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Who should be Louisville's ACC football rival(s)?

As it currently stands, Louisville's role in the ACC football schedule is simply that of a "replacement Maryland," which means for the foreseeable future the only team from the Coastal division...

Clint Hurtt hit with show-cause penalty


Coach Hurt has been slammed with a two-year show cause penalty, which all but guarantees he's coached his last game and courted his last recruit for Louisville.

Penn State deserves something worse than the NCAA death penalty


Penn State deserves worse than the death penalty. It shouldn't be given the easy out of shutting down football for year. Penn State should be forced to play football and lose.

Arkansas WRs, TE arrested for dorm burglaries


Razorbacks coach John L. Smith immediately and indefinitely suspended the three players in his first test of discipline since being hired to replace Bobby Petrino last month.


Brad Stephens is not the answer

First, I am of the same mind as Mike Rutherford as to Pitino being on the hot seat. We could lose every remaining game this year and Rick will still be back (barring his own decision to walk away)...

The "Charlie Strong is a candidate for X" campaign will begin with Ole Miss


Mid-tier SEC gig opens up, press has no credible sources for likely replacement, and Charlie's Louisville team just upset ranked WVU and is a legit Big East darkhorse. Yeah, we can expect the job speculation ANY MINUTE NOW.


The unlikely dominoes needed to push Louisville to the ACC

Let's be honest with ourselves: If the Big East as we knew it is off the table, the conference we wish we could land in is the ACC. That outcome is presently very unlikely, but there are a few...

Big East not sitting idle


"[T]he Big East ... has reached out to the Big 12 schools that could be left behind if the conference were to lose two members (Oklahoma and Oklahoma State) or four (the Oklahoma schools, Texas and Texas Tech), the source said. "The Big East would be willing to expand to 12 football-playing members and 20 for men's and women's basketball in order to stave off a potential raid from the SEC (West Virginia), the ACC (Syracuse and Connecticut) or even the Big Ten (Pitt or Rutgers), according to sources."


UK should invite Louisville to the SEC. No, seriously.

Sheer insanity. Up is down. Black is white. Michael Buble is acceptable football intro music. The Big East has a team in Texas. This is the bizarro dimension that has swallowed college athletics --...

It's official: Texas A&M leaving Big XII


ESPN: "Texas A&M has notified the Big 12 that it plans to apply for membership to a new conference, and if accepted, it will end its membership with the Big 12 on June 30, 2012."

Andre Drummond headed to UConn


To no one's surprise, Andre Drummond is headed to UConn.

Ryan Taylor still plans to be a Cardinal


Taylor said he still plans to play for the University of Louisville, even though the Cards have 18 players (counting walk-ons) on the roster for next season. (The number is 16 without Tim Henderson and Mark Jackson Jr. Odds are that Elisha Justice will return to non-scholarship status. Ditto for Chris Smith). ... Taylor said that if he makes the necessary ACT score he intends to join U of L next season. If he does not make the score, Taylor said that he plans to enroll at Hargrave Military Academy and then join the Cards in 2012.

Uconn coach calls Big East breakup 'inevitable'


UConn basketball coach Jim Calhoun admits he likely won’t be coaching when it happens, but he still sees it coming. And it can’t be stopped. Rapture? The end of the world? Not quite, but the end of the Big East Conference as we know it now.

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