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I am old enough to remember the glory days of Brent Price, Tim Legler and Chris Webber, although not really the championship glory of 1977. I was alive, but I think I was watching Orioles games at age 3.

I have known the suffering that was Kwame Brown. Ledell Eckles is my favorite player of all time next to Michael Jordan. That's not to forget such highlights and lowlights as God Shamgod, Big Georghe, Rod Strickland, Googs, Kwame, Chris Whitney, Michael Adams and Juwan Howard.

I look forward to participating in endless hypothetical trade scenarios and hopelessly optimistic predictions with my friends at Bullets Forever.

The handle "unselds" is one I have had for years. Big Wes epitomizes everything Bullets and Wizards. Rookie of the Year, MVP, and quite possibly the worst GM in NBA history, including that terrible trade of Chris Webber for Mitch Richmond and Otis Thorpe. We Wizards fans, we laugh, we cry, and ultimately we will triumph.

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Calipari's Cubs Return to Den


I like this for the Wizards. Good way to get in practice with good players, avoid injury and work with a great coach.

Lockout could rob us of Dwight Howard blockbuster??


WHat, what, what? I never thought of this. If there is no season, there is no chance for Orlando to trade Howard for assets. Good for the Wizards, or bad? Discuss.

Vlade likes Jan


Could Vlade come here and be a big man coach? I'd like that. "He's not a typical European player. He's quite dynamic. If he works on his shooting, he could become a regular member of the NBA All-Star team," said retired NBA veteran Vlade Divac of Serbia, a manager in the Partizan Belgrade basketball organization with which Veselý played for the past two seasons.

Singleton's attitude?


Offhand reference to "there were indications that Singleton's personality might not be a good fit in the star-filled Knicks locker room." huh? Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/sam_amick/06/24/draft.grades/index.html#ixzz1QKSl3AHa


I'm begging you please, no Jan Vesely

Guys, I am so bummed by these reports that JV has been promised he will be selected #6 by the Wizards. The saddest part is that these reports have stiffled discussion on this blog. It's our...

On the Block: Kaman, Iggy, Gasol, Bogut, and Love, oh my!


Keep in mind that there are other ways to build than just through the draft. None of these guys fits us particularly well, but I was surprised to see Love on here.

The first supposed offer for Dwight Howard


What could the Wiz offer? Would you trade multiple No. 1 picks for him? I'm not delusional enough to think we have a way to get him, but seemed like a fun topic. This "rumor" has Golden State offering Ellis, Biedrins and Udoh. I would think there would be a couple of picks in there too if there was the slightest chance this were true. I also love how someone tweeted that Orlando and Minnesota blabbed the most about talks. And here's....an Orlando rumor.

Kanter and Williams getting a lot of buzz


Something tells me we're not the only ones who covet these two players.

Brushing up on DWill's Positives


We've seen a lot of negative talk, mostly revolving around the tweener label. Here is a nice recap of his attributes and college career.

Monte Ellis Anyone?


Blatche and sign and trade Young? I dunno. Just saw this and wondered.


Where's the beef?

So, we're all totally bummed about the draft this year for the talent, and of course the Wizards draft position. I wanted to suggest one ray of hope. I was kind of bummed about getting Vessely, but...

Enes Kanter: King of the Treadmill


He can run longer than any other big man! He must be The One!

Redick, Anderson or Bass?


Nick Young and Andre Blatche, please.

2 Euros, 2 Big Men and a Wing


#4 Kanter, PF/C, Euro #18 Kawhi Leonard,SF, San Diego St #34, Nicola Mirotic, PF, Euro

Wall dreams of championships


"That’s the toughest part for me," Wall said of losing. "I’m not getting that stuck in my head or want that to be something I do for the rest of my career. But for one year that I have this year, it’s pretty tough, but next year, we’re going to have it all changed."

Perry Jones Out


Does this mean he won't enter the draft? Does his stock drop? Discuss.

Flip: These guys aren't listening to me!


