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I'm Just a Viking & Bulls fan. Have a nice day.

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The 2012 Vikings So Far, Are Deadly With Balance.

So far, in this young season, what all of you should get excited and optimistic about, is not only the fact that Christian Ponder appears light years better than his rookie season, but that our...


So It's Not Christian's Fault for Not Throwing Deep After All.

Would be a fanshot, but no one reads those. And since it's been a heated debate lately, I'd like to admit that my argument that Christian's apart of the blame for not going deep is wrong. (Again I...

Why YAC Works For Some But Won't For Us This Season

See, I told you I'd promote the opposing viewpoint. -Chris Our fellow DN brother RJ-B put up a well and thoroughly thought out article about the Myth of YAC. I however found flaws in the article...


The Ultimate QB Part Two- Heart

So the tallies are in for Part One- The Arm and the QB with the Ultimate Arm to join our Ultimate QB series is.... No other than the silver Fox, Brett Favre. The Ultimate QB's *Head *Arm - B...


Pondering Joe Webb

I can still remember the very first regular season game we seen Joe Webb in action, against the playoff contending Eagles and Micheal Vick. Boy did he give us "hope" in a lost season. A 3rd string...


The Ultimate QB Part One- The Arm

I would like to start up a series of posts, each one with a poll, to find out Who/What's the Ultimate QB of all time. For example, this post will cover a few QBs who was considered having a strong...


Greg Childs In House Favorite to Start?

*Also commented about this. I just read an article that Greg Childs has been the in-house fav to start week one. Is it any truth to this ? h...

Josh Robison's Epic Tweet: @JROB_2one Left this on a guys truck while leaving a Church I...


Josh Robison's Epic Tweet: @JROB_2one Left this on a guys truck while leaving a Church I visited today!


Do you need a good laugh? -Silly Saint*

After witnessing the Vikings secondary last year, I know I shouldn't be making fun of this, but I couldn't resist. Mainly because he was a Saint* but, still get your laugh on! Uploaded by f...


Best Places to Live in Minnesota Pt. 2 - America has spoken.

This morning, I ran across something very interesting. My mom's main concern about living in Minnesota is the cold. So she told me to be open-minded and look elsewhere so we can all come to a...


Can you name the Minnesota Vikings starting QBs- Results

I'm going to make this short and simple. Just tally up your points by matching to the answers below and boast about your Ranking. I went ahead and included this past season and a few more starters...


Best MN Places to live.

Okay I'm not from Minnesota or have any relatives there. I just love the Vikings. Anywho, I want to give a description of my ideal place to live in Minnesota (Because I'm considering persuading my...


UBVs Special| Trivia! Can you name the Minnesota Vikings Starting QBs?

Lets have a little fun with trivia on our favorite team. Lets see how many true die hards are out there. Rankings: 16-19 Correct: Die Hard Fan (Knows just about everything about the Vikings) 1...


UBV's Special. Where we laugh about our Beloved Purple and the NFC North.

Welcome to UBV's special. Since everyone has being getting sexually emotional lately about the up-comings and their attachments to DN, I'd like to add my own element to this website with a weekly...


Draftee Wideout who I think could be our Number 1 WR.

First let me give a few options than present the Player who I would like to see the Vikings go after. Note that I'm not considerate of drafting any WR in this draft in the Top 5. Player/School ...


Vikings Get Bounty of Picks!!

Breaking News my friends!. According to this article the Minnesota Vikings have got what many have been wishing for. The Miami Dolphins have traded up to the 3rd spot in the 2012 NFL Draft and the...


The Perfect Solution.

Bare with me with this. It's very unlikely, but a very great thought if it were to happen. The debate of who should the Vikings select at #3 is heating up between Matt Kalil and Morris Claiborne....

Are the Saints that dumb?


I mean, although the Packers are our most hated rivals, the Things the Saints make up is comical at best! Here is a take on the Saints trying to show that the Packers where guilty of the same things they where caught of recently.


Is it really Kalil or bust?

This quiet free agency period on the Minnesota Vikings behalf, well is really painful to swallow. Of course all of us had wild dreams of the Vikings landing a top FA, but in reality, that wasn't...


Must Read

So, I thought about making this a fanshot, but how many of you actually visit that section? Anywho, this was an interesting article from Espn that I thought'd everyone should read.


A Change of Heart.

I ask you, What is the the "purpose" of playing the greatest game in America? Answer: To win. What stakes would you take to get that "win"? Lately, maybe influenced by the recent Kalil articles...


VCBLOG: Untold Stories- The Creation of ESPN

Brought to you by This isn't your ordinary post, but hey I wanted to give it a shot. Enjoy. Past the years, we have come fund to watching BSPN put up, well crap....


Blog Help Search Continues

As some of you know, I currently run a Minnesota Vikings blog. The problem is, their's only limited help available for me to run it. If anyone is interested in blogging for YOUR Minnesota Vikings,...

The Chicago Bulls could pair the premier center in the league with the 2010 MVP, Derrick Rose, but...


The Chicago Bulls could pair the premier center in the league with the 2010 MVP, Derrick Rose, but would they make such a blockbuster move after dominating the NBA last regular season? If Chicago can pull off the heist of Howard and keep Noah to pair with Rose, they would certainly be the favorites to win the Championship next season and beyond.

Another stadium site emerges right next door


Vikings and stadium officials are eyeing property southeast of the Metrodome.


VCB: Skip Bayless Gets Owned By Chris Kluwe. Unknown If He Will French Kiss A Flamethrower.

WRITTEN BY: HOLYSCHNIKES Apparently, Skip Bayless doesn’t like kicking. In fact, he dislikes kicking so much that he thinks it should be banned. Well as you may know our punter Chris Kluwe is...

Defense upgrades vowed by new Vikings coordinator


"Champions are champions," Williams said, "not because they do the extraordinary things but because they do the ordinary things better than anybody else. That's what I think we're going to do. We're going to run, were going to tackle, we're going to hit. We're going to play smart football, we're going to play tough football better than our opponents."


Another Reason to hate Packer Fans.

I'll just copy and paste the story here and let you discuss. and oh yeah NMVIKE posted this in the fanshot area, but I wanted this article to get more attention. Vikings fan in Madison loses...


Viking fan trying to find more info.

Hello Colt fans. Apparently the Vikings will be offering a job to your DB coach Alan Williams to become our new Defensive Coordinator. I for one don't know much about the guy and would like to to...


My thoughts on the Vikings and CP7...

First off, I'd like to glorify and refresh everyone's memory that the Packers are the only 15-1 team to NOT win a playoff game. Also, I want everyone to remember that this is the NFL and teams can...

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