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Pujols has knee surgery


Was I not paying attention or was the Angels organization really hush hush about the whole thing until now?

From the photographers point of view


I came across this article during my daily read of Reuters. Remember when Trumbo airmailed a throw from third base over the glove of Pujols and into the area of photographers? (I think his most recent error of spring training). This is a story from that photographer.

Trumbo's fracture is healed, can resume baseball activities


Now the experiment at third base can really begin. Good luck to you Mark

Trout's goal is to be on the roster opening day


Deep down Mike Trout knows he is better than Vernon Wells, he just won't say it. I hope he destroys spring training pitching.

Baseball America ranks the Angels top 10 prospects


This article is free but the chat and the scouting reports are for subscribers only. I wish the write up discussed Angels prospects instead of a summary of the Angels offseason. Another weird thing is that the projected 2015 lineup has Howie Kendrick playing right field.

It will be difficult to pry Andrew Friedman from the Rays


This article from the LA Times just gives a little update on the Angels current GM search.

Sick of GM speculation? Here are some Mike Trout Links


First link is a story summarizing his season. Nothing really new here. Here is a link about the Arizona Fall league: Trout playing in the AFL Who is the Angels priority prospect in the AFL? Segura? Conger? But he is not exactly tearing it up right now: AFL batting stats And another from his local paper with some quotes from the Angels veterans. Whats on deck Hopefully this has not been posted before.

Joe Posnnanski article on the worst contracts in baseball.


Obviously V. Wells is on the list. It is also interesting to see that the list contains a lot of players that: the Angels pursued, were clamored for by the fans, or both


The Darth Vader of GM choices.

With the current search for a new general manager many Angels fans are optimistic. But I was also optimistic when Tony Reagins was hired. At that time I realized Mike Scioscia may have...

5 Angels Pioneer League prospects in Baseball Americas top 20


The cupboard seems pretty bare when thinking about Angels prospects in the upper minors. But the next wave will be advancing before we know it. It is nice to see a good crop of position players in the Angels system. Hopefully this time we will hold on to our good left handed pitching prospect. (Tony - please stay away from our prospects)

A few tidbits by Saxon about Hunter


Saxon pretty much gives a few statistical reasons why Torii Hunter sucks. How many more games would we have won if Hunter actually was able to hit with runners on?

TIm Salmon ponders coaching.


I think it would be awesome if Tim Salmon became a coach. Image in 10 years if Salmon became a bench coach (and heir to Scioscia) with Percy as the pitching coach. I do think he would be valuable even as a roving instructor.

Santana trying to add a split finger fastball


Hopefully this develops into a good enough pitch to use consistently.

BA ranks Skaggs #2 and Corbin #9 in the D-backs system


I really wish we could have held on to Skaggs but overall I think the Dan Haren deal was a good one for both clubs.

See long term contracts may not be worth it!!!


This is an interesting article written by Jayson Stark of ESPN. There are a few good quotes from other front offices and it just helps put things in perspective.

Mandatory Mike Trout update.


Yet again super prospect Mike Trout decides to give us reason to be excited about the future. What if the Angels just said F-it, put him in LF, let the kid take his lumps in the batters box for a season and use the money to lock up Jared Weaver. I am just being unrealistic, but it is fun to pretend sometimes.


My opinion of what the Angels should do this off-season

My opinion of what the A...

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