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Colts release Essex pick up Butler

Colts picked up a corner...former second round pick of the Pats Darius Butler who has also spent time with the Panthers.....interesting to see that they cut Essex....I didn't think he was that bad...


Luck ok with playing behind Manning

The question got asked and it was answered by Andrew Luck. Luck would be willing to sit behind Manning. So now its the Colts and Manning who must decide the path to go and not Mr. Luck. At this...


West and Mayo Report

I think adding Mayo and West would be awesome and were not locked in long term to either players The story Per ESPN The Memphis Grizzlies are in advanced discussions with the Indiana Pacers on...


Manning on board?

So much for Manning not being cool with the colts spending a first on a it depends on the Luck Camp before this happy marriage begins Best case Scenario is they agree to be teammates...


The case for the 3-4

I'm tired of the cover 2.  Every year we watch other teams control the ball, run it down our throats, and pick apart the secondary.  We rank towards the bottom in D every year for a reason.  Freeny...


A look into the future

I know...too early for this .... I'll admit up front I'm a draft's like Christmas to me and my favorite sporting event of the year.  I study mock drafts, read up on all the prospects, and...


With the first pick ... in the 2012 NFL Draft....the Indianapolis Colts select

Im a die hard colts fan and bleed blue...but that being said I'm ready to tank this season....lets face it,, when your constantly drafting at the end of the draft, eventually the talent level...


Irsay is at it again

While I don't believe him one bit...Irsay is playing on his twitter talking about  how he is traveling to Hattiesburg MS which of course we all know is Brett Farve land.  Sadly I would  welcome in...


Texans choose Joseph

  Well....Looks like the Texans decided on Joseph which means Jets will probably get Nnamdi...I think I like this more than Nnamdi going to the least we only see him now if we see them...


T wolves - PacersTrade

I'm in Cleveland on business and some guy from some draft website rumored on one of the local sport stations that the T wolves dont want to keep the 2nd pick and they may be flirting with the ideal...

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