook, but I was wondering if it is true. In the group they said it is because we are unveiling an all black...


[Updated] I guess this is the thing to do right now...

So I was bored and played around on guess what? Trade Machine YAY! Here are some simple trades that can be souped up to make it more appealing to teams: Trade 1: Now I know this one has been...

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