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Been a fan since 1992 when Pierre Turgeon was a part of the team. Have a puck autographed by Turgeon, Vukota and Green. Someone told me the puck is worth very little because of those two extra names, but it's worth everything to me.

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  • NFL New York Giants
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Arthur Staple ‏@StapeNewsday 18m Team will use compliance buyout for DiPietro -- $1.5 million owed for next 16 seasons will not count against cap.


NHL Cancels Season Through November 30


Slightly over 25% of the season has already been cancelled. When they craft a new CBA it better be for longer than 7 years because this is getting fucking ridiculous. If these two babies would have began this process with honest discussions and started the process during the summer, then fans wouldn't have to suffer through cancellations. Oh, but they are trying to do this for the fans. Fuck you all. Here are some of Bill Daly's bullshit comments about this latest cancellations. "We acknowledge and accept that there is joint responsibility in collective bargaining and, though we are profoundly disappointed that a new agreement has not been attained to this point, we remain committed to achieving an agreement that is fair for the Players and the Clubs -- one that will be good for the game and our fans." Fuck you. I hope both sides remember these cancellations when the revenues drop significantly due to decreased casual fan support. Don't go raising ticket prices and blaming us for your dickshit actions. Link: http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=644322

Penn State punishment


I normally don't care what goes on with college football. I think the NCAA is a group of crooks who use kids to line their pockets without any share of the profit. But I applaud the NCAA for the punishment they handed down on Penn State. -$60 mil fine -four year postseason ban (Big Ten handed this down) -five year probation -four year sports scholarship reduction The erasing of previous wins doesn't matter to me since they happened regardless of what your record books might say. I love that the NCAA eviscerated this program that was complicit in hiding a child rapist for 13 years. In four years, I say bygones are bygones. The NCAA considered the option of banning the football program permanently.

Visiting Players May Know Little of Long Island...


but a little knowledge has influenced players to sign here. We aren't actually the joke the media sometimes wants us to be. Some quotes: Weight--"You’d be surprised how little I knew," Weight said. "When I played with the Rangers, I was just outside the city and most of my affairs were in the city. I knew what everyone else knew. I stayed in the hotel and I went and played the game, and generally we were right out after the game, so I didn’t know much about the Island." Not long after signing with the Islanders that summer, Weight, along with his wife and three kids, fell in love with the area. "Shortly after coming here, I realized that there was a lot more to the Island than just the middle of it," Weight said. "Where we live on the north shore, there are so many family-owned businesses and restaurants. Everything you need to do, you can do within your little one or two towns that you live near. I love the feel of the north shore. It’s just a great place. And to have the city of New York, Manhattan, which I love going into, just 35 minutes away – it’s pretty exceptional." Nabokov--"The family was enjoying their time here," Nabokov said. "The kids liked it, so it was a pretty easy decision. When I signed the extension, I did so because the Islanders organization is headed in the right direction and I feel like I can help." For Nabokov, moving his family 3,000 miles from San Jose was a big step, and he had to make sure it was the right decision for everyone. "When you have kids, the most important question is always, ‘How are the schools there and what can the kids do around the area," Nabokov said. "It’s been great. The schools have been great. We’ve driven to New York and enjoyed ourselves out there." **** I just wanted to share this article because sometimes we forget why guys sign here.



As gimmicky as it could sound, I would love the Isles to sign Hasek for one season. Two-way deal, minimal cap hit, play him as a backup, and grab some positive press (or more laughs for signing a 47-year-old goalie). It would be cool. Thoughts?

Shanaban throws a Chris Simon at Raffi Torres


Must have been easy tossing Torres for 25 since he's a third tier player, but at least something was done on this check. I have one beef with the NHL's explanation of feet leaving the ice on hits. They like to point out that some players leap first and others (they claim) leave their feet due to contact with the other player. I call bullshit. Anytime a player leaves his feet (both feet) it is because he has launched himself. Sometimes a player launches from farther so it appears like he leaps. Players don't make contact and magic makes them climb up each other. I acknowledge that a hit might put a player on one foot to balance after smashing into someone else. I also acknowledge that a player might hit so hard that both leave their feet to fall.

My World Is Exploding


Milbury makes some moronic comments about Crosby's play, and Crosby calls him on his shit. I don't know what to think. I hate the both of them for exactly the reasons each of them state, but I respect that they both called each other out. I feel dirty.

