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Born in Llano Estacado....grew up in Central Valley..... with family in Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington...lifelong Cowboy fan....lives in Fresno.... huge Lakers fan...second favorite team.....

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Staubach speaks on Romo; others decide we won't make the playoffs


Roger Staubach is like Uncle Phil on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air." When he talks, you listen. The Dodger makes a good point: Romo was right to let the finger heal. How does he know? Cause he's...

The Blame Game


No season goes according to plan. We didn't plan on winning 13 games last year and we didn't plan on missing the playoffs in 2005. There are unforeseen obstacles that arise and the team that best...

Good chance we'll see some gadget plays on Sunday


I think Nick Eatman is suggesting we might pull out some trickeration. A few gadget plays? Statute of Liberty anyone? Fumblerooski? Hook and lateral? Dude, I'm with it! Do it Red Baron! I think...

Halloween Edition: Top five scary Cowboy moments


In honor of Halloween, BTB presents the top-5 scary moments for the Cowboys.

Is Jason Garrett to blame for our offensive struggles?


Jason Garrett, the Cowboys offensive coordinator, is taking heat in some circles about his play-calling.

My inner-obnoxious fan will come out if we win


I've got nothing fellas. Our QB is struggling. Our secondary is riddled with injuries. We're playing on the road. We're playing one of the hottest teams in the league. There is no reason for...

Not responding well to adversity


Adversity has knocked on our doorstep several times in the past few years. I'm troubled by our response. Follow me as I recap the greatest hits of our lowest moments. You know the drill. Last...

Wade Phillips Press Conference: 10/22/08


Wade Phillips press conference for 10/22/08.

Pressuring the QB can save our season


Bear with me guys. It's going to take me awhile to get to the point. I'm dazed and confused right now about the prospect of our season. So let me just start with something that's been on my mind...

DeMarcus Ware poised to make history


I think in the middle of Romo's Pinkiegate, Roy Williams' acquistion and Pacman's suspension, we forgot somebody. DeMarcus Ware. He's about to make history. According to my calculations, he's...

Romo informs team he's ready to play Sunday


Seems like Tony Romo isn't done yet. According to several sources, Romo has informed coaches that he plans to play Sunday against the St. Louis Rams. Romo did not practice on Wednesday but did...

Wade Phillips Press Conference: 10/15/08


Seems like the news is that Roy Williams (RW1) is scheduled to play and start Sunday. Pat Watkins should play. KD and Tank are nicked up. And Roy Williams (RW2) is scheduled to play. Romo threw...

Accentuate the positive


It's been a furious time to be a Cowboy fan. As I was telling Brandon W, my emotions have ranged from depression to shock to jubilation. We've got baseball playoffs going on and a young hockey...


Gestapo Goodell strikes again: what it means

Gestapo Goodell strikes again. JJT guessed the suspension would be one-game and $40,000. Boy was he wrong. Today the NFL suspended Adam Jones for a minimum of four games. The NFL.com story is h...

Felix Jones likely out two weeks; McBriar out 6-8 weeks


And the parade of bad news continues. I've checked around many sources (DMN, Star-Telegram, ESPN, etc.) and DC.com is the only organization reporting this story. Still, I trust Spags. Felix Jones...

Jenkins and Scandrick: The duo you need to know


In case your wondering, I'm still concerned about our secondary. Fortunately we had a backup plan going into the draft and now that plan needs to pay dividends. Rookies Mike Jenkins and Orlando...

Dallas Cowboys: Secondary unit in crisis


I'm going to be honest. I've got a bad feeling about Sunday's game. I think we're going to win. Don't get me wrong. But I'm concerned about our secondary. Suddenly what seemed like a deep,...

Appreciation in the face of disappointment


Quick story. You ever go to your favorite restaurant and order your favorite dish? You're anticipating savoring every bite only to realize that something was wrong. Maybe the sauce was a little...

Cowboys need Killer to show up on Sunday


Again, we turn to an old friend. K.D. Killer. Keith Davis. Now that the injury bug has bit our safety position, Davis will more than likely start Sunday against the Bengals. Roy Williams is...

Chad Johnson predicts big day against Cowboy secondary


Ocho Cinco, or as he's called in fantasy football circles, "Ocho Stinko," is trying to get the townsfolk riled up. You're gonna put on a show, huh? "I don't have a choice. I don't have a choice,"...

The T.O. Tsunami Re-Run


Here it comes. The T.O. tsunami. The story almost writes itself. There are certain things that are politically risky for a sportswriter or pundit to do. Challenge the strategy of Tony Dungy. Q...

Clinton Portis: The man that makes the machine go


Clinton Portis gives us fits at FedEx Field but not so much in Texas Stadium. He hasn't gained more than 52 yards in Dallas as a Redskin while he's never had less than 84 yards in Washington. Greg...

Everybody loves our running attack; Bradie James not quite Pro Bowl material


NFL.com video preview of our upcoming matchup with the Redskins. Apparently, Washington is in the top five in the league in calling blitzes and Jason Campbell has a QB rating of more than 107.0 in...

Jason Campbell needs to be a marked man


Ok. We're good. I mean really good. But our division is good too. And others are starting to peg the NFC East as the "best division in football." We've got the Super Bowl Champs, the resurgent...

Dallas Cowboys at Lambeau Field: The Big Payback


Gentlemen. We owe them one. It's been well-documented that we are 0-5 on the FROZEN TUNDRA OF LAM-BEAU FIELD. And to be honest, throughout the years, it's really never been close. The average...

Dallas Cowboys: A dirty team?


Last year, Brett Favre was in the middle of a butt-kickin'. It was beautiful. I was sitting at a bar near downtown Sacramento. Your normal everyday dive bar. Rednecks, college guys, working guys,...

Patrick Watkins: A chance to earn some respect


Pat Watkins gets no respect. So much so, I can't tell if there's a picture of Keith Davis on his Wikipedia page. I mean, it looks like Pat. He has his number. He looks tall like him. But is it...

Jason Witten: Assaulting the record books and raising expectations


With six minutes to go, facing a three-point deficit, I was just hoping for a big play. I should've known who Romo would be looking for. He had just separated his shoulder before halftime. He...

Marcus Spears: Will he turn the corner this year?


Marcus Spears gets a lot of grief on this site. He deserves it. He was a high draft pick with expectations of greatness -- or at least productivity. He has not been either. That being said, I've...

Procter gets his second start; Austin looks good in practice


Looks like Wade Phillips looked at Cory Procter's performance Sunday and said, "That was cool. Let's try that again." He'll get the start again Monday says the DMN Blog. The performance Sunday...

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