Tyler Ricky Tynes

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Covers college basketball for and the always surprising Villanova Wildcats over at VU Hoops.

Previous Experience: ESPN, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Huffington Post, Dunkin Donuts

Current Experience: Dime Magazine, SB Nation, the Citizen's Voice (PA), the Sporting News, the Barbershop

Born: North Philthadelphia

Reside: Slowly floating somewhere in Pennsylvania

Recruited: by no one

Claim to fame: winning a poll for "Best High Top Fade" over former Kentucky Wildcat, Nerlens Noel

Yearly Halloween Costume: Either Fresh Prince or Bill Cosby, college girls figure it out eventually

Believes in: Double Technicals, Backpack rapping and J.R. Smith Hall-Of-Fame Ballots

Size: 8.5

King's College Class of 2015

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Philadelphia Phillies
  • NBA Philadelphia 76ers
  • NFL Philadelphia Eagles
  • NCAAB Temple Owls
  • NHL Philadelphia Flyers
  • NCAAF Oregon Ducks
  • MMA John Jones
  • Boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr.
  • Golf Is Tiger Woods still a thing?
  • NASCAR Jimmy Johnson
  • Soccer USA
  • Tennis Serena Williams
  • Bundesliga What?
  • FIFA England
  • EPL Manchester United
  • MLS Philly Union
  • General Arsenal
  • Cycling Is Lance Armstrong still an answer?
  • Serie A Que?
  • La Liga Huh?
  • Winter Olympics Jamaican curling team
  • Figure Skating Jamaican skating team
  • Wrestling Whatever CM Punk is doing
  • Summer Olympics 'Merica
  • The Championship What are these questions?
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