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Born in Royal Oak, MI, I'm now in Athens, GA.

I may be just a regular old shoe shine boy, but I have this pill, that turns me into a superhero.

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  • NFL Detroit Lions
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User Blog

Not really football related, (well sorta) But good for a laugh

Happy New Year POD!! With the coaching search ramping up, I've found myself in a bit of a depression. Maybe it's the old mid-winter depression (is it too early for that?) or maybe it's holiday...


Bye Week Curiosity

So I was curious. I took a little jaunt back in time. 15 years to be exact. I was curious to see what kind of effect the bye week seems to have on the Detroit Lions when they return the next...


UndaDawg's thoughts on MNF

Well. That sucked. It's Tuesday and I'm hungover. Not because I drank last night. Nope. My hangover is entirely Lions related. I went through many phases of disappointment last night through this...


P.O.D. Open Thread

Hey y'all! I know Biggie usually does this but I haven't seen one in a bit so I thought I'd put one up. You guys know the drill. This is the place for all the random stuff you don't know where else...


A Madden 13 Post: Connected Careers?

What's up everybody! Well it's August. Football is around the corner. Things are beginning to ramp up. Fantasy drafts and fantasy draft parties are being scheduled (and actually happening depending...


Most Overrated/Underrated Player?

Well I just read an article written by Joshsun Pete Prisco about who the most overrated player in the NFL was. linky Guess who? Suh. Prisco's reasoning after the jump.


Way Too Early Fantasy Football Post

Hi Everybody! (Should be read in Dr. Nick voice) via 1.bp.blogspot.com Well, I'm about getting fed up with the offseason. Madden isn't doing the job. I'm really close to stealing a fire...


Assessing my personal picks...

... for my lottery ticket. Here are the numbers I picked: 8, 12, 24, 33, 37, 44 Breakdown after the jump.


The Detroit "Bud" Boys

Okay, y'all. I know we've been through it and through it regarding this weed problem our dear Lions have been having. My personal position is not unlike many of you out there. I don't have a...


The CB "Problem"

Well, guys (that includes you too, LionsGal - it's an androgynous "guys")Happy Free agency!! Calvin signed his deal to keep him a Lion the rest of the decade. So that's awesome. He will go down as...


What if Cliff doesn't want to stay in Detroit

Now that he's franchised, Cliff has done an apparent turnaround on his position regarding the franchise tag. What exactly could this mean? To be honest I think the whole "possibly" holding out...


A few thoughts on the Jets

Well, it's the end of the season again. Our Lions made quite a respectable showing (for once) and the Lions look like they're gonna be in even better shape next year. The Jets?? Not so much.


Home Field Advantage?

So, I was thinking about this in the shower today.... Do the Lions really have a home field advantage?


We need to release Calvin Johnson

No, not trade him. That might take too long. Just release him. I'm really sick and tired of him not scoring 2 touchdowns every game. What is this 1 TD crap?? He's useless. If Calvin has 2 TD's we...


Redondo Beach, anybody?

Hey y'all. I'm going on a trip to Redondo Beach, California for a week and I was hoping one/some of you guys live around there and can tell me where the good spot is to watch the Dallas game. 


I think I might be a little drunk...

...on some Kool- Aid. Check out this nfl.com article about Schwartz by Michael Lombardi: article


Can we stop with the "if he stays healthy" crap?

Okay. I'm developing a pet-peeve. Seriously. "If he stays healthy" is IMO, the absolute dumbest thing somebody can say about an NFL player. That is an OBVIOUS assumption that is made whenever...


Help With Fantasy Football Sources

Hey Guys! As week 1 approaches, all the fantasy owners out there are gearing up for another season. I am getting ready for yet another season of fantasy football mediocrity. (The team I drafted...


Top 5 reasons why I love Juninho.

Juninho, born January 5th, 1989, grew up in Sao Paolo, Brazil. He played a sport many Brazilians are unfamiliar with, soccer.


Lockout/ Blackout / Who's Angry?

Hey POD. I've been pretty angry over this damn lockout. The NFL has made it explicitly clear they don't care about the fans. I feel like the ugly girl getting a booty call. I know I'm getting used,...


Ravens and Bears trade confusion

I've been thinking about what happened with the Bears and the Ravens and how the ravens ended up kinda getting hosed. Now I know each team ended up getting their guy, and it actually worked out for...


(Time Waster) Video Game Question:

Last time I had a football video game question, I posted it here and got very valuable feedback. So, I thought I'd try it again. Here goes: Since the NFLPA has been decertified, doesn't that give...


Not like we could get him but...

Sidney Rice is expected to try free agency according to this article. The Lions are looking like they could shape up to be more competitive than the Vikes (I hope) next year. And with a...


Advice: Budget Football Video Games

With the end of the season I'm (even now) beginning to jones a little for football and I just so happen to have a gamestop coupon which I think I'm gonna use for a football game. I'm pretty poor,...


POD Awards (for fun)

I've been thinking, it's the end of the NFL season and the last few weeks we've seen a multitude of awards given out. (I think there were even a few that did not go to Suh.) So I thought it might...


Suh on Inside the NFL

Not sure how many of you guys have Showtime, but Suh is on "Inside the NFL" this week. I caught it last night. He's on for about 5 minutes or so. He talks about the Superbowl a bit, specifically...


POD Draft Talk

Okay, this is my first real post, and I am nowhere near as knowledgeable as some (most) of you on this site. So hopefully, I won't anger too many people with what I'm about to say. There's been...

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