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I was born in Chicago and have remained a loyal Chicago sports team fan in spite of moving to Tucson less than 3 years ago. I watch the games on my dish network 1080p system and thank God for my PVR which not only allows me to skip commercials, but to also skip the entire game if it appears to be heading south. Running replays in slo mo also verifies to me that stars get most of the calls and that the Bulls are no longer favorites of the officials. Football and baseball are also my favorite sports although I can only handle baseball games by skipping through most of them at high speed to cut the viewing time down to the equivilant of a half hour sitcom minus commericals.

My wife hates sports so like many husbands, I sometimes have to pick and choose and tead lightly while in my private viewing room. It was worth buying 2 hi-def tv's so she can watch Desperate Housewives, and whatever medical themed soap opera catches her eye, while I watch Sportscenter. I love watching WGN news every night, especially when the weather sucks in Chicago, which is almost always, since we have around 345 days of sunshine every year.

My opinions are given as someone who cares about his teams, but I do not claim any expertise other than what I observe. I used to go to many Bulls games, by sharing season tickets with friends and miss seeing them live, although I don't miss the outrageous costs for games and parking.

My participation in this blog which I discovered accidently at some point midseason has been a great source of tension relief, when it became obvious I wasn't the only one seeing how the Bulls made such a mess of everything this year, and if anyone read any of my posts as IhatenobrainBoylan , they know I didn't exactly have a love affair with our coaching staff. I no longer hate the cretinous coach for the bible has taught me that if Christ can forgive those who crucified HIm, the least I can do is forgive the man who crucified the Bulls this year......"Forgive Him Father, for he know not what he do".
What clearer description of Boylan's skill set could ever be uttered.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Chicago Cubs
  • NBA Chicago Bulls
  • NFL Chicago Bears
  • NCAAF Illinois Fighting Illini
  • NCAAB Illinois Fighting Illini
  • Golf Tiger Woods
  • Soccer Chicago Fire
  • NHL Chicago Blackhawks
  • MMA O J Simpson
  • Cycling Lance Armstrong
  • Tennis Billy Conners (retired)
  • NASCAR Will Ferrell
  • Boxing I prefer them to briefs
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