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NFC East Eternal Thread I cant Drive#55

Rule #1 - No spoilers. - Don't be that guy. Changing the rules a little. THIS is most important. Dont ruin someone else's fun...I mean just dont do that. Rule #2 - All Pictures and .Gifs Must...

BGN Mock Draft #20 pick


Hey guys here who I ended up taking

Asante visits an Elementary school


I love Asante its going to suck when he is gone


BGN Mock Draft

Howdy guys. Im Udalango.(Obviously but I need the word count cause this post is one question of not very many words.) We are running a mock draft at BGN and I am the lucky titans rep. To be...

Asante asking hard questions


Well this is interesting


NFC East Eternal Thread #31: Where we solve all the mysteries of the Universe

Sorry for jumping the gun but that last one is unvisitable for my crappy laptop OFFICIAL RULES 1.Dont be an asshole. We are all varying degrees (See rule 3 for exceptions) 2....


To all you fantastic GMs out there

Id like to know what you would have done differently to make our team so unstoppable.  You are all so eager to share your opinions and tell us how Reid/Marty/ whoever is in charge is wrong.  Go...


Madden Community UPDATE!

  Community Name is:  Bleedingreen Community Password is: Eagles707   Alright Guys.  Im not sure how many of you got Madden but one of the features is an online community.  You can set up your own...

Ocho vs Vick


Thought this was funny


The Hate Game! Dayfour is open now

  This was adapted from SBNation's Music City Miracles, the Titans blog, by natidawg. Credit should be given to him.   Basically, each NFL team will be given a certain number of points. Each...


BGNs Mock Draft

Hiya Baltimore Beatdown.  Im Udalango from Bleedinggreennation, and I chose to represent you guys in our mock draft.  Now Im going to go ahead and admit I know next to nothing about your team and...


Illegal Forward Pass: A Beginning

  Hey guys this is a column that me and Wild_eagle are putting together and we will be posting hopefully once a week.  The basic premise of this is to take plays from the Eagles and break them...

BBV Winner is Me!!!!


Take that Giants fans hahaha

Packer fan fired in Chicago


This is for who ever was keeping a log of horrible things that happen in other cities to combat the "Philly" stereotype

Harbaugh to Niners.


Harbaugh signed a 5 year deal worth roughly 5 mill a year.


Greetings from BGN

Hey everyone I am Udalango from BGN here to answer any and all questions about the Iggles.  I know this is early but the MNF game doesnt have that big of an impact on either of our teams.  Feel...


Dear Mr Goodell

If I remember correctly most of us here at BGN were against an 18 game schedule.  Its been said numerous times since then that eighteen games is happening.  I was angry at this but also just kinda...

Cameron Sheffield


Adam schefter says cameron has movement in all extremiteis


Uda's Rankings

Alright guys, these are power rankings that I did as a sort of sub wager to the bet I made a few weeks back.  Its a fairly premature power rankings.  It was before the preseaon games that I had...

Fun Bet I made with Cowboy coworker


Sorry About the formatting guys. But I figured this would just be a fun thing for you to see and discuss


$100 dollar bet I made woot

Alright, I Figured that would be more attention grabbing than, "Uda's predictions"  So I work with this Cowboys fan, recently we have been having progressively more heated....."disagreements".  So...



Hey guys in my league im trying to set a draft date.   Either way i wont be there because of a busy next two months.  Ill let you guys bicker amongst yourselves. -Desean10 -TalonTalent -RossyJr22 -...


Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Ok guys I am bored out of my mind so I have been re watching every season of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  After getting through the first two seasons I realized there are so many hilarious...


Fantasy Football

So Yahoo has opened up the fantasy football leagues already.  Seems a little early.  But I figure as long as they are open maybe we should do a little better job of organizing it all.  I would set...

Cracked me up.


Cracked me up.

Peter King Team Rankings


Carolina is 8 We are 15th WTF



Hey guys you have the number 2 set of top 4 receivers


NFC East receiving threats.

In this post I will be looking at the production of the top four receiving threats for each team in the NFC East .  The top four is based of of numbers of yards earned during the regular season...

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