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User Blog

How Do You Get Rid Of The SBNation Newsletter Banner On Arrowhead Pride!?!


This damned thing has been spamming my account for months and it won't allow me to close it, either permanently or temporarily, sign up for the newsletter or do anything just sits there blocking the upper third of my screen. Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated. Incidentally, this is the only SBNation site where I haven't been able to get rid of the banner. Of course it's also the site I tend to visit the most.

Miami Dolphins Release C Jake Grove


The Miami Dolphins have released center Jake Grove just one year after signing him to a four year, $29M contract. Grove was a highly effective center for the Oakland Raiders, but nagging injuries limited his effectiveness last year with Miami and the Dolphins opted to go younger and cheaper at the position. The question is, would Grove be a good addition for the Kansas City Chiefs? He's four years younger than current starter Casey Wiegmann, he's a superior player to former starter and current backup Rudy Niswanger, he comes from a Parcells team, and he should be available at a reasonable price. Could Jake Grove be on Scott Pioli's radar?

Broncos May Give Up On CB Alphonso Smith After One Season


Looks like Josh McDaniels isn't much of a draft guru, which bodes well for the decline of the Denver Broncos.. The Broncos traded a first round pick in 2010 to move up and grab Smith in the 2009 draft. Now he's being outplayed by a 7th round pick and may end up being cut after just one season. Dual-hatting one person to play coach and GM rarely works out.

Is Jamaal Charles Getting Benched?


Chiefs head coach Todd Haley stated that Thomas Jones' ability to perform as a starter over 16 games was the reason he was brought to Kansas City, while Jamaal Charles hasn't shown that ability yet. Which begs the question, "Has Thomas Jones already been picked as the starter in Kansas City?"

More Gunther Follies


This has nothing to do with the Chiefs for the upcoming season. I just found it humorous that Gunther is now using the same make-work "solutions" for his bottom-feeding defense with the Lions that he did with the Chiefs...moving from the booth to the sidelines and setting up his players to be thrown under the bus by midseason. Plus he's shooting off his mouth about the Lions' drafting preferences, which can't make the Lions GM happy. It's kind of like watching an ex who two-timed you dig herself into a hole with the new boyfriend by pulling the same tricks...bitterly funny. :)

Redskins May Go With OT Trent Williams Instead Of Russell Okung At Pick #4


Mike Mayock, the draft guru of the NFL Network, thinks that because of the zone-blocking scheme Washington will be utilizing this upcoming season, that Oklahoma OT Trent Williams could be the pick for the Redskins instead if Russell Okung. If true, this means that Okung (a pure left tackle) could very well be available for the Chiefs at pick number five.


With the 33rd Pick In The Arrowhead Pride Mock Draft, the St. Louis Rams Select...

With the 33rd Pick In The Arrowhead Pride Mock Draft, the St. Louis Rams Select...


With the 1st Pick Of The 2010 Arrowhead Pride Mock Draft, The St. Louis Rams Select...

And With the First Pick Of The Arrowhead Pride 2010 Mock Draft, The St. Louis Rams Select...


Market For Tackles In 2010 NFL Draft May Get Tighter

Market For Tackles In 2010 NFL Draft May Get Tighter


Detroit Lions May Attempt To Trade For Glenn Dorsey

According to Lions beat writer, Tom Kowalski (who is one of the most plugged-in beat writers in the country), Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham is interested in trading for Chiefs...

Shaun Rogers On The Trade Block?


After coming off a lackluster year with a bad defense, it appears the Browns are considering parting ways with their starting defensive tackle...a position the Chiefs seriously need to consider upgrading for next season. At 350 pounds, Rogers certainly has the beef to play nose tackle in a 3-4 and at age 31 he should still have a couple of good years left in the tank. Should the Chiefs consider trading for Rogers if it's not going to cost us a first round pick?

Buffalo Bills Hire Former Chiefs OC Chan Gailey As Head Coach


Interesting hire. Gailey's got a decent record as a head coach and should upgrade the Bills offense. Perhaps not the sexiest candidate out there, but he's likely as good as Buffalo was going to get and he'll certainly be an upgrade over Dick Jauron.

Johnson Expresses Desire To Eventually Return To Chiefs


I think I echo the sentiments of quite a few Chiefs fans when I say "Not just no, but hell no." and "Never." Apparently never being able to beat out Priest Holmes' rushing record is something that is eating at him. Good.


