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Soccer Dives vs. Sniper


In the spirit of the world cup, I found this to be funny and appropriate

Garrison Smith Speaks Out On 2014 UGA Defensive Dismissals


I missed this article last week (June 4th), where Seth Emerson got Smith's thoughts on the dismissals and the general attitude of some of the players on last season's defensive unit. Garrison took the time from his busy schedule and trying to become a player on the Dolphins as an UDFA. Garrison was the lone starting Senior from the defensive unit and was molded by some of the more recent defensive leaders that were attending UGA during his time there (Rambo, Boykin, and Cummings). Funny enough he even brings out the issues of highly recruited freshman walking onto campus and being handed a starting position and how that made some of them (I ain't gonna type names) feel privileged and suffer from severe head swelling. He also mentions how the defense was "laid back". Good read with an inside slant to some of the defensive problems of last season and hopefully means we have tossed most of the bad apples from the cart.


They Really Said It

"We're probably going to move forward without playing FCS opponents, and I think our fan base wants to see better opponents". - Will Muschamp on the Gators playing FCS opponents May 27th 2014...

Watch out George Lucas, Here's Chris Conley

Retribution Trailer 1 from Retribution Movie on Vimeo.

Here is the trailer for Conley's "Star Wars Retribution" film.


Samuel L Jackson describes Georgia football

Not really, but reader and longtime commentor UGAprrthd does his best impersonation of the film star and noted Georgia Bulldog fan.


Not All Splinters on the Hardwood - but still Rough

While most of us are bemoaning the performance last night in Knoxville and the general path of the men's basketball program, the Lady Bulldogs are holding onto a potential NCAA bid in a conference...


Third Verse - Marching to a Different Tune

Just a few days after dragging Greg McGarity over the coals for the refusal to open up the Scrooge McDuck bank vault and hire "advisors" for the football program and linking that to his earlier...


Status Quo - Second Verse Same as the First

Long time reader UGAprrthd gives his thoughts on UGA AD Greg McGarity's recent comments about adding support staff.

Christian LeMay appears to be heading South


According to Seth and "sources" at ESPN LeMay is expected to transfer to Jacksonville State University. Maybe not a bad choice for the rising redshirt Junior. He has struggled to find a comfortable spot on the depth chart for the past 3 years and with Mason appearing to be solid as the 2014 starter, and Bauta, Ramsey and the expected arrival of the nations #4 Dual Threat QB Park; it would not appear to be any easier for LeMay to get many more snaps at UGA. No speculation on what Christian's decision will have on his younger brother WR Uriah. Best of luck to Christian and hoping that he leads JSU to victory.


Do the World a Favor and Kill a Pest

Yellow jackets are the most annoying types of flying insects that build nests, gather for "game night" (refers to PS and XBox not football) , rant about their mediocre seasons and act as pests...


The Tech fans get it honest...Heisman was a D^*k

Since this is Clean Cut Our Linemen, Clip our Linebackers Dirty, Old Fashioned Hate Week, I thought I would take a moment to explain to the UGA fanbase why it really isn't the fault of the current...

Kasyn Olivadotti has been Declared Cancer-Free


"She had a surgery on Friday and that should hopefully be the last surgery that we've got. So far, we're declaring victory right now," Olivadotti said Tuesday night. "So she's cancer-free, and we're very, very excited about it. She's on the mend right now from that last thing and hopefully everything will be all right."


5 Good Uses for dead Tigers

For a few years I posted on what you could do with gators (either recipes of useful things outta the dead skin)...I tried to think of another angle for this UGA hate/pity week of Muschamp's final...


Offensive to the Offense

Going along with the general theme of post so far this week, Not So Special Teams and In Defense of the Defense, and after reading chuckdawg's comment in the latter: If our offense doesnt at...


Nothing short of Magcial

Yes this season ended 8 games (or less) from what we wanted/expected...but there are a few things that we have to respect. Can I say 42-8...that was magical. Puig..yes he did drive us crazy with...


UGAPrrthds 15 thoughts after Tennessee

1. Prayers for DaveTheDawgs Mother 2. Prayers for DaveTheDawgs Mother 3. Prayers for DaveTheDawgs Mother 4. Prayers for DaveTheDawgs Mother 5. Prayers for DaveTheDawgs Mother 6. Prayers...

Shiver in Horror: Aaron Murray Says He Would Love to Wear The Black Jerseys


"I would love, love for us to come back and wear the black jerseys," Murray said. "Maybe I can talk to coach Richt about that, and maybe get it in for whoever our last home game is. We still have some time. Maybe Nike could make it happen."

Quayvon Hicks: "To be honest I have never been high with the fashion. You put me in an old practice jersey, and as long as it’s game day, I’m ready to go."

More quotes from players in the article, but for me I would love to see them attack the Vol Navy and Neyland in Silver Britches and Red Jerseys #RedOutRockyTop


Some of it Magic, Some of it Tragic: Trip Report UGA/LSU

Saturday morning I awoke at 3:48am, knowing well that as long as I left my home in NW GA by 9:am I would arrive in Athens no later than 12:30pm, which would assure me that I would not strangle 1 or...

