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To Seth, from Phil: World Series Game 3

Thank you for the ticket and I wish Conor and I had found you after the end of the game. Next time you come to Arlington, connect with me here on LSB and I'll get you more beer. By the way, beer is...

Feldman and Kinsler


This is a few days old, but an article on Feldman from My favorite quote? "Feldman, a 6-foot-6″ right-hander sporting a positively rabbinic red beard, pitched one inning of no-hit relief in the 10th to earn the win. " My wife found this searching for "Feldman beard". /csb


Variance of the FIP Estimate

This is my first foray into anything resembling a significant amount of baseball data, so the following is a little messy and hard to read. The formatting for exponents did not come through right....


Is Feldman even worse than FIP suggested? // Is FIP Not Really Defense Indendant?

Before going further, I'd like to point out that Feldman is one of my favorite pitchers to watch in a long time, although this year has been painful because he clearly hasn't had the same movement,...


FIP Regression Question

If you postulate a linear model of: Earned Runs Allowed = A * HR + B * BB + C * K And fit an ordinary least-squares regression to that model using historical data from ~1965 to present (pick any...

Time to get excited!


We're not the only ones excited to see Smoak as a Ranger..


Feldman Projection Discussion

Feldman is my favorite pitcher -- I was psyched when he started starting in 2008, felt slighted when he was put in the bullpen to start '09, and was joyous upon him taking a starting role and...

Hamilton Day-to-Day with Groin Injury


That amazing leap into the wall? Well, he's day to day after that. Hopefully this isn't as bad as after the wall run-in at Toronto.

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