The Driver Of The "Fire Haley" Bandwagon Offers You A Deal...With The Devil

"I'm just like Parcells or Belichick...only without the winning."  via Let's face it, Chiefs's been a long and miserable season so far.  The Chiefs are 1-7, the team...

Tyler Thigpen Traded To Dolphins


Speculation is that it's a fifth round pick for Thigpen...looks like Brodie Croyle is the backup for this season.

Raiders Admit: JaMarcus Russell Regressing As QB


Looks like even Al Davis' rose-colored glasses about his draft picks aren't going to save the worst starting QB in the NFL forever. Oakland's passing game coordinator basically said the guy sucks and Rich Gannon doesn't appear to see much hope of improvement as Russell is flawed at almost every level (and thinks he's too fat to get his mechanics right). Hopefully he'll continue to regress enough for the Chiefs to pick up a win from them in their next meeting.


Michael Crabtree Reportedly Plans To Sit Out Entire 2009 Season

via "I will probably be pawning this within ten years"                                                                                                   From the files of...


Kansas City Chiefs Reportedly Shopping Bernard Pollard

Chiefs reportedly shopping Bernard Pollard

Chiefs Reportedly Shopping Bernard Pollard


Per the National Football Post, the Chiefs are currently shopping Pollard in order to get more playing opportunities for Mike Brown. So it appears Brown is going to make the roster and the not-injury-prone guy who's five years younger than Brown will be on the way out. Pollard's got his issues, but I don't get this line of thinking.

Dwayne Bowe Reportedly In Haley's Doghouse


Adam Teicher reports that Dwayne Bowe is apparently in Todd Haley's doghouse for not "buying into" the new conditioning program for the Chiefs. Bowe is still expected to start during the regular season but is reportedly being made an example of for training camp.

Connor Barth Signed By Dolphins


Connor Barth was signed to a two year contract by the Miami Dolphins on Monday. Reportedly no guaranteed money in the deal and he's considered unlikely to beat out Dan Carpenter, but may surprise. Barth's 2008 stats were very similar to Carpenter's.


Heads Up - Throttle Violations

Just a heads-up, but it appears that SB Nation has a function that will, without the intervention of moderators, automatically ban a user for posting comments with too many links (apparently five...

Antonio Cromartie Blames Illegitimate Children For Poor Performance


Apparently he will, in stereotypical California fashion, be using the principles of feng shui to get his head right. Perhaps his guru should instead be introducing him to the principles of using a condom when chasing a piece of strange on the road. Easily the funniest read I've seen this offseason. :) H/T Rotoworld

Trent Green Subs For Peter King On MMQB


Always nice to hear from former Chiefs QB Trent Green, who is apparently excited about the prospect of staying in KC for the full season with his family and who did an excellent job filling in for King this week. The piece also had a nice little story about his post-retirement life with family. We can only hope that Matt Cassel integrates into the community half as well as Trent.


Brett Favre Coming Back?

Looks like the sojourn of the NFL's second most-prolific team-killer is maybe not quite at an end. Brett Favre is apparently considering a second return to the NFL (in two years) as he's been...


Chiefs Re-Sign Rudy Niswanger, Sign Tight End Tony Curtis

Per the Mothership, the Kansas City Chiefs re-signed starting center Rudy Niswanger to the restricted free agent tender and signed former Cowboys tight end Tony Curtis to a contract.  Terms of the...


Moderator Note: Cutting-And-Pasting Articles

Just a heads-up guys, we've had to delete a couple of FanPosts over the last week for cutting-and-pasting articles in their entirety into a FanPost.  This is a problem that pops up fairly...


Former Chiefs Wide Receiver Will Franklin Claimed By Detroit Lions

It appears that Will Franklin's stint on the waiver wire didn't last very long. The former Chiefs and Missouri receiver was claimed just a few days later by the Detroit Lions, who have been...


Would Jason Taylor Be Interested In Kansas City?

Should the Chiefs go after former Dolphin and Redskin Jason Taylor?


For Everyone Who Thinks Michael Vick Is Worth Grabbing

He's priced himself into laughability. Vick apparently spelled out in his bankruptcy filing what he thinks he's worth to an NFL team: The embattled Atlanta Falcons quarterback is hoping to earn...

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