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no longer 34 years old, but still a fan for life!

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junk drawer 9/7 I got funk in the junk

            Labor day? The irony of the term is so compelling. If nobody's working why do they give it a name synonymous with work? We may never know the answer to this perplexing, and esoteric...


8/15 Junk Drawer-It's summer whatcha doin?

      So normally by this time in summer, I would have already gone on a couple of fishing trips, gone camping a few times and had some serious BBQ under my belt. But since THIS year I have to go...

check out this trade


Just shows the distorted values we used to have. My nightmares are made of this!


Bad luck with foreign players???

Now I'm not suggesting anything xenophobic here, but I got thinking today... We have a horrible track record with foreign players, in fact I can't think of one foreign player that has not had some...


The Bald Faced Truth.... Really???!!!!!

          So I as many people in this wonderful city of ours today was reminded that today, June 5th is the 32nd anniversary of the Portland Trail Blazers sole championship title, by one 95.5 the...


A little perspective on a great season

           So we have found ourselves here. Where you may ask? Here, in the postseason. It seems funny. I didn't expect it to be here yet. When I woke up this morning I felt good. It didn't feel...


Why I love this team, and so much more

         So I just want to start off by saying once again that I am not a stats guy. So if you are looking for a statistical breakdown of the upcoming playoffs this is not the post for you. I would...


An observational analysis of the GO situation, and why we shouldn't worry and be happy about our team.

 So there has been an awful lot of talk about Greg Oden's current injury in the media and on the message boards lately. I wanted to talk a little about my opinion that most of the comments about...


An open letter to the eastern conference

               So sad, that you have decided to manipulate the system like this. Although it has not been reported I wonder if Mr. Ainge knew that the preseason would count against the ten games...


So I've been looking around the net and Idk...No love?

It doesn't seem like the blowout lastnight is really getting a lot of attention. I saw an article about Boston blowing out Detroit, but wasn't the game lastnight the largest win margin of the year...


Is Greg Oden better off coming off the bench?

          Obviously last night was rough. After waiting six months for the season to start and waiting a year and a half for Oden to play, no Blazer fan could say that they weren't disappointed. I...


Oden nicknames?

I was just wondering if Oden has been given an official nickname yet. I was thinking a good one might be the "Headmaster" because he's gonna take all the nba kids to school. I think it would also...

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