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Grand Admiral of the Suns Fleet, aboard the flagship Thunder Dan. Leading a never ending crusade against the evil empires of the Lakers and Sterns.

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User Blog

D-backs 0 Giants 5: Beercap of Unending Tommy John


Will any of our pitchers survive this nightmare?!??!?!

Beercap Yarr!! D-backs...not yar. Lose 1-5 to PIT


There be losing in this post, yarrrrrrrrrr

BeerBQcap: Dbacks 1, Cleveland 6


BBQ and Beer with EdBiggHead

A Full Metal Beercap: Dbacks 4 Giants 1


Welcome, to the most metal recap ever!!!!!!!!!

D-backs 4, Reds 6: Beer Cap. With Special Guest!!


Beercap, now with two times the beer. Turambar and EdBiggHead. UNITE!!!

D-backs 3 Padres 4: Beer Cap Time!!!!!!!


Huzzah, I get two beer caps this week!!!!!



Poor Turambar had to go in a bar to wait out the rain delay. And he'll have to go back to a bar on Sunday to recap the rescheduled game. Here's his (truncated) report on tonight's wetness.

D-backs 2, Padres 0: All the beer, and all the win


Probably should have written an article about San Diego beer. They have an ungodly amount of breweries in that city. Stone Brewing, Ballast Point, Pizza Port, Mission, Green Flash, Iron Fish, Port...

Diamondbacks 5, Phillies 6:More beer + more recaps


Black IPA's are one of my favorite styles: big hop and big malt meet as one. Apparently this style was a mistake; some junior brewer added roasted barley to a batch made for an IPA. Thus the...

Dodgers 6 D-backs 0: Well, that was kinda fun...


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the first Beer by Beer recap of a game. Behold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rocky Mountain Ale


Beer, all the beer

Aussie Beer Time


Aussies, like us, also enjoy that beautiful concoction of barley, hops and water. So think of this as a brief and mostly uninformed primer on Australia's Suds.

D-backs 0, A's 2: Recap of Epic Awesome


Goldy posting up 15 hr's in one game? Yup, just as I had foreseen. OK, that above line item never happened, but when "watching" a game through MLB At Bat exaggerations can be expected. Especially...

Fang Food: Canned Beer Revolution!!!!!


Yes, after several weeks of business trips and one beercation, I have returned.

Fang Food: Growlers


Because even beer can be take-out, and getting beer to-go is awesome.

Fang Food: Beer Traveler


Because normal vacations leave out so much beer.

Fang Food: Brewers Crack (not really crack)


Some beer geeks like the extreme when it comes to beer. Some of those same geeks like to push the envelope even more.

Fang Food: The Pit's Pint


Like baseball, beer is an ancient and time honored thing, and with baseball, having a beer is a must. We extend the 'Fang Food' series, as Turambar joins the team to discuss its foamy goodness.


Game 2 Viewing

Yes I know it's a bit late in the game, but if anyone would like to join me I'll be Papago Brewing Co (McDowell & Scottsdale) at 2pm to watch the game.  For those of you who don't know me I'll be...


Bright Side Night: March 18th

Mark your calendars fellow Suns fans, we're going to have ourselves a Bright Side of the Sun Night!!!! Well actually we're going to piggyback off of the event will be hosting that...



Ok guys we do need more recruits for the fantasy league.  As it stands we have five teams.  Five though, just aint gonna cut it.  Eight, ten or twelve though....that would be far better. I beg you...


Let There be Fantasy League!!!!

Gentlemen, like my previous post on this topic I once again ask you if you want to partake in the joy of fantasy basketball? Yet unlike my last post I urge all of you to voice your opinion on this...


Fantasy Basketball Anyone?

As perhaps a few of you recall several of us Brightside members did join a yahoo fantasy bball league last season.  I have to say that despite my inexperience in the realm of fantasy basketball,...

The Dbacks season illustrated by the life of Private Hudson. Positive and cocky at first, only...


The Dbacks season illustrated by the life of Private Hudson. Positive and cocky at first, only to spiral towards dark doom in the end.


Matt Barnes a Sun

Ed note: You spend 5 hours in the car and look what happens...I am bumping this up and also editing the post down to a quick quote and link to the EV Trib...-P Stan I just found this out through...


Summer League Much?

ed note: Bumping up to the front page as our unofficial Summer League game thread. -TS Kinda surprised that no one has a post going for the Suns first summer league game against the Rockets.  Of...


Firefox 3 problem

I was just wondering if any of you guys have been experiencing login problems with the new Firefox like I have.  I'm having to use Safari now to login.   Anyhow if any of you guys know what to do...

And now for something completely different.


And now for something completely different.


The Death of an Era

Well there will be no fairy tale ending for the Suns this year.  The dark clouds of despair have moved in over Suns land and so they shall stay until hope once again blossoms.  I very much fear...


Start Diaw? Yes or No

Well it seems to me that besides the Suns finally playing like they should, having Diaw start was huge.  Not only does that make the starting five bigger,  it also adds another fabulous passer as...

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