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BNT (finding a qb)

It's easy to criticize Buddy Nix for failing to draft a promising developmental quarterback for our Bills future. No matter if you are a Fitzy believer or detractor, every single Rumbler agrees...

F.O. Scouts Bills O-line


Bills vs Broncos is the game under review, so we get a pretty positive look at the five starters for week 16. Between Buddy Nix's track record of finding capable starters, the very fine gifts of Levitre and Wood from the last regime, and the great job of coaching, there is reason to be positive about this unit going forward. There's one thing that I believe is overlooked a bit when looking for the reasons the O-line has had it's success. Chan Gailey's system uses quite a bit of pulling assignments. I think it really helps keep the D honest when they are trying to avoid potential blockers from both straight ahead and from a lateral position. Pulling linemen are used at high school and college levels more often than pro units (at least from my experience,) and I think it's helping the Bills offense to use this technique as much as possible. I was unable to find numbers to compare the % of pulling linemen between teams, so if anyone knows where this info can be found, please comment.


No Fitz = No Mario

Rare is the comment section on Buffalo Rumblings that avoids a Fitzpatrick bashing. Be it a story about the backup safety situation or potential kickoff return personnel, there's almost always a...


Respect for an O-Line Philosophy

Chan was challenged by the editor of this blog for mixing up his line-up from game to game last season.

bharv9130 left this on youtube for all of us who'd like to see The Ralph Wilson Stadium yesterday...

bharv9130 left this on youtube for all of us who'd like to see The Ralph Wilson Stadium yesterday after the game! It's 6+ minutes of fandimonium! Thanks to the poster.

Fred Garners Best Run from


He made Deon's Prime Time List, too, but this is pretty cool for our "overlooked" Bills. The O-line needs props for that run, too.

Bills to Face First Time Playcaller


Another wrinkle in the backdrop to Sunday at Arrowhead. The unknown is always something to be wary of, but at the same time, Muir may have some mistakes to work out. Really getting excited for KC!


New Kickoff Rule Ruffles Some Undees

Wow, how many more times do I have to listen to announcers complain about the lack of returns during kickoffs?  Start thinking outside the box, guys.  NFL coaches will adapt.  Hopefully the Bills'...


How do you say "Dareus"

It's the first syllable that I've heard two ways. Does it rhyme with 'car' or 'hair?'

The Lockout is good for the fans...


...according to Goodell and the owners. If they reduce player costs, then ticket prices can "be reigned in." This should tell you exactly how ignorant and gullible the NFL thinks we fans are. Exactly no fan believes the lockout is aimed at reducing ticket prices. The lockout is bad. Insulting the common sense of the fan is worse.


Transparency and the Lockout

One of the lockout issues that creates the most controversy is the idea that the owners should open the books to the players if they want to lower the players' pay.  Just the mention of this can...


Us and Them

  Fans refer to their favorite team as "us" and "we."  Identifying one's self with a team is the most enjoyable aspect of fandom, and the trend is expanding.  "Fanbase" is rapidly being replaced by...


the donte conundrum

If one Bills player has a playing style that could be described as multi-personality disorder, it's number 20.  Fans can dial up images of Donte initiating opponent contact with the back of his...

End Game


So the story goes, if they are told by the court to lift the lockout, the owners may cease operations, because doing so would force the players' hand, and in legal terminology wouldn't be a "lockout." It's just a rumor at this point, but when asked about it directly, Goodell did not refute this possibility. Even if they wouldn't actually lower themselves to such behavior, the fact that they don't deny it kinda says "we don't answer to anybody's rules. we do what we want." Now I don't want to be biased to the point of not considering both sides equally. And it's clear the players are using whatever drastic measure they contrive. Not many sane people would try to tell a private business to run a deficit, and if the owners convinced the fans that teams are, in fact, loosing money, they would have tons of support. If this rumor has any truth. they would rather have a court tell them to lift the lockout, then turn around and completely shut down rather than show the players the books. I sure hope it's just a rumor, b/c behavior like that may do irreversible damage.

Ideal Backup QB?


Here's a poll from 'Hawk fans regarding this season's starter at QB. Matt Hasselbeck is still loved in Seattle, but his welcome is a bit worn thin, as fans are chomping on the bit for the franchise guy (sound familiar?) As it's not clear that Matt will be leaving Seattle, this is still somewhat of a longshot. Additionally, Hasselbeck still feels like he should be starting, so I"m not sure he'd even consider Buffalo. The Titans and Dolphins are reported to be landing spots, but I have a hard time seeing one of those teams investing starter QB money in Matt Hasselbeck. But if I were able to pick a perfect type of player for the # 2 QB, it'd be this guy. He's not going to come in and win you a lot of games at this stage in his career, but if you want a solid option in the case Fitzy goes down, this is it. He took a team to the Super Bowl, and would have won it if the refs didn't call the worst game in SB history. While his athleticism is dwarfed his intellectual abilities, he's the type of character that functions perfectly as a leader. He's as plug-and-play QB worthy as anyone. It's just a thought. Like I said, it would be all about Matt being willing to gracefully step into the 2nd chair, and while that seems unlikely to me, I'd rather he do it in Buffalo than anywhere else.


