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Were We All Wrong About Gabriel Landeskog?


Gabriel Landeskog was the "intangibles" pick last summer. Were we all wrong about that?

On The Changes In NHL Contracts, Part 1


Are the drastic overpays in UFA coming to an end?


Yet Another Reason Why Carrying 2 Enforcers Is Stupid

Teams that carry two enforcers are asking to lose.

A Defense Of Steve Tambellini and Kevin Lowe


Steve Tambellini is under siege by bloggers. Here's why they should give him another chance.


The Devils Just Might Be A Dominant Team Next Year

We've all seen the winning streaks the Devils have been putting together lately, but the one question on everyone's mind is, can the Devils do anything next year? Or will they just revert to being...

Devils sign LW Hoeffel, D Sova


I can't directly link - either way, good to see Hoeffel brought in, and this Sova fellow is interesting.


Why The Islanders Might Take Brian Rolston Off Our Hands

During my hockey-watching lifetime, I've usually pitied the Islanders.  They've not won a playoff round since I started seriously the following the game in the winter of 1995.  Yet it's hard not to...


This Season Summed Up In A Few Numbers

Ilya Kovalchuk's rank in on-ice even strength shooting percentage since 2007-08.  On-ice shooting percentage is of course, the percentage of shots that go in while a certain player is on the ice. 2...


A Study Of Rookie Goalies Vs. NJ Since The Lockout

Do the New Jersey Devils struggle against the backup or inexperienced goaltenders? User triumph44 looks at all of the games the Devils played against such goalies since the lockout to see whether that statement is valid or not.


An Analysis of Kovalchuk's ES Goals from Oct 2008 thru Jan 2010

Editor's Note: This kind of qualitative analysis is not only well done, but deserves to be on the front page. Ilya Kovalchuk has struggled scoring goals ever since coming to New Jersey.  His...


Rolston v Zubrus, and which one should go

There has been a longstanding debate at ILWT ever since Kovalchuk got signed for the first time in July - we've all narrowed down the possibilities and we have been saying that one of Brian Rolston...

Richard Park signs in Switzerland


Shame. He could've been a help in New Jersey.

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