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Born and raised in New York State.

Played football from Flag football right into collage.

Been a Bengals fan since I was on the Bengals Flag Football team when I was a kid in the 70's.

Work as an artist and technical consultant for an artist paint company.

Married with three boys, all troublemakers.

Other hobbies include fishing, hunting, video games, poker, writing. Play bass and harmonica.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB New York Yankees
  • NFL Cincinnati Bengals
  • NCAAB ULM Warhawks
  • NHL Chicago Blackhawks
  • Golf Phillip McKrevis
  • NASCAR Dick Trickle
  • Boxing Joe Frasier
  • Soccer Gopher Nads
  • Cycling Evil Knievel
  • Tennis Anna Kornakova
  • Fantasy Binghamton Benders
User Blog

Blog's Draft Coverage Volume Stuns Fans

A thank you to the Writers and Editors of Cincy Jungle for their in depth coverage and sheer volume of original content for the Bengals Fan Base.


Why The Bengals will draft David Fales in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

San Jose State Quarterback David Fales will be drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the second round. This is a bold statement, I know. Here's why it happens. I just want to get this off of my...


Enjoy the Ride, Bengals Fans

It's time to remind everyone that the Bengals are actually winning games too.

The Coolest Cleats in Town


Check out AJs new football cleats for the upcoming season.



That's awesome stuff there Whit! An intriguing idea no doubt, but one that's sure to be met with some disapproval from the players. Take, for example, Andrew Whitworth, the Cincinnati Bengals offensive tackle who has a plan in place if he were to end up on a team that played home games in Europe. "I would hope that I was financially able to quit," Whitworth said, according to the team's official website. "That's what I would hope because if I was, my papers would be the first one in."

Don’t be Larry: The Rules And Guidelines for CJ


A reminder about the guidelines at CJ -- because we don't want there to be any miscommunication.

Bengals sign TWO FA Running backs!


OMG this is great news! Two greats, now wearing the orange and black! Watch them have a sprint to see who's top dawg in the 'nati!

Reminder Of Community Rules And Regulations At Cincy Jungle


[Note from Josh Kirkendall: There has been some issues with the community lately, so our moderators wanted to remind everyone, especially the newer people that have recently joined our corner of...

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis will be out for Sunday's key AFC North game against the...


Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis will be out for Sunday's key AFC North game against the Cincinnati Bengals, says Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times. Lewis has not practiced all week because of a toe injury, and got a second opinion from a specialist in Florida that confirmed the extent of the injury. Lewis, 36, is likely to miss more than just this week's game against the Bengals.


Give the Bye Week Game Ball to Mike Brown.

via   Without a doubt, Brown has overnight turned this franchise around and headed in the right direction.  Here's my argument. Brown was right several years ago when he protested...


Psychology of Posting and Commenting on a Sports Blog

So yeah, I glommed this idea from another SB Blog, Arrowhead Pride.  It's an enjoyable read, so kudos to the author My take on all of this and what it means to me, if you care. via  ...


Brian Waters should be Signed by Cincinnati

I posted this as a response but thought it worthy of a post of it's own. The question of the moment is what free agent Offensive Guard is our best option? To me, we need to be on the hunt for an...


2011 Free Agent Wish List - Christmas Eve Wishes...

via   It's a couple of  hours into Christmas Eve morning.  You watched some cartoons because there's no school.  You spot the dog-eared copy of the Sears Toy Catalog over by the...


This Pre-season can be summed up with one song

In case you've never heard it, or remember the lyrics, take a listen while you read my post.   Kenny Rogers Lucille (via VinylCountryMusic) You picked a fine time to leave us, Lucille!

Andre Smith – "I’ve been working on nutrition and getting healthy. That’s been the major focus and...


Andre Smith – "I’ve been working on nutrition and getting healthy. That’s been the major focus and it’s been going real well. I love where my weight is right now. I’ve dropped a bunch and it’s a lot less than it was at training camp last year."

Cincy Jungle: Bloated FatCat or Lean Lynx?

via   This post is completely non-sports related.  Well, in a way it is relevant, because I deal with it every time I'm here at Cincy Jungle. It's been bugging me to the...


I'm the GM for the NE Patriots

Well hey, at least during this Mock Draft I'm in.  My pick for #17 is up for review and ridicule over at Cincy Jungle:...


The Root cause for the Bengals Offensive Struggles

I'll say this right up front: it's got to come down to the coaching staff. It's obvious Zimmer doesn't have this problem, but that may be because Marvin is essentially a Defensive-minded coach. N...


The Search for a new backup QB

via (REMEMBER JEFF ROWE?  HE'S STILL AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY)  *#*#*#*#*# If you watched JT O'Sullivan's performance on Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys,...


Katie Blackburn Honored in Article on NFP

Katie BlackburnNFL fans had a rare opportunity to watch Katie at work on last year’s Hardknocks series on HBO, where she tackled the challenge of getting first-round pick Andre Smith into training...


CARSON PALMER: Why he will succeed in 2010

Add it up any way you want; it keeps equalling Pro Bowl Year for Carson. via Remember this cute kid in gold and red?  Well, get ready for #3 to return to being the best in the...


Season Quotes Preview. Bengals will not get any respect.

We all know that we won't get any sort of favoritism from the press.  ESPN will never pick us to win.  NFL Network will only show short clips of TDs and Ints because they have to. Well, here's my...


Do your Duty to Support Cincy Jungle.

Before you begin thinking I'm getting a kickback for what I'm about to say, I definitely am not!  Hell, I'm not even an official writer here.  Just a fan.  But I do know a little about website ads. ...


Bengals who make me wonder in 2010

There are several players that every so often I will see mentioned but there's rarely any banter about them.  So I thought we could discuss something other than how awesome our plethora of targets...



The Coverage of the draft for this weekend was really great.  The excitement level built up to the point where I couldn't wait to see who some of these guys were that we drafted. Yes, I ate donuts...


The Impact of Santonio Holmes being traded to the Jets.

You don't need me to introduce Santonio to any Bengals fan.  Whenever the Bengals played AFC North rival Pittsburgh, there are three names I preface with "F***in".  F***in Rothlesburger.  F***in H...


The Bengals Helmet; no redesign needed.

Who says work related emails don't pay off?  Here's a very interesting take on NFL helmets from the eyes of a graphic designer.  His summary:  The Bengals have the best helmets.  Period.   P...


ODOM Defensive Player of the Week

  The NFL named Bengals right end Antwan Odom the Defensive Player of the Week Wednesday after he  tied a franchise record at Green Bay this past Sunday with five sacks in the Bengals' first...


Overheard During Training Camp

  via "Mmmmhmmm....that place has good ribs, but go over two blocks...see that church steeple?  Across the street is the best Waffles and Fried Chicken in town."

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