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$110 in the Mania bank
$50 from Oily, $40 from Pride, $20 from KG, $20 from Pablo

Owe $20 to the taint

My $100 against Wham Bam Gigolo's $50. I've got Cain over Werdum

User Blog

Mania TRT - Diss Tracks

It's Thursday and you know what that means, it's time for another shot of your TRT. Going back to the original format this week with some old school rap. This week should be enjoyed by all as we...


Mania TRT - A Shot for Shiv

So everyone knows that Shiv is now recovering from a botched sex change surgery. The doctor apparently made the initial incision for Shiv's new vagina a little too high and decided "fuck it, I...


Mania TRT - Special Formula

It's time for another shot of TRT, so hold out your arm and bite down on a leather belt. Unluckily for all of you, I'm not a doctor, so you never know what you're getting when I give you the shot....


Mania TRT - Banned by NSAC?

So, not sure what the fuck was going on earlier today, but I made three attempts at posting this shit without any luck. The preview showed that the videos were embedded, then when it posted it was...


Mania TRT - Second Shot

It’s time for Mania’s second shot of TRT. You can already see why Vitor suddenly started kicking people’s heads off once he started on the TRT, just look at what 1 shot did to Mania. We got...


World Cup Final

Any Maniacs watching the World Cup Final? I figured I would throw a quick thread together if anyone wanted to get in a bullshit about the game or anything else going on. Not sure how many words I...


Throwback Rap Thursday

It seems as if Mania has lost a step or two lately and I miss a lot of the guys that got me started posting here. We need to get this thing back to old school times where there was a large...



Looks like the US Airways Center in Phoenix will be hosting the first ever UFC card in AZ this December. Early reports say that it will be a UFC on Fox card on December 13th. I know there are...


FFT: UFC's 20th Anniversary Edition

Looks like I've been nominated for the FFT this week. I certainly can understand why as I am an award winning writer after my last fanpost! I know it is still Thursday most places, but it's Friday...


Drunkest Purchase Ever

I was going to do this as an FFT, but Plainview beat me to it. I think it is a funny story, so I'll share anyway. I was in New Orleans last weekend for a wedding and I saw what is the drunkest...


Gus vs. Bones

I just watched the fight again and I can't help to believe that the judge that called it 49-46 Bones is well within his right. I call it first round for Gus with his ring aggression and the...

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