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[Update] 9-year old SC fan with terminal brain cancer wants 10k FB friends. Let's help him.


You can also read about his story on his mom's blog (including how his brother is a UCLA fan). Update (BN Eds): We just tweeted about this. If you want to help us get the word out please consider retweeting this: MT @BruinNation #FightOn amazing 9 year old Trojan wants 10k FB friends. If you are a #Bruin w a heart help him: http://sbn.to/lHrDxI

9 year old SC fan with terminal brain cancer wants 10K FB fans


You can also read about his story on his site: http://fightonjackson.com/

Bruin-owned sports bar (Marina del Rey) to watch CWS


If you are looking for a laid-back place to watch the baseball game, come by Sports Harbour. When you get there, be sure to say hello to Rahim (the owner) and tell him you are a Bruin. He will be really glad to meet you. I've known him for most of my life and he is one of the greatest guys ever. It's right across the street from the Costco on Washington Blvd.

Sent to me from a ND fan


Sent to me from a ND fan

Alterraun Verner talks love of math


Alterraun Verner talks love of math

FB fan page for CBH


As of last week there was no fan page on Facebook for CBH. That problem has been solved... spread the word: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ben-Howland/38335021637?ref=mf There is also a page for CRN. Just do a simple search. Nestor, any interest in creating a BN fan page as well? It would be a great way to spread BN around the nation.


Where to watch game in Vancouver, BC

I am going on a cruise this weekend and will be in Vancouver all day on Saturday. Does anybody know if this game is aired in Canada?


A call to action for the assault on AA2

I have collected a list of contacts to send complaints to in regards to the assault on AA2. Included in the list are relevant Pac-10 officials and the President, AD and coaching staff of the UW.And...


He has said it again

''Our goal was to be in a position for this opportunity. I can't tell you I thought we'd be 6-5 with this opportunity,'' Bruins coach Karl Dorrell said. ''But it is what it is.I propose we now call...


KD's play calling CAN deliver a Bruin win

If of course it is being utilized by the opposing coach.Jeff Tedford's play calling today looked like it was coming from KD's back pocket. I just don't understand what he was thinking and how he...


Don't take BN for granted

In the past two years I have been amazed with the time and energy put into BN; which is more than evident in the content on the site. However, it is not until I look around at other schools' blogs...


KD's Algebra

Bumped from the diaries. GO BRUINS. -N My coffee was hot, my toast was well buttered and I was on page two of the LA Times sports page when I read Karl's comment in reference to his latest...


The BN Awards?

Has there ever been any thought put into having end of the season awards for BN? Not only for Favorite Bruin Athlete or Football MVP, but also Favorite Post, Funniest Comment of the Year, etc.?Some...


My favorite part about last Saturday

Bumped. This is all kinds of AWESOME. GO BRUINS- NI finally got to hoist my UCLA flag.I've always wanted a flag pole and finally installed one over the summer so I could: fly my American flag and f...


Guess who knows The Secret?

Bumped. Guess this is what happens when you lose to Karl Dorrell with a National Championship on the line. GO BRUINS. -N Earlier this evening, at the request of a friend who did not want to go...

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