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suck it spurs
Who’s the best team in the west now?……whats that……..still the spurs?……be we just beat them by………3-1 you say? ……..but thats not…..NEVER BEEN DONE? oh boy….well at least we didnt get swept….WAHOOOOO! !!!!!!!!!

by skott75 on May 13, 2014 | 12:20 AM reply rec flag

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  • NBA San Antonio Spurs
  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
  • NHL Dallas Stars
  • MLB Texas Rangers
  • NASCAR Ricky Bobby
  • MMA Pat Morita
  • Boxing Canelo Alvarez
  • Soccer MEXICO!!!
  • General Harlingen Cardinals
  • Golf Lorena Ochoa
  • FIFA Mexico
  • Cycling Me
  • Tennis The Hot ones!
  • EPL Who cares?
  • MLS No such thing!
  • Winter Olympics Jamaicans
  • Wrestling No such thing!
  • The Championship Spurs!
  • Figure Skating The Females
  • Summer Olympics Don't really care.
User Blog

Spurs vs Heat Finals: Pre-Series Links

The Spurs are rested, at home and extremely motivated. Here's your list of pre-Game 1 reading material.

Game Links: Spurs vs Thunder-Game 6

The Spurs corralled the Mavericks, cut off the Trail Blazers and laid down the Thunder. The battle tested Spurs go home and await the rematch.

Thunder at Spurs: Game 2 Links

"I believe that we have the maturity, the character and the experience to stay focused and not take this win to head." -- Danny Green

Game 5 Links: Trail Blazers at Spurs

The Blazers could not match their Game 4 intensity as they left it out on the floor in Portland. That proved to be problematic, since they were playing in San Antonio. Spurs win the series 4-1.

Game 3 Links: Spurs @ Trail Blazers

The Trail Blazers made a run in the second half, but it was handled like any other: Time out, Spurs run, Spurs dagger, win big, and walk off like nothing happened.

Spurs vs Trail Blazers Game Links: Game 1

Spurs. Blazers. Woodshed. You know the rest.

Game Links: Game 4 - Spurs at Mavericks

The rivalry had been fading, but it was "kick" started on a late Friday night. Spurs wake up and tie the series at 2-2.

Game Links: Game 2 - Mavericks at Spurs

The Mavericks evened the Series at one a piece. The Spurs head to Dallas with the intent of taking home court back.


Mount Rushmore Does Not Exist

In South Dakota, stands the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Now, this was never meant to symbolize the greatest presidents of this Nation’s history. Albeit, you can’t deny that they did pick...

Spurs Infographic: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Spurs

The Spurs didn't care much and the Lakers are Lottery bound. Bottom line: No one got hurt.

Spurs Infographic: Spurs vs Phoenix Suns


Spurs clinch home court, but it didn't come easy as Coach Popovich rested some players.

OGT: Spurs vs Mavericks/Suns


As the 8th Seed is still up in the air, the Spurs didn't give any of those three teams preferential treatment. Three up, three down. Home court advantage? Check!

Opponent Game Thread: Spurs vs Timberwolves


The Spurs went into Minnesota looking for the season sweep. Instead they were treated to cold weather and cold shooting.

Spurs Infographic: Spurs vs Timberwolves

Well, that escalated quickly. First, things in Mexico heated up and then the offense went cold in Minnesota. Plus, Ricky Rubio has a jump shot. Who knew?

Opponent Game Thread: Spurs vs Thunder


As the ... exuberance of the Thunder players grew, so did that of their fans. One thing to learn while behind enemy lines: every fanbase has their day. Congrats, OKC. Maybe we'll see you in the...

Spurs Infographic: Spurs at Thunder

So that's what a loss feels like, huh? Now that the streak is over, we can all focus on the playoffs to come. Plus, Coach Pop has something to harp upon, so there's that.

Opponent Game Thread: Spurs at Pacers


As we venture into enemy territory again, keep this in mind: It's not pretty over there.

Spurs Infographic: Spurs at Indiana Pacers

As the West's Irresistible Force met the East's Immovable Object, one thing was clear: Spurs win. As Dr. Brule would say, "Let's check it out."

Infographic: Sixers at Spurs

To no one's surprise, the Spurs continued their hot streak vs a struggling Sixers team. Plus, Jeff Goldner brings us some more Infographics.

Opponent Game Thread: Spurs vs Warriors


Operation: California Cleansing is complete and the Spurs come back with 3 wins and more counter-intelligence. Let's check out the enemy perspective.

Game Links: Spurs at Kings

It may not have been a pretty game, but the Spurs did their defense thing. The result? Their 12th straight win.

Opponent Game Thread: Jazz vs Spurs


Let's take a Jazzy ride behind enemy lines, shall we? Don't forget to wear green.

Game Links: Jazz at Spurs

The music did not start off as well as expected, but the Spurs eventually went on to finish the Jazz. Here are your game links from the matchup.

Opponent Game Thread: Spurs at Bulls


The Spurs and Bulls played on Tuesday, it's just that the Spurs didn't wait until 12 minutes after tip-off to get it going, like the home team did. Here's the response of the Chicago fans during...

Game Links: Spurs at Bulls

The Spurs hit the road and took on the gritty and tough Chicago Bulls. After sprinting out to a solid lead, the Spurs let the bench jog to the finish line.

Game Links: Mavericks at Spurs

The Spurs take out the Dallas Mavericks in a battle of epic proportions. OK, maybe not epic, but they are an In-State rival and currently a playoff team. That has to count for something, right?

Opponent Comments: Bobcats Edition


In honor of Military Appreciation Night, let's take a look behind enemy lines. The Spurs took no prisoners in the 4th Quarter and we even found Gary Neal.

Game Links: Spurs vs Pistons

So this is what a home game looks like. Welcome back Spurs. Here are your game links for Wednesday's matchup against the Pistons.

Opponent Comments: Pistons Edition

It's the second half of the season and there is plenty of Spurs talk to go around. Even behind enemy lines...take a look.

Game Links: Spurs at Blazers

Two up, Two down. Spurs take out the Blazers on the road, as the second half of the season continues.

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