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  • MMA BJ Penn, Condit, Lawler, Frankie Edgar.
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George Zimmerman found Not Guilty

MMA FIGHTER FOUND NOT GUILTY! lol...I figured why not copy from all the other newspapers and put a ridiculous spin on the headline. So, the trial that captured North America is over. Everyone...


Ultimate Poll: Do you want to see more WWE articles?

I'm a fightfan and have been for a long time, and this is an MMA site from what I understand. Because we're all pretty much sports fan, I dont mind when the writers sometimes do a special piece on...


Good Friday Fun Thread: Yoga Pants Edition!

Happy Good Friday to the Christian folks out there, and happy day-off to everyone else. As everyone should already know by now, every Friday is a special day here at Mania. We celebrate the end of...


Mania Money Pool 5: UFC 137 Results

UFC 137 brought two of the most popular fighters together for an old-school fan's dream match.  Both fighters took it to eachother from the beginning with BJ landing solid counters early on...


Mania Money Pool 5: UFC 136 Results

Frankie Edgar is the epitome of pure heart. I don't remember the last time I've looked forward to a main event like this.  Sure, there's been plenty of other rivalries...pretty much every PPV...


Mania Money Pool 5: UFC 135 Results

This kid's not just the future...he's the present...and Rampage learned that the hard way. Rampage claimed to be in the best shape of his life going into this fight.  Now, I don't know if that's...


Mania Money Pool 5: Battle on the Bayou Results

Welcome Maniacs to the 5th Season of the Mania Money Pool!   Last season saw Agar, a lurker, take top prize in impressive fashion by taking an early lead with two top 5 performances to start the...


Mania Money Pool 5: Last week to sign up!

Goooood Morning Maaniacs!!   This upcoming Saturday's card, UFC Live: Shields vs. Ellenberger, marks the first event of our biggest baddest 10-event 5th Season of Mania's Money Pool. Last season...


Mania Money Pool 4: UFC 133 Results

 What ring rust? After a 15-month layoff, Suga returned to the ring last night lookin pretty damn good, pounding out the former Champ to a 2nd round TKO victory.  Ortiz took this fight on short...


Mania Money Pool 4: UFC 132 Results

Don't call it a comeback! Facing what was sure to be his final opponent in the Octagon, Tito not only beat Ryan Bader, he choked him out in the first round!  Wow.  As much as I dislike Tito, I...


Mania Money Pool 4: UFC LIVE Kongo vs. Barry Results

 With a last minute change to the main event, Dana & Co. brought a televised event to the City of Pittsburgh.  As everyone found out yesterday, Nate "the not so Great" Marquardt failed his medical...


Mania Money Pool 4: UFC 131 Results

Just Two_Good. The UFC rolled into Van City last night with a less-than-stellar card on paper, but proved you can't always judge a book by its cover.  The talent pool is deep and you can't...


Mania Money Pool 4: TUF 13 Finale Results

 Before we get started, just a few announcements...  First off, former member Kev was the "bank" of our funds for the previous season.  He coulda easily taken that cash and walked away.  But he...


Mania Money Pool 4: UFC 130 Results

 Wow, this pool has blown up!  A year ago we had about 10 people, now there's over 50!  Good work to Kevin and Jay for getting this thing started last year and keeping up with it.  And especially...


Poll: Who will be the first fighter to wear a Maple Leafs jersey to the Octagon?

via cdn1.sbnation.com As everyone knows Hockey is Religion north of the border.  So, it's not surprising to think that a fighter will use that popularity to get 55,000 crazed fans to lean on his...


Fans Interview Fighters 8: Mark Bocek Edition

via cdn-w.mmabay.co.uk Canadian Jiu-Jitsu expert and UFC lightweight contender Mark Bocek has the toughest fight of his career ahead of him next week against former WEC champ Ben Henderson. ...


Fans Interview Fighters VIII: Mark Bocek. Submit your questions!

via mmaalliance.ca   So, here it is Maniacs, Fans Interview Fighters has caught up with the UFC Lightweight contender and jiu-jitsu phenom Mark Bocek.   Mark is currently in the...


Poll: The 2010 Sherdog Awards - Upset of the Year

via www.virginmedia.com Part 2 of the "Sherdog Awards" brings you the Upset of the Year.  What makes this sport so amazing is the fact that you never know whats going to happen when 2 men step...


Poll: The 2010 Sherdog Awards - Beatdown of the Year

via static.reelmovienews.com  I know DB22 is doin his 2010 Awards that include alot of the popular awards (best fighter, best ko, etc) but Sherdog will be releasing their year-end awards soon...


Curious Poll: Where in the World are Maniacs from?

via www.salgoodsam.com Fighting is an international language, an art form that has no borders.  I understand why Dana says this sport will be the biggest sport in the world oneday.  I'm not sure...


Poll: Worst UFC judges decisions

via www.mmaactionfigures.com From Cecil Peoples to Douglas Crosby, MMA has been plagued with inconsistent judging from the onset of the new rules.  In my opinion, the reason for this is because...


Poll: Pulling off the upset? Toney or Sonnen.

via www.babble.com One of the beauties of MMA is that its so unpredictable, anything can happen.  Serra finishing GSP, CroCop getting knocked out by Gonzaga, BJ losing to Edgar, and Fedor...


Tito Ortiz on Werdum-Fedor: "I knew he was going to beat him..."

via slam.canoe.ca Mr. Cracked Skull goes on to show very little respect to the Emperor:  "I just felt that once Fedor fought someone with great talent, he would finally get his loss. You...


Poll: 50-45? Judge Douglas Crosby posts on underground MMA board

via www.fcfighter.com Douglas Crosby and Phil Baroni.  Why am I not surprised? So, this is the judge who gave Frankie Edgar all 5 rounds in a fight that should've gone Penn's way.  I'm really...


Video: Demian Maia's Insult

*Insult @ 3:31 min Anderson Silva stated that he was disrespected by Demian Maia's pre-fight comments.  He said he's always respected all of his opponents, and was insulted by Maia's comments...


Poll: UFC 111 - Fight of the Night

via assets.sbnation.com So last nights event left me less than impressed.  GSP dominated Hardy in a ground battle - definately not FOTN worthy.  Fitch did the same thing to Saunders.  Carwin and...


Poll: Who's Next for Bones?

via mmaggregate.files.wordpress.com There it is!  Another notch on the Bones belt.  Jones dispatches Vera in the first via a viscious elbow that most likely broke his orbital.  This is was...


Poll: Who has the best boxing in MMA?

via www.usageorge.com This will hopefully put to rest some debate from earlier today on who is the best boxer in MMA.  This would be who has the best boxing, not who would win in a boxing...


MMA : What Grinds Your Gears?

via singitdontsayit.files.wordpress.com   Since most of us love this sport so much, we also like to criticize the little things we dislike about it.  I find myself clenching my teeth when...

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