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Random A's post-season thoughts and comments...

I've been fairly inactive most of this year. Occasional lurking, but not really participating as much. I've been kicking most of these thoughts around in my head for a few days now. Some are A's...


Baseball Randomness, Part 3 (All-Star Edition)

Some more ways to further entertain ourselves while watching the game. You are going to watch the game, aren't you? As much as I find the whole thing increasingly irrelevant, there's really...


Baseball Randomness, Part 2

Oh, why not? Some of these relate to the last round, some are new. Have fun... 1) Greatest A's (player) surprise? (Someone you never expected to do anything, and they came out of nowhere to be...


Baseball Randomness, Pt 1

We have the Bay Bridge Series this weekend against some other team whose name escapes me at the moment, but sometimes a little randomness is called for.  Especially baseball randomness.  Just for...


A Weekend with My Team

Went to Minneapolis to catch Games 2 and 3 of the weekend set against the Twins.  I have a great many thoughts and feelings regarding this weekend, but before we talk about anything else, I have to...


Rosenthal: A's need to get moving or else

I am stunned... nay, shocked!!!... because I actually agree with and like something Scott Boras has said.  The following link will lead you to an article by Ken Rosenthal that lays out the reasons...


Thread deleting: Potential AN TOS revision?

Fellow ANers, we have an issue that has reared its head of late, and it should be discussed and addressed. Background:  Recently we've had instances where the thread author has deleted the entire...


San Jose A's history vs. A's history: Are you a 'team' person, or a 'franchise' person?

San Jose A's.  Bet on it.  It will be done.Ok, then what?Do we start over with brand new records and history?  Do we suddenly treat Reggie Jackson's home runs and Rickey Henderson's stolen bases...


Post your (updated) post-season predictions here...

Ok, I guess my AL picks pretty much bombed.  Got the NL correct.  It's funny how teams can be hot or cold, out-of-character, and how that affects your thoughts of them going forward.  At least...


Post your post-season predictions here...

The current playoff open-thread notwithstanding, who do you want to win?  On a slightly different track... who do you think actually will win despite who you want to win?


Old A's Media Guides for sale...

I asked Blez and Nico a couple years ago if I could do this, and they approved, but then I never did, so I hope this is still ok. If not, I apologize. Anyway... I have several media guides that I...


River Cats @ Iowa Cubs, pics, etc.

Went to the see our River Cats play the Iowa Cubs Wednesday night. Was a double-header due to Tuesday's game being rained out.  Each game was 7 innings instead of 9. Warning: Lots of pics!


MLB EI vs (for out of area fans)

I've lived in the midwest and had MLB EI for 3 seasons now.  For the most part I like it.  My big issue is with MLB and their dumb-ass over-extended media territories, but that's not DirecTV's...


New "proof" of McGwire 'roid use?

I guess somebody has to start a fanpost about this. It's going to come up eventually. So, Jay McGwire... concerned brother? Sleazy opportunist? Something else?  Is he even telling the truth? P...


Did the farm system fail us?

For several years we've been told that a large part of the A's continued success was going to have to come from the farm system. That impact players through free agency just wasn't going to be a...


Have we been suckered, or are we just suckers?

Everybody's frustrated right now. I get it. So am I. There's a very stark contrast to the excitement and enthusiasm that was prevalent here in the early part of the season, and the despair that...


Is the Giants' status dictating A's moves?

Not literally every year, of course, but as a general concept since 1968 it has seemed to me that the Giants and A's have always fed off each other.  When one team gets good and starts drawing...


Brewers sign Kendall


Geren's report card?

How would you assess Bob Geren's performance as manager this year?  Now that the season is over (or will be over in a few hours). First losing record in many years aside, I must say that I am...


What's your biggest disappointment for this season?

There are so many different things, but for me I think I'm more bummed by the losing record.  In spite of having a AAAA team most of the season, they showed some fight at times, and would have some...


Joe Shlabotnik

Which player is most like Charlie Brown's hero Joe Shlabotnik from Peanuts? This is meant in fun, but I gotta admit it's been a frustrating couple weeks watching these guys.


Is "Moneyball" a curse?

Is the book "Moneyball" a curse?  I ask because it seems to me that Beane has not been able to make nearly as many meaningful trades, especially mid-season trades, since the book came out.  He's...

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