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MLB likes being wrong


MLB has declined to expand instant replay at all this offseason. This is slightly surprising considering the high profile missed calls during the post season. Deadspin said it best, "Upon further review, Baseball is stupid."

LeVon ranks as BA's 4th best college prospect in initial draft rankings.


COLLEGE TOP 25 DRAFT PROSPECTS 1. Bryce Harper, c CC of Southern Nevada 2. Anthony Ranaudo, rhp Louisiana State 3. Deck McGuire, rhp Georgia Tech 4. LeVon Washington, of Chipola (Fla.) JC 5. Chris Sale, lhp Florida Gulf Coast

Bossman hit by a pitch on the hand!


Update: X-Rays were negative. Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going for x-rays. Says it should be fine but there are so many little bones in the hand to break. A Red Sox minor leaguer hit him.

You can't really hate him, he's too nice. Heater


You can't really hate him, he's too nice. Heater


Rays Top 20

Everyone else is doing it, so I figured I'd share my Rays Top-20.      

World Series Game 2: GDT 2


Just win.

Bandwagon Fans


"You have people who wore Red Sox gear to the first regular-season series in St. Pete and now they go to the playoff games decked out in their Longoria jersey shirt as if they were Rays fans all along," said R.J Anderson, editor of, a three-year-old Web site that offers comprehensive coverage of the Rays. "Understandably, it's hard to root for a loser, but this sudden bandwagon appeal is nothing this town hasn't seen before. How many people woke up and decided they were Buccaneer fans in 1979 after ignoring them the first three seasons of existence? Or Lightning fans? Or even USF fans?"

World Series GDT: 2


I like this Kaz very much.



Off-Day Prospecting


With the off-day today, I figured it was a good time to take a look at our future Rays.  This is my version of the Top-20 prospects in our organization.     1.  David Price-...

ALCS Game 3 GDT: 2


BJ Upton is better than you!

ALCS Gamethread: Part 2


Please win!

UPDATE, 5:40 LF Carl Crawford was glowing after his afternoon workout to test his surgically...


UPDATE, 5:40 LF Carl Crawford was glowing after his afternoon workout to test his surgically repaired right hand and said he thinks he could rejoin the lineup for next week's opening round of the playoffs. "Definitely in my mind I want to be in the lineup by next week,'' Crawford said. "If I'm able to go out there and do the stuff I did today then I should be able to get in the lineup, whether it's good or bad.'' Crawford hit balls off a tee, and bunted a few times, and reported no pain; he has been sidelined following Aug. 14 surgery to repair the band that secures the tendon along his right middle finger. "Just me being able to swing the bat with no pain is such a big step for me,'' he said. "I'm happy with that.'''

Joe Maddon Owns


*Speaking of Maddon, he sported a new mohawk of his own today, joining about a half a dozen Rays with the same haircut. Maddon had it cut last night in the name of "unity."

Doh, September pressure!


Nice work John Romano! The Rays have lost the fighting spirit! " For much of the year, the Rays looked like improbable contenders. And now, at the most critical moment, they are playing that way. They insist it is not the pressure of being in first place that is making them lose. We'll soon find out if that is true, because they won't have that pressure much longer. " Hat tip to Baseballanalysts.

CC's having the surgery


Crawford is going to have surgery to repair his tendon. He'll be out a minimum of 6 weeks , which puts his return at the end of September. That's the best case senario.

Cito Gaston is back!


John Gibbons has been fired and replaced by Gaston. This is a great move by the Blue Jays. He really deserved a shot to manage again. For reasons unpublished by the media, he has been essentially blackballed from the big leagues for almost 11 years. Toronto is a talented team and should benefit from this move. These fanshots are silly, and no on is probably going to read this because they have to scroll so far down the page but whatever. I'll keep Patrick happy and post this here. By the way, JP Ricciardi should be fired too.


Buster Posey? Really?

I have to admit, I've scoffed at the idea for a while that Buster Posey was a legit 1/1 pick.  I've heard great things about his arm (closer for FSU at times), he is a really good athlete, and he...


Rays 2010

Everyone else was doing it so I thought I'd give it a try.  This one is a little easier than the other teams because we have a top prospect or young position player at just about every position,...


Price Signs!

8.25 million dollar ML deal.  It's a 6 year deal, but there are bonus clauses that haven't been announced yet.  More details will follow, but I just read it from Marc Lancaster's (beat writer)...


Porcello and Boras

Are geniuses!  BA is reporting that he is in fact going to get his Josh Beckett deal plus inflation (at least a little).  I'm amazed!  It's reportedly a 7.7 million dollar ML deal.  Good for him...


Aki's hurt again

He's going to be out 5 days because he got hit in the eye with a ball last night.  He tried to make an over the shoulder catch, he missed and it bounced back up and hit him in the eye.h...


Community prospect Report 5/25

No one has started one today so I thought I would.  The Rays affiliates have a couple of intriguing pitching match-ups tonight.Niemann vs. Slowey  McGee vs. Kennedy    So what else is going on in...


Wood's Up

Brandon is on the way.  The Angels are calling up Brandon Wood today and sending down Kendry Morales.  Juan Rivera is moved to the 60 day DL to make room for the move.Are they going to play him...



was great in his first start back.5 IP, 2H, 0R, 1BB, 6K'sI'm really excited to see what he can do.  I firmly believe he got hurt during his junior year in college and it just got worse when he was...



Might be 20?via MetsblogMILB pageWeird.  Might just be a typo, but if you go to his MiLB page, it says he was born in 1986, but if you search Martinez, when they all come up, it says 1988.  If he...


Erik Walker

is missing.  He's was the closer for Hudson Valley, Tampa Bay's short season A ball affilliate.  He apparently went overboard in a class 3 rapid and hasn't been seen since.  Another person with him...


Erik Walker is missing

after a boating accident.  He fell out of his boat in while white water rafting it appears.  Please  Pray for him and his family. ...


Ghost Pitch

found?  I read the yahoo article where Daisuke Matsuzaka says he doesn't throw the gyroball, but he did say he was working on it.  There is now a video on youtube of that is supposedly it.  I've...

Roster Expansion


Ok, September is here and with that comes roster expansion.  Let's take a look at some guys who could potentially get the call.  Most of the guys who were pegged as September call-ups got the call...

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