This isn't Islander related...


but at least New Yorkers will have 1 championship to root for. Giants go to the Super Bowl. 2008 all over again!

Mika Zibanejad scores the game-winning goal for the Swedish team to bring Sweden its first gold in...


Mika Zibanejad scores the game-winning goal for the Swedish team to bring Sweden its first gold in 30 years! What a nail-biter of a game. The Russian goal (Makarov) faced 57 or 58 shots while his team put up only 17. That goalie deserves a ton of credit for getting his team deep into OT before giving up a goal. On an Islander note: Sundstrom was Zibanejad's linemate for most of OT until right before the goal. I'm not necessarily a fan of the Swedish team (love the chef, though), but I was excited when they won. Fantastic hockey game.

Brooks' latest article.


Some interesting points. *About re-alignment *About the 10-year deal with NBC *Apparently, in the next CBA owners are going to argue for 5-year limits on contracts.... which might be retroactive.... which Brooks' says you can excuse the Devils for arguing for that.. fuck that. The Devils should have to live with their 15-year mistake. *Also, Brooks' mentions that with the 10-year deal, the Flyers must be happy... and curiously, the Flyers are in their second Winter Classic in 3 years, but remember the Penguins had 2 in 4 years. It's not that odd since NBC only promotes a 7 team league.

Because I can't stand the Penguins.


Seems to me that Byslma buys the golden team status. Quote from article: "We're talking about a player that bumped into our goalie three times," Bylsma said. "With the score 5-1 and intentionally going into our goalie, he can expect more than Sidney Crosby coming at him and talking to him during the game. That's how we feel about those situations. He was in our net falling over our goalie, and I don't think there was any question about the intent." So, when other teams run the goalie they can expect retaliation, but when the Penguins run the goalie..... fuck that whole team.

Billy Smith apparently helped Kerry Fraser's latest blog post


From the emails sent to Fraser, I found this sentence the funniest: I think if any suspension was warranted in the Lucic-Miller incident it's that it would be Ryan Miller who should have received one. (Homerism at its best?) Billy Smith's responses are as one would expect. Lucic wouldn't have skated away from that incident if Smitty was in net.

Something to cheer up Islander fans

Mike Milbury - He recently argued that any attempt to reduce hockey violence will ruin the sport forever. Oh wait, sorry, that's the other kind of broken record. ************* I thought in the wake of the Islanders pitiful play against the Lightning, this might cheer up any Islander fan, especially those who hate Mike MIlbury (but I repeat myself).

I guess the injuries were too much.


He was still young enough to have a productive career.


LHH Mock Draft: Phoenix Coyotes pick #20

The Phoenix Coyotes have the privilege of the 20th selection after a second successful season of making the playoffs. We here in the Coyotes' office are excited for next season (we wish some...

Never question the passion for hockey in ANY Canadian city.


5,000+ tickets sold in 4 minutes, officially processed in 17. Incredible proof that hockey belongs in Canada.

Speaking of Cizikas


Looks like he was denied once again from championship glory. Sea Dogs won the memorial cup. Huberdeau was named MVP.

Isle's actually getting some love on NHL.com


Nice to see 2 of the Isles most impressive playoff series got nods as part of this article. You can't argue with history.

10 more years of Pens/Caps game of the week.


If the NHL uses NBC to promote a whole bunch of markets, then this could be quite lucrative for the entire league. Of course, this could also mean 10 more years of Pens/Caps, Wings/Hawks, Flyers/Rags... and I believe those are the only 6 teams in the NHL...

Is the NHL finally cracking down on hits from behind?


Doubtful. I'm sure they want to see the Sharks progress. It's a shame since Stoll's hit is really similar to Nielsen's, except that Gaborik is important.

Play by Gillies to be reviewed for supplemental discipline!?!?


Is this a joke by the league?! The guy isn't even allowed to skate without getting suspended....

A Bruin Suspended?!


Not to beat the dead horse, but be assured that now that a major star in the league has committed an illegal hit and escaped punishment, the league is cracking down on hits to the head. Phew, I feel better about the game already. Oh yeah, Dany Heatley was suspended as well. Heatley's suspension.

Isles release iPhone app.


I downloaded this and I absolutely love it. I hope more fans give this idea from the Isles a try. I'm surprised that I haven't seen anything in the media mocking the Isles (just so next season all teams can do it to the praise of the media).

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