LOL, from the Miami Herald: • The lighter side: According to Heat minority owner Raanan Katz, Wizards coach Flip Saunders was so fed up late in Friday’s Heat game that he turned to fans and said his team was losing because his players "are not listening to me." To which Katz playfully responded: "It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy." (Those courtside fans must put up with Saunders yelling and often standing in front of them.) Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/02/27/2087433_p2/um-hopes-receivers-can-catch.html#ixzz1FDRirLZ2

Jordan Crawford Linx - Drink the Kool Aid!


I went over to the Hawks page and saw a comment that Hilton Armstrong would "bang" with Dwight Howard, and laughed my ass off. Then again, I know nothing about Jordan Crawford either and I am excited. Ht: 6-4 Wt: 190 Position: SG, PG Birthplace: Detroit, MI Year: Class of 2007 AAU Team: The Family High School: Hargrave Military Academy (Chatham, VA) College: Xavier Assorted Highlights http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XejLyk3kJZg Dunk on LeBron http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sL3KDhhUZ0 Xavier v K State barn burner http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVEIeD91vIc High Flier http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRKxFL3rcXI


Tale of the Tape: John Wall could be a better teammate

This All-Star weekend was a great moment for the Wizards. They didn't have any all-stars, but John Wall and JaVale McGee represented their city and their team well. Wall showed that with the right...

Lakers want Hinrich


Somebody actually wants one of our players! Yay!

"Jimmy" Wall Profile


Some of this made me cringe, and then I just reminded myself he's a kid. At 20 he sounds like me at 16, but that's ok. He loves junk food, check. He spends most of his time playing video games, check. He is constantly nursing sore legs and knees (cringe!!) and he got a puppy. Oh yeah, and he'll be old enough to drink in a year. Godspeed, Jimmy. We are all rooting for you to do the right thing and become a true professional. I didn't see much evidence of being a gym rat, but hopefully he is doing what it takes to be a star.

Iggy, Speights and T. Young for Shard?


http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine Whadaya think??


Probably it for trades, huh?

I was just looking at SJax and Gerald Wallace being available and realizing that now we have a million SFs, and little to offer in any kinds of trades at the deadline. It makes the Gilbert trade...

Gerald Wallace, anyone?


Also, your boi Shaun Livingston is available.

GREAT CONCEPT: Laugh at Bron Bron, don't boo


I hope Cleveland does this. Matter of fact, I hope EVERY city does this.

Gilbert and Otis


I think everybody had mixed feelings about this trade. Now that Gilbert has played some games, and been injured some games, and IMO doesn't mesh with the Great Wall on the court, would you do a trade with Orlando? How about this: Why not do the opposite of what every single DC-area has done in the last few decades? Trade an aging injured star with a huge contract for DRAFT PICKS!!! I hope that Gilbert plays really well and we can steal talent and picks from some desperate team who thinks they can reverse all the flaws of a star player past his prime. I will hate to see him go and hope that he succeeds and maybe even wins a championship. I think it is conceivable if Gilbert can stop getting hurt (BIG IF, lol) and be pretty valuable tradewise if he can string together a couple of 30-point games. Plus, the Top Dog for the next decade of this franchise is playing hurt. Shut him down for a few and let Gilbert showcase his talents and start at PG. This might very well be Ted's plan anyway, although probably not until January or so, but taking a huge step back and looking at this team: Let's make a change that benefits our rebuilding with youth, and reverse years of stupid trades where we end up with nothing. Paging Chris Webber!!

Haywood suspended?


Maybe next he'll punch Dirk Nowitski!

Is Denver waiting for Gil?


They are waiting. If Gilbert plays well, the Nuggets could justify this deal. I think George Karl would want him.

Fans still love Gilbert


I have to give Mike Lee credit for posting this piece, because it finally shows some balance, and Lee probably made a concerted effort here to show the other side. We all gripe about what Arenas says and does in this space, but I think everyone on here is a Gilbert Arenas fan. We just think he got punished enough and want to see him play. His physical game might be different now, but he is a clutch player who can provide the kind of on-the-court leadership this young team desperately needs. Lets not think for a moment that a young team will be able to win without him. Can't wait for the season to start. If we could just string together a couple of games with Gilbert scoring 28, fans everywhere will let him off the hook. He just needs to show that he can still use his God-given talent to entertain people who love basketball. Go get em, Gilbert. (And I had to give him some shout outs during shoot-around at the infamous "fake out" game.)

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