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I started watching football in '72. At 8 years young, I saw all of those games.
Larry Little is king. I started playing baseball (well, trying to) before that. It was obvious that I'd be an outfielder because I ran into fences. Earl the Pearl is (was) the Man!

Baltimore Orioles and Miami Dolphins. Period.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Baltimore Orioles
  • NFL Miami Dolphins
  • General USA Badminton!
  • Fantasy The 50 Shades of Flipper
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Tunaflipper’s Muck Draft, Part Two: The Rosster Plan

Stephen Ross is no dummy (choose your adjective), he does not invest for immediate results. Fools do that -see Snyder, xx, xx. He’s made his cash cow over the long term. As I (properly)...

Tunaflipper's Muck Draft

  1. st round: trade for a 1st and 2nd 2013 pick
  2. nd round: trade for a 2nd and 3rd 2013 pick
  3. rd round: trade for a 3rd and 4th 2013 pick
  4. th round: trade for a 5th and 6th 2013 pick
  5. th round: do you not yet get my point?

"It's going to be an open competition"

"I've told both guys that. We're very clear about that." Umm, Coach Joe? Don't we have three qb's?


Announcing the Token for Weeden Bandwagon!

Yes, Tunaflipper is on the rails. So it's really gonna be a train.


A Tribute to a Fanshot

MainePhinFan's "Henne to the Jet's," Fanshot deserves clarification. May this be it. Elton John and Bernie Taupin wrote a great song. Go listen to it.

Greg Cote. YOU are a Moron.

Seriously! Do you work for the Jets? Do you speculate in Dolphin futures? Are you a commie? Did someone hit you in the face with a football when you were a puppy? Are you normal?

More From the CFL? Jerome Messam

"He became the first non-import player to record over 1000 yards rushing in a season since Sean Millington accomplished the same feat in 2000. Messam was named the Outstanding Canadian in the months of July and October and was named the CFL's Most Outstanding Canadian at the end of the regular season"

CP10's a Class Act

And he's got a better insight than us.

The QB Market and Tuck's Miami List

Kinda funny -except we really DO need one. Well, at least Weedon got a rub off...

Short Read About Ireland

I really didn't care for Fisher but I do care for the next guy that the Phins hire. You listening Ireland?

Coaches? QB's? Nah! More Jets Love!

I love it! You love it! We all love it!

I Love this Kinda Story!

Sure there's a bit of AP copy/paste. But with good writing, this Canuck words it well. Read the whole article, if you will.

Why the NFL Makes Me Wanna Puke.

Seriously? You have got to be kidding! The biggest single event money maker in an 8 billion dollar business?! I suppose Roger & co need to replace that $1 a year salary they so valiantly gave up.


Just a Thought on Fines

Where does all that fine money the NFL takes from players & coaches go? Charites? Bonuses? Ret. player fund? Are they tax deductable?

Carey's Ankle

Love him or hate him, this doesn't bode well. Anyone have an update?


Is Tunaflipper a FF Marshall Homer?

Here I go again. Starting Marshall expecting him the break out. I'm first in my Div and I got no idea what receiver to start. B Banks and his p/k return potential? Laurent Robinson against the...

San Diego ran four plays in the fourth quarter — four! — and two of those were...

San Diego ran four plays in the fourth quarter — four! — and two of those were intercepted passes. Isn't Rivers one a them, ah, franchise QB's? He's got 17 pics, so far. Next week he gets to see some of Denver's Teboics, first hand. You know, the face of a new franchiser...


For You Losers for Luck; Just Go with Panning for Manning

So after a win. An oh so needed, glorious victory, the Luck majority comes out and is sad. Some thinly try to they’re glad and it shows as there’s always a “but” driving home the true...


I'm really sure Beli hates Coughlin.

And the Pats fall!


Bush League Fantasy Football Question.

Sooo, I gotta start Michael Bush vs Den. After that, Tolbert's (SD) starting vs GB. His stats don't fill me up with optimism but my choices are Kendall Hunter (SF) who is not starting vs Was. He's...

All 22: The NFL Tape You'll Never See

Pretty interesting. Kinda like a Holy Grail for fans.

Do Diligence. Why Did We Sign Sage?

A blood disorder sent Rosenfels to the hospital in August, and he said in a statement that he hasn't fully recovered.

"Every football equation tells you to go for two in that situation."

"Every football equation tells you to go for two in that situation."

http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/10/23/2468945/miami-dolphins-pass-rush-comes.html That's just it Tony. Football is more than a numbers game. Who cares how many snaps a player took in practice. Who cares if a player fits your metric. Quit playing by numbers! Ya gotta have heart. And that's not measured in numbers.

You Can't Argue with a Sick Mind

Talking to the S4L's is like talking politics or religion


Suck for Luck is GREAT for the Kids!

So as the suck for luck mob gets bigger and bigger has anyone given any thought about the message it sends to kids? I read a post from one here who was firmly sold on the idea. He’s 16 years...

More Fuel on the Fire

Tebow the Great might be the End for Sparano?

I'm first on the block! Yup! That's right! Look at me! Thanks Zero13! And you got it to in time...

I'm first on the block! Yup! That's right! Look at me! Thanks Zero13! And you got it to in time for the Jets game! HA!

From Beast to Monster?

We'll see how BM "steps it up." Gotta agree with the 'tude, just need to see it in the play.

Dolphins Are Disgusted

Yeah. Read this all you Luck idol worshippers. This might sum it up: "That shit sound stupid as fuck," Miami cornerback Will Allen said on Wednesday. "People’s jobs are on the line."

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