Big Uglies Stand Up


"From the very beginning, we ran the ball, we pass protected well," Richt said. "We didn’t give up a sack. I think we had two very short tackles for loss against us. Murray had time. Murray could operate. If you give a quarterback like him time to drop back and scope it up and make those throws, we’re going to have success." #RedOutRockyTop


Trip Report: A Visit to the ATVS Cook Book

As I warned Billy Gomila in the Q&A with the And The Valley Shook thread on Dawg Sports, I stoleborrowed his Pepper-Marinated Flank Steak recipe for a Thursday Fajita Night this past evening and...

DAWGS are Preseason #1


It is getting close to Equestrian Season and we find 40 percent of the top 10 in the SEC with spots 1-3 locked by the conference...but best of all is the horse DAWGS are ruling the arena. 2013-14 NCEA Preseason Rankings 1. Georgia 2. Auburn 3. South Carolina 4. Oklahoma State 5. Kansas State 6. Texas A&M 7. Baylor 8. South Dakota State 9. TCU 10. UT-Martin


What If the Cash Payout Is All It Really Is About - Buffett Style

First off, many apologies to the troubadour Jimmy Buffett for the maligning of his song. I mean no disrespect and hope if it is seen by him or his family they take it as a compliment (but I...

Johnny Manziel gets hammered by the NCAA


If sitting out HALF OF A GAME against the Rice Owls counts as "hammered". I mean in all likelihood he would have sat out a half against them anyway (the 2nd half). Is the NCAA serious. This is just another cop out similar to what we saw with Cam Newton. They take months to rule on AJ and wouldn't you know it suspend him for 4 games for a 1000 dollar ebay sale. 350 bucks costs the North Avenue Trade School an ACC Championship. This is just another great sign that the time for the NCAA to be in charge of MAJOR Collegiate Football has passed. I find it hard to believe that there will not be an uproar echoing from College President's offices because of the hypocrisy in the way the NCAA rules are bent. Next question is since Clowney had signed merchandise for the same broker and it was along side Johnny HancockManziel's, when is the NCAA going to rule on him as well or are they going to let USC scribble out another excuse on a napkin the way they did when Clowney met with Agent Jay Z?


Clowney WHO?? Jarvis Jones was Clearly the BEST SEC DEFENSIVE Player in 2012

When is the media going to admit that in 2012 Clowney was not in the top 50 players in the SEC in tackles (Jarvis Jones was 20th), that Clowney was 1.5 sacks behind Jarvis (14.5 to 13) for second...

Just Saying


I know we are less than 17 days till the kickoff of football and yes, I know we are not in Kentucky; but to show you I have a respectable amount of pessimism for the football season I am sharing a basketball news story.

Shooting Guard Tadric Jackson, the State's #5 overall prospect, had UGA and Tech as finalists up till mid-day and then in somewhat of a surprise selected the North Avenue School over the Classic City.

Mr. Jackson was reasonable in explaining his choice by saying all the right phrases such as "I really wanted to play in the best conference in the country -- that’s the ACC,...Really it’s home. (Georgia Tech) is not that far away, downtown Atlanta, (and) it’s where I want to be."

His Tift County Head Coach was somewhat more direct. Coach Eric Holland said "He wanted to jump in there with the big boys and see how his game stacked up...His dad lives in Macon, and his mother is next to I-75 and can get to Atlanta with no problem. Chris Bolden is his blood cousin, and he has a good relationship with Robert Carter...Then he thought Georgia was a big football school, and basketball didn’t get the same type of support. He wants to play in sold-out gyms and in front of big crowds. And Georgia Tech upgraded their facilities, and Tadric mentioned he liked the opportunity to play in downtown Atlanta."

Maybe the new President will read this and realize that 70 million sitting in the bank could be used to bring quality basketball players to Athens.

Caleb Gulledge unfit to play at Alabama but cleared at Jacksonville State


Cast away, Cast away, Cast away all

Those deemed unworthy to play football this fall

Gray shirts, Red shirts, Medical Scholarships

All are tools I use to make my numbers dip

Another case of an Alabama scholarship athlete found medically unfit only to go play at another university. It is sad that Alabama continues to abuse this allowed procedure to protect injured players. When is the SEC going to step in and regulate this program?

2013 An Optimist's View

Reason's why Dawg2011 thinks good things can happen this year.



A few years ago the Dawn Nation suffered through a 4 game suspension of A.J. Green because he sold a jersey to an unidentified buyer ONLINE for 50 bucks, the NCAA DUG their heels in and discovered...

I'm ANTONIO and I am a mis-understood youth


In completely shocking somewhat surprising totally expected news out of Gainesville, charges against Antionio Morrison were dropped by ardent Florida Booster Muschamp's personal prosecutor Florida State Attorney William Cervone. In more startling news today....The World is round and the Sun sets in the West

8 Stars Commit to UGA on Dawg Night


According to 247 Sports via Seth Emerson, UGA picked up commitments from two 4 Star athletes. Receiver Shakenneth Williams of Rutland High School (Macon) and Safety Kendall Gant of Lakeland, Fla both verbally committed Friday night. Williams is 6'1" / 195 and Gant is 6'2" / 185. That brings the class total to 14 with only 02 Offensive Linemen. It also brings UGA up to 9th in the 247 Sports Recruiting Rankings.

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