Whole Community Mock Draft (picks #1-5)

RULES:  Anyone can submit a pick.    The official selection for this mock will be the first pick that turns green from rec's.  As soon as a pick is green, the next team is on the clock, and again,...


Buffalo Rumblings MythBusterz

Readers of this (and any) blog will see trends develop in our dialog.  As the conversation moves from post to post, we tend to let some points of discussion dissipate into the rhetoric without...

Short cuts


If this helps even one Rumbler, it's worth the FanShot. I have Sunday Ticket, but for some reason they don't advertise the bonus feature 'Short Cuts.' The only way I found out about it was researching something else on the Direct TV website. I wish someone would have clued me in earlier. On Monday and Tuesday, they show full games in 1/2 hour, and THERE ARE NO COMMERCIALS. Every play is shown at a rapid pace, with all the space between plays cut out. I just watched the GB V NYJ game in 30 minutes. Amazing. It's a different experience to see drives pieced together like that. It's limitation is not seeing all the replay angles, but it really added perceived value to Sunday Ticket...hopefully this reaches someone who didn't previously know. "Short Cuts" "This 2-channel duo recaps every NFL game in 30 minutes or less, including games not available on NFL Sunday Ticket because they were televised locally or blacked out. One channel shows AFC games while the other shows NFC games. These highlights are made available on Sunday nights and are shown continuously until Tuesday morning." (channel 704-705)


Perspective, Rumblers!

This site can make one feel sea-sick sometimes.  The drastic sway in opinions regarding Bills personnel rocks back and forth like a flat bottom boat in an Eerie Lake storm.


Week 3 Fantasy Football Thread

I was poking around at a site that briefly discussed sleeper RB's for the week, and I had one of those premonitions that we all have that make us feel like geniuses when they come to fruition (or...


Preseason Awards

Best Throw--Trent Edwards to Roscoe Parrish, vs Cincinnati, 11:40 left in the second.  It's the very next play from scrimmage after the (just barely) overthrown deep sideline toss to Lee Evans. ...

"at least were not the buffalo bills"


If one of the staff here at Rumblings posted an article like this, I'd seriously reconsider spending time here. I can't post at the 49ers site, b/c I just joined, and apparently there's a waiting period to post, but if any of you already belong to that blog, and feel the need to correct some of their errors, bang the link. Be warned, it's pretty childish.


Schobel, Nix, and the Implications

Good for Nix. The wishy-washy standoff is over.


The LT Misconception

The widespread thought that the LT position is the second most important position on the field  is THE biggest misconception in the game today.  I remember when this phenomenon started on a...

Chargers LT McNeill still holding out


Still have hopes for a big name LT in Buffalo? So does Chris Brown. Another note...Gathier signed tender and practiced at least once, as of today.

A glimpse of Spilla, Easley, Tebow, and other rookies in a Panini America photo shoot.


A glimpse of Spilla, Easley, Tebow, and other rookies in a Panini America photo shoot.


Capping the leak.

This fanpost has been brought to you by the following words and numbers: The snowball effect.  Mob mentality.  Scapegoat.  Misguided frustration.   7-9.  6-10.     23.

Listen to NPR interview Ed Wang


Nothing too ground-breaking here, but if you want to hear Ed talk to a reporter who is not really a football person, it's kinda interesting...

Gaither saga smells of Rosenhaus


So maybe another team's LT headache could help solve the Bills'? That's the circle of life, when it comes to agents and contracts. I hope two things 1) Gathier becomes a Bill soon, and 2) he isn't going to be problem child. The second could be a simple factor of starting on the left side and a secure future with good pay...but his agent would still be Rosenhaus.

This is a local news (KPTV Fox 12 Portland, OR) story that features an SBN site, Blazersedge. As...


This is a local news (KPTV Fox 12 Portland, OR) story that features an SBN site, Blazersedge. As we have seen, there's some sort of connection between Buffalo and Portland, OR, when it comes to cross-over fans. Another similarity on SB Nation between the two markets is the popularity of Rumblings and Blazers Edge. I thought it may be interesting to some folks, as we may see a something like this on WNY airwaves someday...

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